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Mr. Hero Menu, Prices and Location

Mr. Hero Main Menu BURGERS MENU Romanburger® Then you must have had a Romanburger®! A unique combination of burgers covered with Swiss American cheese, grilled Genoa salami and Italian luncheon meats that are carmelized to a yummy perfection – nothing is better! Add our signature mayo and house dressing and you’re on cloud nine, and

Taco John’s Menu, Prices and Location

Taco John’s Main Menu FAVORITES MENU POTATO OLÉS® This is what the Taco John’s crowd cheers for. By taking round bites of crunchy potato, cooked fresh and sprinkled with our signature blend of bold spices, we managed to turn a simple spud into solid gold. Complete your flavor experience by dipping them into nacho cheese,

Cinnabon Menu, Prices and Location

Cinnabon Main Menu Featured Baked Treats Menu Cinnabon® Classic Roll The roll. The myth. The legend. That superior flavor and unmistakable, far-reaching aroma comes from Makara® Cinnamon, which originates in the mountains of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Combined with our smooth, tender dough and fluffy signature frosting, this isn’t your average cinnamon roll. BonBites™ Oh, baby!

Snarf’s Menu, Prices and Location

Snarf’s Main Menu Classic Sandwiches Menu Italian Sandwich: SALAMI, PEPPERONI, CAPICOLA, MORTADELLA, PROVOLONE Roast Beef & Provolone Turkey & Swiss Cheese Ham & American Cheese Tuna & American Cheese Chicken Salad & Provolone Meatball Parmesan Hotdog w/Bacon & American Cheese Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Egg Salad & American Cheese Cheese & Mushroom: AMERICAN, SWISS &

Cecil Whittaker’s Menu, Prices and Location

Cecil Whittaker’s Main Menu ST. LOUIS-STYLE PIZZA MENU Sizes Small 9″ • Medium 12″ • Large 14″ • X-Large 16″ Toppings Pepperoni • Sausage • Hamburger • Bacon • Chicken • Canadian Bacon Shrimp • Anchovies • Green Peppers • Black Olives • Onions Mushrooms • Tomatoes • Jalepenos • Banana Peppers • Pineapple Specialty

Planet Wings Menu, Prices and Location

Planet Wings Main Menu PW WINGS MENU Served w/ Blue Cheese Dressing & Celery Dressing (120 colories per 2oz. serving) Party Pack (Extra Blue Cheese Dressing & Celery) 5 Pcs Original: (275-435 calories) Boneless: (300-460 calories) 10 Pcs Original: (550-710 calories) Boneless: (600-760 calories) 15 Pcs Original: (825-985 calories) Boneless: (900-1060 calories) 20 Pcs Original:

Kura Sushi Menu, Prices and Location

Kura Sushi Main Menu Nigiri Menu salmon skin spanish mackerel (aji) red snapper with yuzu pepper garlic ponzu tuna garlic ponzu salmon soy sake marinated tuna soy sake marinated salmon premium american beef garlic tuna steak umami oil seared beef umami oil salmon seared beef with yakiniku sauce seared scallop japanese mayo seared salmon japanese

Moe’s Menu, Prices and Location

Moe’s Main Menu BURRITOS MENU HOMEWRECKER MEXICAN BURRITO WITH GUAC Our OG and legendary Homewrecker burrito is stuffed with handcrafted guac, seasoned rice, beans, shredded cheese and your choice of carnitas, steak, chicken, ground beef or organic tofu. All on a 12-inch tortilla. JOEY SOUTHWEST BURRITO Homewrecker’s little, but just as tasty, brother. Seasoned rice,

Black Walnut Cafe Menu, Prices and Location

Black Walnut Cafe Main Menu BREAKFAST STARTERS MENU FRESH-CUT SEASONAL FRUIT *NEW* DONUT BITES Baker’s dozen. Cinnamon sugar, drizzled with grape and walnut butter. OLIVER’S PORRIDGE Steel-cut Irish oatmeal, spicy walnuts, fruit *NEW* FRUIT, NUTS & YOGURT PARFAIT Nonfat vanilla yogurt, fruit, walnut, honey, cinnamon HANDCRAFTED CROISSANT FRESH-SQUEEZED OJ OR GRAPEFRUIT **Menu items vary slightly

Tokyo Express Menu, Prices and Location

Tokyo Express Main Menu Lunch Special Menu Price: $ 5.15 Free Iced Tea only Special includes fried rice, Zucchini ,onion sweet carrots, shrimp sauce Monday Teriyaki Chicken w/ broccoli Tuesday Hibachi Steak w/ mushrooms Wednesday Hibachi Chicken w/mushrooms Thursday Teriyaki Steak w/ broccoli Friday Hibachi Shrimp w/ broccoli SIDE ORDERS MENU Fried Rice – Price: