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Hattie B’s Menu, Prices and Location

Hattie B’s Main Menu Hot chicken sandwich Menu chicken breast, cole slaw, nashville comeback sauce, kosher pickle   Plates Menu sm white breast/wing quarter sm dark leg/thigh quarter lg white 2 breast/wing quarters lg dark 2 leg/thigh quarters 1/2 bird breast, thigh, leg & wing tenders 3 jumbo tenders wings 3 whole wings + tender

MacArthur Park Menu, Prices and Location

MacArthur Park Dinner Main Menu STARTERS MENU Specialty Soup of the Day – Price: $8.00 Mesquite Grilled Artichokes – Price: $13.00 Lemon Herb Aioli vegetarian, gluten-free Ceviche – Price: $14.00 White Fish & Calamari, Grilled Corn, Bermuda Onion & Jalapeno with Cilantro & Side of Sweet Potato gluten-free Tower of Onion Strings – Price: $9.00 A

Village tavern Lunch Menu, Prices and Locations

Village Tavern Lunch Main Menu Complimentary Bread Service Available Upon Request. All Natural Fresh Chicken: hormone and steroid free, no additives or preservatives. All our foods are prepared with “0” Transfat oils. Coca cola products served. Gluten Free Menu Available Appetizers and Small Plates Menu Price: $14.50 HOUSE SMOKED SALMON filet of salmon, rum glaze, smoked

KFC Menu, Price And Locations

KFC Main Menu Promotions Menu CHICKEN & WAFFLES CHICKEN & WAFFLES SANDWICH You don’t even need a fork to enjoy our luxurious Chicken & Waffles Sandwich. We tuck one of our Extra Crispy™ fried chicken filets into a pair of scrumptious waffles drizzled with our signature Hot Honey sauce. Give your mouth a little “me

Marco’s Pizza Menu, Price And Locations

Marco’s Pizza Main Menu PIZZAS MENU ALL MEAT Classic pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, bacon, our original sauce and signature three-cheese blend DELUXE Classic pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, our original sauce and signature three-cheese blend GARDEN Mushrooms, black olives, onions, sliced tomatoes, our original sauce and signature three-cheese blend, plus feta HAWAIIAN CHICKEN

Fat Jack’s Menu, Price And Locations

Fat Jack’s Main Menu START ME UP Onion Rings Price – $6.59 Hand-cut Fries Price – $2.99 Garlic Fries Price – $3.49 Beer Cheese Bacon Fries Price – $7.99 Chili Cheese Fries Price – $8.49 Pastrami Fries Price – $10 Spicy Buffalo Wings 6 Piece Price – $9 12 Piece Price – $17 Sliders Price – $11 (3) Mini burgers topped with Heber pepper jack, grilled onions, bacon,

Proper Burger Menu, Prices And Locations

Proper Burger Main Menu CHOOSE A PROTEIN MENU all styles come with your choice of: HAMBURGER fresh, never frozen third-pound burger patty CHICKEN BREAST ALL BEEF HOT DOG BLACK BEAN & SWEET POTATO VEGGIE BURGER VEGAN BURGER house made from a special blend of high-protein grains & seeds ADD ANY PROTEIN TO ANYTHING YOU WANT

Pretty Bird Menu, Prices And Locations

Pretty Bird Main Menu Pretty Bird Hot Chicken Menu Fried Chicken Sandwich 10.5 boneless chicken thigh, slaw, pickles, pretty bird sauce, buttered bun Quarter Bird 9.5 choice of: breast + wing -or- leg + thigh served with bread + pickles   Combo Plates Menu Fried Chicken Sandwich Combo 15 served with choice of side +

Popeyes Menu, Prices And Locations

Popeyes Main Menu BONAFIDE CHICKEN MENU Marinated In Louisiana Seasonings, Hand-Battered & Made Fresh Whether spicy or mild, our BONAFIDE Chicken is marinated for at least 12 hours, then hand-battered, hand-breaded and bursting with bold Louisiana flavor. SPICY Our freshly prepared BONAFIDE Chicken, marinated in Popeyes spicy chicken marinade, then hand-battered and breaded in our