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Meez  store hours

Phone: +1 479-435-6022


Head Office address: 2117 M.L.K. Jr Blvd Suite B, Fayetteville, AR 72701, USA

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Meez Main Menu


Hummus with Lavash- Price: $6.99

A family recipe made the old-fashioned way. Crushed garbanzo beans, Armenian street spice, olive oil & a touch of lemon.

Sarma with Hummus and Lavash- Price: $7.99

Armenian-spiced rice, hand-rolled into grape leaves marinated to perfect tenderness.

Baba Ganoush with Lavash- Price: $7.99

Flame-grilled eggplant blended with Armenia street spices.

Street Food Sampler- Price: $9.99

Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Armenian Salad, Feta, Sarma, Turkish Olives & Fluffy Lavash.


Simple Salad- Price: $6.99

Seasonal leafy greens, diced tomatoes, purple onions and red & green bell peppers.

Spinach Salad- Price: $7.99

Organic baby spinach, tomatoes, walnuts, feta cheese, bacon & olives.

Armenian Salad- Price: $7.99

Romaine leaves, parsley, diced tomatoes, scallion onions, red & green bell pepper, cucumber and bulger wheat.

Greek Salad- Price: $7.99

Cucumbers. red & green bell peppers, tomatoes, scallion onions, feta cheese & olives.


Vegetable (sandwich)- Price: $7.99

Sauteed fresh organic red & green peppers, onions, tomatoes & eggplant.

Steak Kabob (sandwich)- Price: $8.99

Sterling silver sirloin, hand-cut, marinated and grilled.

Gyro (sandwich)- Price: $7.99

Served with a side of tzatziki.

Chicken Kabob (sandwich)- Price: $7.99

Grilled marinated breast.

Lamb Kabob (sandwich)- Price: $8.99

lean, hand-cut, marinated and grilled.

Falafel (sandwich)- Price: $7.99

Crushed chickpeas hand-pressed with Armenian spices. Lightly fried to crispy perfection. served with a side of tahini sauce.

Mediterranean “burger”- Price: $8.99

Armenian- spiced lean ground beef, grilled and topped with feta cheese, roasted red pepper sauce & olives.


Vegetable (plate)- Price: $7.99

Grilled organic red & green peppers, onions, eggplant & tomatoes served with rice pilaf.

Gyro (plate)- Price: $8.99

Served with Armenian salad, hummus & tzatziki sauce.

Falafel (plate)- Price: $8.99

Served with Armenian salad, hummus & tahini sauce.

Cheese Bereg (plate)- Price: $7.99

Large Armenian cheese pastry served with simple salad.

Grilled Salmon- Price: $9.99

Citrus-marinated & served with rice pilaf & choice of simple salad or grilled vegetables.

Lamb Kabob (plate)- Price: $9.99

Lean, hand cut, marinated & grilled. served with rice pilaf & choice of simple salad or grilled vegetables.

Chicken Kabob (plate)- Price: $8.99

Grilled marinated chicken breast. served with rice pilaf and choice of simple salad or grilled vegetables.

Shrimp Kabob (plate)- Price: $9.99

Grilled Tiger prawns with rice pilaf & choice of simple salad or grilled vegetables.

Steak Kabob (plate)- Price: $9.99

Sterling silver sirloin, hand cut, marinated & grilled. Served with rice pilaf & your choice of simple salad or grilled vegetables.


Falafel (3)- Price: $3.79

Hummus- Price: $3.79

Tzatziki sauce- Price: $0.75

Armenian Salad- Price: $3.79

Simple Salad3.75

Feta & Olives- Price: $3.79

Rice Pilaf2.49


Lavash “plain”- Price: $0.99

Lavash “garlic”- Price: $1.79

Lavash “cheese”- Price: $3.79

Lavash “meat”- Price: $4.79


Baklava- Price: $3.79

Fluffy layers of pastry and crushed walnuts in street-style syrup.

Kanefeh- Price: $3.79

Armenian cheeses baked in filo dough and street-style syrup. Served with or without walnuts.


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Meez Hours

Monday 11 am – 9 pm
Tuesday 11 am – 9 pm
Wednesday 11 am – 9 pm
Thursday 11 am – 9 pm
Friday 11 am – 9 pm
Saturday 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday Closed


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About Meez

Established in 2017 on the south side of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Dispite being such a young resturant, Meez and Kini has already become a local sensation. This delicious Mediterranean street food style restaurant offers quality food and a great social atmosphere. Great for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. The offering includes beer and wine, indoor and patio seating.


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