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Pizza Hut Hawaii Menu, Prices and Location

Pizza Hut Hawaii Main Menu APPETIZERS MENU BREADSTICKS 5 for – Price: $5.99 140 Cal/Stick CHEESE STICKS 5 for – Price: $7.99 170 Cal/Stick STUFFED GARLIC KNOTS 10 for – Price: $7.99 80 Cal/Knot Filled with melted cheese and served with marinara dipping sauce. GARLIC BREAD 4 for – Price: $5.99 140 Cal/Slice STRAIGHT-CUT FRIES

HuHot Menu, Prices and Location

HuHot Appetizers & Desserts Main Menu Appetizers Menu KRAB RANGOONS 4 PC (890 CAL) • 7 PC (1,420 CAL) Filled with krab, scallions and cream cheese and served with sweet & sour sauce. CRISPY EGGROLLS 4 PC (790 CAL) • 7 PC (1,250 CAL) Filled with pork and vegetables, lightly fried and served with sweet &

Wings Etc Menu, Prices and Location

Wings Etc Main Menu Appetizers Menu Wing Etc.’s Original Ultimate Nachos Enough for 4! Chili, lettuce, tomato, olives, onions, jalapenos & cheese on fresh-cooked tortilla chips. Revenge of Ultimate Nachos Enough for 4! Our Ultimate Nachos with some deliciously different options! Fresh-fried tortilla chips, lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, jalapenos, and Queso Sauce, topped with your

Pancheros Menu, Prices and Location

Pancheros Main Menu BURRITO MENU A freshly made, giant flour tortilla, filled with your choice of marinated and grilled meats or Tofusada®, whole pinto or black beans, rice, cheese, and salsa. BURRITO BOWL MENU Everything you find in our burritos, without the tortilla. Marinated and grilled meats or Tofusada®, whole pinto or black beans, rice,

Chanello’s Menu, Prices and Location

Chanello’s Main Menu SPECIALS MENU Specials are not eligible for additional discounts or promo code offers as they are already discounted. New Large Extreme Pepperoni Pizza Get our new large extreme pepperoni pizza for an introductory price of only Price: $12.00. 3 layers of different styles of pepperoni. Limited time offer! Price: $12.00 Supreme Dream

Jim ‘N Nick’s Menu, Prices and Location

Jim ‘N Nick’s Main Menu BAR-B-Q PLATES MENU SAUCES: Original Bar-B-Q (50 cal) • Carolina Bar-B-Q (5 cal) • Morgan County White (200 cal) GF CLASSIC PULLED PORK Our one-of-a-kind slow-smoked, pork shoulder. Calories 490 Price: $13.99 GF CAROLINA-STYLE PORK Slow-smoked, chopped pork. Calories 490 Price: $13.99 GF BEEF BRISKET Our rich, marbled brisket, smoked

Huddle House Menu, Prices and Location

Huddle House Breakfast Main Menu BIG HOUSE BREAKFASTS MENU Our signature breakfast platters are the result of more than 50 years of making breakfast the right way. If you’re ready for a real big breakfast with real good ingredients, these platters are for you. Big House Platter Three Farm-Fresh Eggs, Crispy Hashbrowns or Fresh Fruit,

California Tortilla Menu, Prices and Location

California Tortilla Main Menu Burritos Menu Crunchy BBQ Ranch Burrito Grilled mesquite chicken, rice, black beans, BBQ sauce, Ranch dressing, tortilla strips, romaine and salsa. Bacon Chicken Club Burrito Grilled chicken breast, bacon, rice, Jack cheese, Jalapeño Ranch sauce, Roma tomato chunks and romaine. Carnitas Verde BurritoSpicy Pork carnitas, rice, Jack cheese, sour cream, Enchilada

Plaza Azteca Menu, Prices and Location

Plaza Azteca Main Menu Appetizers Menu Burritos Menu Chicken Menu Combos Menu Kids Menu Lunch Specials Menu Nachos Menu Salads Menu Seafood Menu Steaks Menu Tacos Menu Plaza Azteca Near Me Locations Please, search Plaza Azteca Near ME locations from the map below. If you find your near by Plaza Azteca click on the map