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Charlys Pizza Menu, Prices And Locations

Charlys Pizza Main Menu Basic Pizzas and Deals Italian Cheese Pizza (Large) – $8.00 Sausage Mushrooms Pizza (Large) – $10.00 2 Topping Pizzas 14″ (Large 2 pcs) – $19.99 Pepperoni Sausage Pizza (Large) – $10.00 MaMa Pepperoni Pizza (Large) – $9.00 HAM AND PINEAPPLE (Large) – $11.00 Ultimate Pepperoni and Bacon (Large) – $11.00Handcrafted hand

wingos Menu, Prices And Locations

wingos Main Menu Salads Garden Salad – $7.99Fresh salad greens, sweet peppers, cucumbers, red cabbage, pear tomatoes, black olives, carrots, and cranberries. Caesar Salad – $7.99Hand-torn romaine salad greens, garlic croutons, and Parmesan cheese. Ty’s Cobb Salad – $12.99Grilled chicken, chopped greens, tomato, red onion, mushrooms, bacon, black olives, avocado, egg, and crumbled blue cheese.

Tully’s Coffee Menu, Prices And Locations

Tully’s Coffee Main Menu Hot Coffees Hot Coffees – $3.69Espresso shots are topped with hot water to produce a light layer of crema. The result is this wonderfully rich cup with depth and nuance. Starbucks Blonde Caffe Americano – $3.69Espresso shots are topped with hot water to produce a light layer of crema. this version

Jason’s Deli Menu, Prices And Locations

Jason’s Deli Main Menu Soups Chicken Noodle – $2.99+ Fire Roasted Tortilla – $2.99+ French Onion – $2.99+ Organic Vegetable – $2.99+ Tomato Basil – $2.99+ Broccoli Cheese – $2.99+ Chili – $3.99+ Southwest Chicken Chili – $3.99+ Spicy Seafood Gumbo – $3.99+ Chicken Pot Pie – $3.99+ Salads Garden Fresh Salad Bar – $7.59It’s

Oceans 14 Menu, Prices And Locations

Oceans 14 Main Menu Appetizers Crab Dip – $12.00made with cream cheese, lemon, old bay, sweet sherry wine and served with fried naan chips Oysters Rockefeller – $12.00Virginia oysters on the half shell, baked with parmesan applewood smoked bacon, baby spinach Calamari – $11.00Fresh lightly breaded calamari tossed in parmesan cheese and green onions. Served

Speedy’s Pizza & Grill Menu, Prices And Locations

Speedy’s Pizza & Grill Main Menu Appetizer Chicken Wings – $7.456 pieces. Mozzarella Sticks – $7.456 pieces. Hummus with Pita Bread – $7.45 French Fries – $4.75 Sweet Potatoes – $5.95 Onion Rings – $7.45 Falafel – $7.454 pieces. Chili Cheese Fries – $7.45 Salads Chicken Shish Kebab Salad – $15.50White meat. Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber,

BrickTop’s Menu, Prices And Locations

BrickTop’s Main Menu Lunch Appetizers Lobster Bisque – $12.00Fresh maine lobster, cream and brandy. Rock Shrimp Tempura – $12.00Sweet chili aioli. Deviled Eggs and Millionaire’s Bacon – $10.00 Spinach and Artichoke Dip – $10.00Parmesan cream sauce. Grilled California Artichokes – $10.00Simply grilled and aioli. Lunch Salads The Wedge – $8.00Baby iceberg, chopped bacon, cucumber and

Aloha Kitchen Menu, Prices And Locations

Aloha Kitchen Main Menu Beverages 12 oz Soda Can – $2.35Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Sierra Mist, Orange Crush Bottled Water – $2.11 Hawaiian Sun Juice – $2.36Passion orange, pine orange, lilikoi passion, strawberry guava, guava nectar, green tea lychee. Breakfast Served with 2 eggs any style and rice or toast. Portuguese Sausage Breakfast –

China Cottage Menu, Prices And Locations

China Cottage Main Menu APPETIZERS Spring Roll (1) – $1.35our spring rolls are made with fresh shredded cabbage, carrots, scallions, clear bean noodles, shredded eggs and shanghai style egg roll skins. Shrimp Rolls (4) – $5.25seasoned jumbo shrimp & chicken wrapped flat in egg roll skins and deep-fried to perfection. Cottage Dumplings (10) – $5.25boiled

Fresh & Co Menu, Prices And Locations

Fresh & Co Main Menu Breakfast Bowls & Sandwiches Avocado BLT – $10.00avocado, bacon, grape tomatoes, mayo, mesclun mix Power BLT – $7.95+2 eggs, crispy bacon, avocado, oven- roasted tomato, sun-dried tomato pesto on rustic ciabatta Florentine – $7.95+egg whites, baby spinach, swiss cheese on a whole wheat wrap El Greco – $7.95+egg whites, feta,