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Cravings Menu, Prices and Locations

Cravings Menu Egg White & Scrambled Egg Sandwiches & Egg Bowls Your choice of homemade bread, bagel, wrap gluten-free wrap. Egg White, Cheese, Pork Sausage$7.95 Egg, Cheese, Turkey Sausage$6.95 Egg, Cheese, Ham$6.95 Egg White, Cheese, Ham & Tomato$8.25 Avocado Toast$4.95One slice white, whole wheat, multi grain, or rye toast, fresh avocado and drizzled with extra

Steam Menu, Prices and Locations

Steam Menu Nibbles Thai Style Prawn Crackers£2.50Mild spicy Crispy Seaweed£3.20finished with sesame seeds Maodou (Edemame)£3.20with sea salt Baked Mushroom Puff£3.30Stewed mushrooms in puff pastry Char Siu Puff£3.50BBQ pork in puff pastry Roast Duck Puff Pastry£3.70Roast duck in puff pastry Puff Club£3.90Mushroom puff, BBQ pork puff and roast duck puff Steamed Crystal Prawn Dumpling£4.20Made with prawns

Dao Sushi and Thai Menu, Prices and Locations

Dao Sushi and Thai Menu Kitchen Appetizers Edamame $5 Pork Gyoza (6 pcs) Pork Gyoza (6 pcs) $6Tempura MixDeep-fried shrimp and vegetables $8 Chicken Satay (4 pcs)Grilled chicken marinated in Thai herbs and served with peanut sauce $8 Fried Calamari Served with seafood sauce $13 King Crab Rangoon (4 pcs)Crab meat and cream cheese wrapped

Keo Menu, Prices and Locations

Keo Menu Fish Tacoscrispy cod with Asian slaw served in corn tortillas | 13 Street Vendor Skewerscoconut chicken with peanut sauce | 7 lemongrass Wagyu beef with peanut sauce | 9 Fresh Spring Rollsshrimp, Vietnamese rice vermicelli, carrot, basil & cucumber. Served with peanut sauce | 7 Steamed Musselsred curry, coconut milk, Thai basil, lime,

Salt|Soy Menu, Prices and Locations

Salt|Soy Menu Dessert Cj’s Homemade Chocolate Chip CookieUS$2.00 Noodles Chili Crab UdonUS$17.00 Duck YakisobaUS$16.00 Oyster Mushroom UdonUS$14.00 Rice Dirty Fried RiceUS$14.00 Veggie Fried RiceUS$11.00 Starters Sides EdamameUS$4.00 Miso SoupUS$4.00 Ginger SaladUS$4.00 Potato SaladUS$3.00 Cold Soba NoodlesUS$4.00 Green Bean & Edamame SaladUS$3.00 Sandos Kara AgeUS$12.00 Prawn DogUS$12.00 Tempura CatfishUS$14.00 B.1.T.US$10.00 Grilled KimcheeseUS$9.00 Others Crunchy ShrimpUS$9.00 Crunchy

Black Sesame Menu, Prices and Locations

Black Sesame Menu Cold Starters Tuna Tataki$16.00Thin slices of peppered seared tuna with garlic ponzu sauce.78% (23) Chili Snapper$14.00Thin slices of red snapper sashimi with Thai pepper and ponzu sauce.77% (9) Edamame$7.00Soybeans in pod.84% (53) Seaweed Salad$6.00Marinated seaweed.90% (43) Spring Roll with Seafood$8.00Two pieces. Crab meat, lettuce, cucumber, carrot, beet, pineapple, and shrimp wrapped in

Red Hot Chilli Pepper Menu, Prices and Locations

Red Hot Chilli Pepper Menu Salads Crispy Noodles SaladUS$10.00Lettuce, noodle, sesame oil and cilantro KimchiUS$5.00 Rice and Noodles Vegetable Fried RiceUS$12.00 Ginger Capsicum RiceUS$12.00 Non-Vegetarian Small PlatesChicken Drums of HeavenUS$11.00 Choose a spice level: Mild, Regular, Extra Spicy Dry Chili ChickenUS$11.00Chicken, onions, scallions, ginger and garlic. Choose a spice level: Mild, Regular, Extra Spicy Vegetarian

Kaliwa Menu, Prices and Locations

Kaliwa Menu Appetizers “Filipino Street BBQ”$19.00Pork Belly : Housemade Banana Ketchup Avocado, Cucumber “Hoe-Deop-Bap”$18.00Tuna Sashimi Salad : Kaliwa’s Gochu jang”Red Curry Meatballs”$15.00Fried Curry Meatballs : Coconut : Jaew “Ensaladang Mangga”$16.00Mango Salad : Mixed Greens : Mango Vinaigrette “Satay”$14.00Chicken Satay : Peanuts : Dipping Sauce “Yukhoe”$19.00Steak Tartare : Raw Beef : Pinenuts : Chili From the

Asian Noodle Menu, Prices and Locations

Asian Noodle Menu Agedashi TofuLight-coated fried bean curd, topped w/ fish flake, seaweed and grated radish, w/ tempura sauce$6.49 EdamameStreamed soybean pods$5.49 Spicy EdamameStreamed soybean pods, served w/ spicy garlic sauce$6.99 QUAQI WingsBattered fried wings, Original flavors$11.99Original Jalapeno$1 Habanero$2 GyozaPan-fried/ streamed meat dumplings$5.99 steampan-fried ShumaiFried/ streamed delicious shrimp dumplings$5.99 Popcorn ChickenCrispy chicken nugget topped w/

Hai Hai Menu, Prices and Locations

Hai Hai Menu Snacks & Starters Water Fern Cakes (Banh Beo)$8.50Steamed rice cakes, mung bean, ground pork, croutons, fried shallot, scallion oil, nuoc cham and Thai chili. Pork Ribs Adobo (Adobong Baboy)$9.00Pork ribs braised in Filipino adobo Garlic-Soy-Vinegar sauce, lechon sauce, burnt coconut, scallion and lime. Spring Rolls (Goi Cuon Nem Nuong)$7.50Fresh herb roll, crunchy