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Uccellos Menu, Prices and Locations

Uccellos Menu Starters Boneless Wings – $10.99Breaded boneless wings, tossed in your choice of hot, mild, BBQ or Romano garlic sauce. It comes with celery garnish and ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce. Celery upon request. Chips and Cheese – $8.99Chips and cheese. Mozzarella Sticks – $7.99Served with our famous pizza sauce for dipping. Add

Hardees Nutrition Menu, Prices and Locations

Hardees Nutrition Menu 1/3 Lb. Bacon Cheese Thickburger1 burger ,850 Cals. 1/3 Lb. Cheeseburger1 burger ,640 Cals. 1/3 Lb. Mushroom & Swiss Thickburger1 burger ,680 Cals. 1/3 Lb. Original Thickburger1 burger ,780 Cals. 1/4 Lb. Cheeseburger1 burger ,440 Cals. 1/4 Lb. Thickburger1 burger ,530 Cals. 2/3 Lb. Monster Thickburger1 burger ,13000 Cals. 3 Piece Hand-Breaded

Shinju Menu, Prices and Locations

Shinju Menu Lunch Sushi – $0.75+ Hot Food – $5.95 Hibachi – $6.95 Dinner Sushi – $0.95+ Hot Food – $7.95 Hibachi – $8.95 Tempura Shrimp – $0.95 Rib – $0.95 Soup – $2.50+ Shinju Near Me Locations Please, search Shinju RME locations from the map below. if you find your nearby Shinju location, click

Sushi Q Menu, Prices and Locations

Sushi Q Menu Appetizer From Kitchen Edamame – $4.00Soy bean Harumaki – $4.25Japanese spring roll. Shumai – $4.50Steamed shrimp dumpling. Gyoza – $4.50Fried Pork or vegetable dumpling. Chicken Yakitori – $4.95Grilled chicken shish kabab. Steamed Broccoli – $4.95Ginger dressing sauce. Vegetable Tempura – $5.95Deep friedRock Shrimp$6.95Crispy jumbo shrimp with spicy mayo. Shrimp Tempura – $6.95

Tick Tock Diner Menu, Prices and Locations

Tick Tock Diner Menu Starters Three-Cheese Quesadilla – $12.95Triple cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, and sour cream. Mozzarella Sticks – $12.95 +Marinara Sauce. Chicken Wings – $14.95Served with blue cheese dip and celery sticks. Great Balls of Fire – $12.95Crunchy macaroni and cheese balls and sriracha ranch dipping sauce. Chicken Soup – $4.90 + French

Ram Menu, Prices and Locations

Ram Menu Appetizers Armadillo Eggs – $8.99Made with chicken, fresh chopped jalapenos, pepperjack cheese, secret sauce and seasonings. Cooked golden, served with a side of ranch dressing Spinach & Artichoke Dip – $9.99Cheddar-jack, pepper jack, parmesan and roasted garlic blended with roasted red bell pepper, artichoke, sour cream. Skillet baked. Flatbread and tortilla chips Hummus

Smoke Daddy Menu, Prices and Locations

Smoke Daddy Menu Brunch Items Marty’s Brisket Skillet$13.50Peppers, onions, and two eggs. Wicker Park Omelette$12.00Spinach, tomato, mushroom, and cheddar Jack cheese. Division Street Omelette$12.00Sausage, bacon, caramelized onion, and cheddar Jack cheese. Pulled Pork Benedict$13.00Our famous brunch item, served with your choice of side. 3 Pancakes$10.002 Eggs Your Way$10.00You name it – poached, scrambled, fried. Monkey

Go Go Curry Menu, Prices and Locations

Go Go Curry Menu Entrees Original Go Go Curry – $7.00+ Chicken Katsu Curry – $9.00+ Shrimp Curry – $9.00+ Sausage Curry – $9.00+ Katsu (Pork) Curry – $9.00+ Home Run Curry – $12.5010 oz. of rice. toppings: one sausage, one pork or chicken, one shrimp and one egg. Grand Slam Curry – $15.00toppings: two

Cap City Diner Menu, Prices and Locations

Cap City Diner Menu Happy Hour Appetizers Maytag Blue Cheese – $5.00 Potato Chips – $5.00 Warm Pretzel and Cheese – $5.00 Pepperoni Flatbread – $6.00 Hot and Sour Calamari – $6.00 Steamed P.E.I. Mussels – $6.00 maryland Crab Cake – $7.00 Tamarind Glazed Chicken Wings – $7.00 Old Bay Peel and Eat Shrimp –