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Casa Ole Menu, Prices And Locations

Casa Ole Main Menu Appetizers Fajita Quesadilla – $8.39 – $9.39our famous grilled chicken or beef quesadillas and mixed cheeses served with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. (with shrimp). Casa Sampler Platter – $8.99bean nachos, beef nachos, chicken taquitos and beef fajita quesadilla. served with guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos and pico de gallo.

Himalayan Kitchen Menu, Prices And Locations

Himalayan Kitchen Main Menu Drinks Soda – $1.99 Lemonade – $1.99 Lassi – $3.50 Ice Tea – $1.99 Indian Tea – $1.99 Nepali Specialties Appetizer Veggie Momo – $6.00Dumpling with mixed veggie steamed to perfection. Badam Vatamas Sadeko – $6.00Roasted peanuts and soybean with ginger, onion and spices. Macha Tareko – $8.00Pieces of 2 sawi

Macs Speed Shop Menu, Prices And Locations

Macs Speed Shop Main Menu Start Your Engines Mac’s Chili – $9.00Served with house-made tortilla chips. Onion Rings Basket – $5.00Piled high and served with mac’s “57” sauce. Kick Ass Spicy Hog Skins – $5.00Fried pork skins served with a chipotle ranch dressing. Deviled Egg Plate – $6.00Old school – just like the family picnic.

Bruxie Menu, Prices And Locations

Bruxie Main Menu Wings Wing Spread – $30.2018 piece wings with choice of Original Seasoned, Spicy Red Rub, and Gung-Ho Glazed flavors, 2 sides of Waffle Fries and Cole Slaw included. Gung-Ho Glazed Wings – $12.207 pieces Tossed in a tangy, sweet heat glaze, topped with roasted peanuts, fresh Fresno chilies and scallion Spicy Red

Pantaleone’s Menu, Prices And Locations

Pantaleone’s Main Menu Appetizers and Salads Pete’s Pizza Bread – $10.00Served with side marinara sauce. Side of 2 Sausages – $12.00Served with marinara sauce. Side of 2 Meatballs – $11.00Served with marinara sauce. Green Salad – $11.00Pickled red onions, cucumber, tomatoes, and mixed greens. Caesar Salad – $12.00Romaine, creamy dressing, and garlic croutons. Greek Salad

East Bay Deli Menu, Prices And Locations

East Bay Deli Main Menu Deli Starters Broccoli Cheese Soup – $6.00+ Chili – $6.00+ Tomato Bisque Soup – $6.00+ Soup Of The Day – $6.00+ On The Side Homemade American Potato Salad – $3.00+ Homemade Coleslaw – $3.00+ Homemade Pasta Salads – $3.00+ Fresh Fruit Cup – $3.00+ Seasoned Deli Fries – $3.00 Gourmet

Happy Dragon Menu, Prices And Locations

Happy Dragon Main Menu Appetizers Pot Stickers – $9.956 pieces. Crescent shaped dumpling. Fried Crab Puffs – $9.006 pieces. Deep-fried crab meat. Egg Rolls – $8.956 pieces. Crispy dough filled with minced vegetables. Fried Wonton – $7.9512 pieces. Stuffed Chinese dumpling. Fried Chicken Wings – $12.508 wings. Fried Prawns – $10.5010 pieces. Prawns cooked in

Zoup! Menu, Prices And Locations

Zoup! Main Menu TryTwo! Combo Side Soup Half Sandwich Half Salad Greenz! All salads are made with the freshest produce and quality ingredients. Our other great meal in a bowl. Salads are also available in a multigrain wrap. .CobbRomaine, grilled chicken strips, gorgonzola cheese, diced tomatoes, red onions, bacon, guacamole, black olives and hard boiled

DoubleDave’s Menu, Prices And Locations

DoubleDave’s Main Menu STARTERS Breadstyxz – $2.99 Cheesestyxz – $4.99 Hot Wings24 $12.9916 $9.998 $5.99 SALAD One Trip – $2.50 All You Can Eat – $3.99 STROMBOLI Philly Cheesesteakmozzarella, white american & beef steakLarge $11.99Medium $6.99 Garlic Spinachmozzarella, white american, crushed garlic & spinachLarge $11.99Medium $6.99 Classic Veggiemozzarella, mushrooms, peppers & onions, italian dressing in