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Pepitas  store hours

Phone: +1 503-574-4420


Head Office address: 4190 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005, USA

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Served with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and french fries

Cheeseburger – Prices: $4.25

Guacamole Burger – Prices: $5.99

Bacon Cheeseburger – Prices: $4.99

Mexican Burger – Prices: $8.50

Choice of steak or chicken marinated. Served with beans and slices of avocados

Veggie Burger – Prices: $6.25

Hamburger – Prices: $4.25


Served with beans and rice and two flour or corn tortillas

Huevos Rancheros – Prices: $9.50

Two eggs over easy covered with our special red and green sauce, all on top of a corn tortilla

Huevos con Machaca – Prices: $9.50

Two scrambled eggs with shredded beef, onions, tomatoes, green jalapeño, peppers and cilantro

Huevos con Chorizo – Prices: $9.50

Two scrambled eggs with mexican sausage, onions, tomatoes, green jalapeno, peppers and cilantro

Huevos con Jamon – Prices: $9.50

Two scrambled eggs with ham, jalapenos, onions and tomatoes

Huevos Revueltos – Prices: $9.50

2 scrambled eggs, jalapenos, onions & tomatoes


Served with rice beans & flour or corn tortilla, except cocktails, campechanas and soups

A la Mexicana – Prices: $13.50

Sauteed top sirloin beef strips with Mexican sauce, onions and mushrooms

Chile Colorado – Prices: $13.50

Tender chunks of top sirloin beef cooked with red sauce & spices

Asada – Prices: $15.50

Grilled marinated out-side skirt steak served with grilled green onions & guacamole


Loco Asado – Prices: $13.50

Marinated & charbroiled chicken breast , served with guacamole

Mole Poblano – Prices: $13.50

Chicken breast topped with sweet spicy sauce

A la Crema – Prices: $13.50

Chicken breast topped with creamy sauce

Arroz con Pollo – Prices: $13.50

Chicken Endiablado (Hot) – Prices: $13.50

Chicken Carnitas – Prices: $13.50


Served with rice beans & flour or corn tortilla, except cocktails,

campechanas and soups

Plato Tizoc – Prices: $13.99

One chile relleno, one chicken flauta, one ground beef enchilada and one hard beef taco


Served with rice beans & flour or corn tortilla, except cocktails, campechanas and soups

Chile Verde – Prices: $13.50

Chunks of pork cooked with light tomatillo sauce, green peppers, onion & spices

Carnitas Platter – Prices: $13.50

Seared pork with a variety of mexican spices


Served with beans, rice & flour or corn tortillas. Except tamales and rellenos

Plato El Mariachi – Prices: $16.99

Carne asada steak, pollo asado grilled chicken, camarones shrimp

Two Enchiladas Suizas – Prices: $10.99

Shredded chicken breast mixed with cream cheese, covered with green tomatillo sauce & melted cheese. Served with spanish rice and beans

Shrimp Sizzling Fajitas – Prices: $14.99

Combo Fajitas – Prices: $13.99

Chicken & steak

Sizzling Fajitas – Prices: $13.75

Chicken, steak or carnitas pork resting on special juice

Super Sizzling Fajitas – Prices: $15.99

Chicken, shrimp & steak resting on special juice

Two Chile Relleno – Prices: $9.99

Two mild anaheim chiles stuffed with monterey jack cheese and lightly fried in an egg batter

Two Homemade Tamales – Prices: $8.99

Corn dough stuffed with meat chicken or pork & topped with sauce &melted cheese

Chalupa – Prices: $9.99

Flour tortilla crispy with ground beef, lettuce, tomato and cheese

Birria – Prices: $13.99

Lamb in its juice, really tender, with choice of flour or corn tortillas

Trio el Metate – Prices: $16.99

Shrimp, steak, chicken in a molcajete bowl


Create your own combo from any of the following two items. Served with beans and rice. Add sour cream & guacamole for – Prices: $2. Add another

