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Seafood City
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Seafood City  store hours

Phone: 718.885.3600


Head Office address: 459 City island Avenue – City island, NY 10464

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Seafood City Main Menu

Fried Seafood Entrees

Fried ShrimpFried Shrimp – Price: 15.00

Fried CalamariFried Calamari – Price: 13.00

Fried PorgiesFried PorgiesPrice: 12.00

Fried Red SnapperFried Red Snapper – Price: 17.00

Fried ScallopsFried Scallops – Price: 15.00

Fried Crab NuggetsFried Crab Nuggets – Price: 11.00

Fried Seafood ComboFried Seafood Combo – Price: 28.00

Fried WhitingFried Whiting – Price: 14.00

Fried Cod NuggetsFried Cod Nuggets – Price: 11.00

Fried Clam StripsFried Clam Strips – Price: 13.00

Fried FlounderFried Flounder – Price: 13.00

Pasta Menu

Linguini w/White or Red Clam Sauce – Price: 13.00

Linguini w/Mussels in – Marinara, Fra Diavolo, Sweet, or Garlic SauceLinguini w/Mussels in – Marinara, Fra Diavolo, Sweet, or Garlic Sauce – Price: 12.00

Chicken Parmigiana w/red linguiniChicken Parmigiana w/red linguini – Price: 11.00

Shrimp Parmigiana w/red linguiniShrimp Parmigiana w/red linguini – Price: 17.00

Shrimp Marinara w/red linguiniShrimp Marinara w/red linguini – Price: 17.00

Seafood Paella w/Chicken and Rice – Price: 18.00

Seafood Marinara w/red linguini – Price: 25.00

Red Snapper Marichiara – Price: 18.00

Chicken and Shrimp Francese w/LinguiniChicken and Shrimp Francese w/Linguini – Price: 17.00

Clams, Scallops and Shrimp w/LinguiniClams, Scallops and Shrimp w/Linguini – Price: 15.00

Seafood AlfredoSeafood Alfredo – Price: 12.00

Penne ala VodkaPenne ala Vodka – Price: 11.00

Pasta w/ChickenPasta w/Chicken – Price: 14.00

Pasta w/ShrimpPasta w/Shrimp – Price: 17.00

Fun foods Menu

Hamburger w/French Fries – Price: 7.00

Cheeseburger w/French FriesCheeseburger w/French Fries – Price: 7.50

Hot DogsHot Dogs – Price: 2.50

Mozzarella SticksMozzarella Sticks (8) Pc. – Price: 6.00

Chicken FingersChicken Fingers (5) Pc – .Price: 9.00

Popcorn ChickenPopcorn Chicken – Price: 7.00

Buffalo Wings w/French FriesBuffalo Wings w/French Fries – Price: 9.00

BBQ Spare Ribs w/RicBBQ Spare Ribs w/Rice – Price: 13.00

BBQ Chicken w/RiceBBQ Chicken w/Rice – Price: 13.00

Fried Chicken French FriesFried Chicken (4 pc) w/French Fries – Price: 9.00

Pizza (10 inch Pie)Pizza (10 inch Pie) – Price: 8.00

Pizza Toppings; w/ShrimpPizza Toppings; w/Shrimp – Price: 11.00

Fun Food BoatFun Food Boat – Price: 25.00

Steamed or broileds Menu

(5) 3 oz. Baby Lobster Tails Price: market price

Sea ScallopsSea Scallops Price: 17.00

Filet of SoleFilet of SolePrice: 15.00

Filet of Sole Stuffed CrabmeatFilet of Sole Stuffed Crabmeat Price: 17.00

Salmon Broiled or CajunSalmon Broiled or Cajun Price: 17.00

Shrimp Stuffed w/CrabmeatShrimp Stuffed w/Crabmeat Price: 17.00

Stuffed Lobster TailsStuffed Lobster Tails Price: market price

Stuffed LobsterStuffed Lobster Price: market price

Whole Live LobsterWhole Live Lobster Price: market price

Snow LegsSnow Legs Price: 22.00

Shrimp Scampi Shrimp Scampi (8) Price: 18.00

Red SnapperRed Snapper Price: 19.00

Seafood Broiled ComboSeafood Broiled Combo Price: 29.00

Soup and sandwiches Menu

Manhattan Clam Chowder Price: 4.00

New England Clam ChowderNew England Clam Chowder Price: 4.50

Grilled Chicken SandwichGrilled Chicken Sandwich Price: 9.00

Grilled Steak SandwichGrilled Steak Sandwich Price: 9.00

BLT on Club RollBLT on Club Roll Price: 7.00

Filet of Sole SandwichFilet of Sole Sandwich Price: 9.00

Raw bar Menu

Raw Little or Top Neck Clams (12) – Price: 12.00

Raw Little or Top Neck Clams Raw Little or Top Neck Clams (6) – Price: 7.00

Raw OystersRaw Oysters (6) – Price: 8.00

Baked Clams Baked Clams (6) – Price: 8.00

Baked Casino ClamsBaked Casino Clams (8) – Price: 11.00

Steamed ClamsSteamed Clams – Price: 14.00


Drinks Menu

Soda/Water – Price: 1.50

JuicesJuices – Price: 1.75

CoffeeCoffee – Price: 1.50

TeaTea – Price: 1.50

Hot ChocolateHot Chocolate – Price: 1.50


Something sweet Menu

Ice CreamPrice: 2.50

CheesecakeCheesecake – Price: 2.50

Funnel CakeFunnel Cake – Price: 7.00

WatermelonWatermelon – Price: 2.50


On the side Menu

Garden Saled – Price: 4.00

Nachos w/CheeseNachos w/Cheese – Price: 4.00

Corn On The CobCorn On The Cob – Price: 2.00

Garlic BreadGarlic Bread – Price: 3.00

Bucket of ShrimpBucket of Shrimp 14 pc. – Price: 16.00

Yellow RiceYellow Rice – Price: 2.00

French FriesFrench Fries – Price: 2.00

Onion RingsOnion Rings – Price: 3.00

Cheese FriesCheese Fries – Price: 3.00

VeggiesVeggies – Price: 2.50

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Seafood City Hours

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About Seafood City

An intimate world-class retreat, Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi celebrates the enduring creative spirit and traditions of the region’s early Native Americans, the city’s rich cultural heritage as an early Spanish establishment and its ongoing legacy as an artist colony. The name and interiors of this Santa Fe boutique hotel pay homage to the area’s native Anasazi tribe, while the handcrafted textiles, paintings, carvings and baskets that make up the hotel’s extensive art collection are a vivid blend of Native, Hispanic and Anglo influences.

With the city’s historic plaza just steps from the hotel doors, and popular destinations like Canyon Road, Taos and Bandelier National Park within driving distance, this sterling example of Santa Fe luxury hotels offers guests an experience that is uniquely New Mexican.

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