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La Fogata Menu, Prices and Location

La Fogata Main Menu Antojitos Menu Regular Nachos Price – $8.99 Order of 12 with cheese and jalapeno peppers. Cebollas Al Carbon Price – $4.29 Green onions cooked with the flame of charcoal. tasty and delicious. Sope Price – $6.99 Fresh, thick masa tortilla topped with chicken, beef or chorizo, lettuce and sour cream. Nachos

Plaza Azteca Menu, Prices and Location

Plaza Azteca Main Menu Appetizers Menu Burritos Menu Chicken Menu Combos Menu Kids Menu Lunch Specials Menu Nachos Menu Salads Menu Seafood Menu Steaks Menu Tacos Menu Plaza Azteca Near Me Locations Please, search Plaza Azteca Near ME locations from the map below. If you find your near by Plaza Azteca click on the map

Lupe Tortilla Menu, Prices and Location

Lupe Tortilla Main Menu APPETIZERS MENU TABLESIDE GUACAMOLE Made fresh by your server. GUACAMOLE SALAD Fresh avocados, tomatoes, onions & fresh squeezed lime. CHILI CON QUESO Con real Cheddar cheese. QUESO FLAMEADO Melted Jack cheese, chorizo, jalapeño sausage or carne molida. SHRIMP & AVOCADO CAMPECHANA Shrimp, avocado, cilantro, tomatoes, onions & peppers. CRAB STUFFED AVOCADO

La Chancla Menu, Prices and Location

La Chancla Main Menu LA CHANCLA MENU Enchiladas Verdes O Rojas Your Choice: Chicken or Fried Steak, (with Rice and refried Beans. Lettuce sour cream cheese red or green Paste)   TORTA MENU Salchicha, Jamon, Milanese, Pollo, Al Pastor Your Choice: Chicken or Fried Steak (with Rice and refried Beans, Lettuce sour cream cheese red

Pepitas Menu, Prices and Location

HAMBURGERS MENU Served with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and french fries Cheeseburger – Prices: $4.25 Guacamole Burger – Prices: $5.99 Bacon Cheeseburger – Prices: $4.99 Mexican Burger – Prices: $8.50 Choice of steak or chicken marinated. Served with beans and slices of avocados Veggie Burger – Prices: $6.25 Hamburger – Prices: $4.25 HUEVOS EGGS MENU

Jefe’s Mexican Menu, Prices And Locations

Jefe’s Mexican Main Menu APPETIZERS MENU Stuffed Jalapeños Price: $6.99 6 jalapeños stuffed with aged cheese. Breaded & deep fried to a crispy brown. Queso Bowl Price: $4.99 Cup Price: $2.99 Guacamole Price: $2.59 Empanada Plate Price: $6.99 Six chicken empanadas with a side of queso. Nachos Price: $5.99 Tortilla chips topped with taco meat,

The Original Red Onion Menu, Prices And Locations

The Original Red Onion Main Menu Appetizers Menu Nachos Price: $7.25 (with Guacamole) Price: $9.25 Cheese Chips crispy corn chips, covered with melted cheese Price: $6.25 (with Guacamole) Price: $8.25 Nachos Supreme our signature supreme nachos, layered with a choice of roast beef, carnitas, carne asada, chorizo sausage, grilled chicken, crab or shrimp, topped with

Azteca Menu, Prices and Location

Azteca Desserts Main Menu Desserts Menu Chocolate Chip Sweet Tamalito – Price: $5.00 House made chocolate chip sweet tamale. Deep-Fried Ice Cream – Price: $6.00 A vanilla ice cream ball, deep-fried with a crunchy coating. Served with chocolate or strawberry topping. Chocolate Mousse – Price: $3.00 Sopapillas – Price: $5.00 Deep-fried, light flour tortilla puffs

Azteca Lunch And Dinner Menu, Prices and Location

Azteca Main Lunch Menu Favoritos Menu The Famous Macho Burrito – Price: $ 10.00 A huge flour tortilla filled with Mexican or white rice, black beans, refried or Rancho (cholesterol-free) beans and your choice of ground beef, chicken, chili verde, picadillo or chile colorado. Topped with burrito sauce and Cheddar cheese. Covered with lettuce, tomatoes,

Gorditas Menu, Prices And Locations

Gorditas Main Menu MEXICAN FOOD MENU` Gorditas de mafz Price: $1.75 Asada, pastor, pollo, chile rojo, chile verde, barbacoa, plcadillo, rajas con queso, frijoles, chicharron, etc Gorditas de Maiz “doradas” Price: $2.00 Gorditas de harina Price: $1.85 Tacos Price: $1.75 Asada, pastor, pollo & barbacoa Sopes Price: $2.49 Asada, pastor, pollo, chile rojo, chile verde,