item of your choice for – Prices: $2.99

Quesadilla – Prices: $11.50

Served with cheese inside

Chile Poppers (Cream Cheese) – Prices: $11.50

Enchilada – Prices: $11.50

Cheese, chicken, ground beef or pork

Bean Tostada – Prices: $11.50

Enchilada Suiza – Prices: $11.50

Cream cheese with chicken and green sauce on top

Chicken or Pork Tamale – Prices: $11.50

Bean Burrito – Prices: $11.50

Sope (Chicken) – Prices: $11.50

Empanada (Ground Beef) – Prices: $11.50

Breaded Shrimp (3) – Prices: $11.50

Taco, Soft or Hard – Prices: $11.50

Chicken, ground beef or pork

Chile Relleno – Prices: $11.50

Chimichanga – Prices: $11.50

Chicken, ground beef or pork

Chicken Taquito on Flour – Prices: $11.50

Enchilada Ranchera – Prices: $11.50

Lettuce and tomatoes on top

Taco Doblado – Prices: $11.50

Chicken, ground beef or pork

Chicken Flautas – Prices: $11.50

On corn tortillas

Halibut Fish Fillet (1) – Prices: $11.50

Chalupa – Prices: $11.50

Mexican Pizza – Prices: $11.50

Deep flour tortilla topped w/ cheese & beans


Refried Beans – Prices: $2.75

Spanish Rice – Prices: $2.75

Black Beans – Prices: $2.75

Sour Cream – Prices: $1.25

Guacamole – Prices: $3.50

Tortillas (Flour or Corn) – Prices: $0.99

Chips and Salsa – Prices: $1.00

Tamale – Prices: $3.75

Chile Relleno – Prices: $4.50


For children under 10 Served with rice & beans

Small Bean & Cheese Burrito – Prices: $4.50

Taco Hard Shell – Prices: $4.50

Chicken, ground beef

Small Cheese Quesadilla – Prices: $4.50

Enchilada – Prices: $4.50

One, beef or cheese


Deep Fried Ice Cream – Prices: $3.99

Flan – Prices: $3.99

Delicious mexican custard

Sopapilla – Prices: $3.99

Crispy flour tortilla with cinnamon, whipped cream & honey

Tres Leches – Prices: $4.50

A mexican cake

Vanilla Ice Cream – Prices: $1.99

Churros – Prices: $3.50

pastry stix, vanilla cream filled topped with flavorful cinnamon sugar

Towering Chocolate Cake – Prices: $4.75

Pastel Dulce de Leche – Prices: $4.75


Chocomil – Prices: $3.99

Strawberry or Banana – Prices: $3.99

Mexican Hot – Prices: $3.99

Cold Chocolate – Prices: $3.99


Soft Drinks – Prices: $1.75

Coca cola, diet coke, lemonade, sprite, ice tea, mr pibb, root beer and pepsi

Juice – Prices: $3.49

Apple, orange, cranberry or pineapple

Coffee or Tea – Prices: $2.50

Milk – Prices: $1.75

Jarritos – Prices: $2.50

Pina (pineapple), limon (lime), tamarindo (tamarind), jamaica (jamaica blossoms) and sangria senorial (grape), manzana (apple)

Bahama Mama – Prices: $4.50

Coconut milk, orange, pineapple juice & a splash of grenadine

Shirley Temple – Prices: $2.50

Roy Rogers – Prices: $2.50

Horchata – Prices: $2.00 – – Prices: $3.25

Made from rice or rice milk

Virgin Margarita – Prices: $3.99 – – Prices: $4.99

Lemon / lime, peach & strawberry

Virgin Pina Colada – Prices: $3.99 – – Prices: $4.99

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Pepitas Hours

Monday 10:00 am-  10:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am-  10:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am-  10:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am-  10:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am-  10:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am-  10:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am-  10:00 pm

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About Pepitas

Pepitas Mexican Restaurant is a local, family-owned business. Most of our employees have been with us since the beginning (16 years ago) when we opened in 1999. We still have loyal customers that have been with us since our opening, and have seen our transformation throughout the years.

Pepitas started as a fast food restaurant. One would order at the front counter and we would bring you food. Slowly but surely we started to change into a dine-in/ sit down style family restaurant. We started to bring art from different parts of Mexico to decorate the restaurant. Some people may say this makes too much clutter with lots of colorful stuff, but we feel, and many agree, that this adds to the authentic Mexican atmosphere and fits with our objective of making you feel like you have been transported when you walk through the door.

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