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Steam store hours

Phone: (910) 726-9226


Head Office address: 9 Estell Lee Pl, Wilmington, NC 28401

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Steam Menu


Thai Style Prawn Crackers
Mild spicy

Crispy Seaweed
finished with sesame seeds

Maodou (Edemame)
with sea salt


Mushroom Puff
Stewed mushrooms in puff pastry

Char Siu Puff
BBQ pork in puff pastry

Roast Duck Puff Pastry
Roast duck in puff pastry

Puff Club
Mushroom puff, BBQ pork puff and roast duck puff


Crystal Prawn Dumpling
Made with prawns and bamboo shoot wrapped with translucent pastry

​Minced Pork & Crab Roe Siu Mai
Wonton wrappers filled with crab​, prawns, pork, bamboo shoot and mushroom, alaskan crabmeat toppings

Xo Chicken Siu Mai
Minced chicken with shrimp and mushroom, topped with xo sauce

Chives & Prawn Dumpling
Contains water chestnut, bamboo shoot & mushroom

Ginger Beef Dumpling
Contains water chestnut, spring onions, coriander and oyster sauce

Black Prawn Dumpling
Prawns and squid wrapped in squid ink pastry topped with diced peas

Emerald Scallop & Shrimp Siu Mai
Scallop, prawns and bamboo shoot siu mai topped with tobiko

Crabmeat Dumpling
Contains shrimp and bamboo shoot, mixed with sweet chill sauce. Mild spicy

Wasabi Shrimp & Crabmeat Dumpling
Contains bamboo shoot & lettuce and topped with a drop of wasabi

Needle Mushroom & Sweetcorn Dumpling
Contains shrimp, peas and carrot

Spinach Dumplings
Contains shrimp, spinach, bamboo shoot, mushroom and water chestnut

Seabass and Fennel Dumpling
Goldfish shaped dumplings stuffed with seabass, fennel, shrimp, cuttlefish and bamboo shoot, topped with tobiko

Beef Meatballs
Contains beancurd sheet, coriander, water chestnut, ginger and oyster sauce

Glutinous Rice Chicken
Steamed sticky rice with chicken, mushroom, dried shrimp, and bamboo shoot, wrapped in lotus leaf

Pork and Radish Dumpling
Contains peanuts, chives, coriander and celery

Chinese Leaf Dumpling
Chinese leaf shaped dumpling filled with shrimp, Chinese leaf, cuttlefish, bamboo shoot, mushroom and water chestnut

Monks Vegetable Dumpling
Mixed of Chinese mushroom with mixed of vegetbales and beancurd sheet

Seafood and Asparagus Dumpling
Contain​s scallop, prawns, cuttlefish, bamboo shoot and carrot, topped with tobiko

Stuffed Beancurd Roll
Contains pork, shrimp, mixed mushroom and vegetables with oyster sauce

Steamed Bao

Monk Vegetable Bun
​Mixed Chinese mushroom with vegetables and beancurd roll

Pan Fried Duck Bun
Contains Roast duck, onions and ground pepper

Chicken Bun
​Contains chicken, shrimp, mushroom, bamboo shoot, spring onion & coriander

Barbecued Pork Bun
Filled with a savory, slightly sweet filling of Cantonese roast pork

Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun
Contains milk powder, milk and custard powder​

Braised Pork Bun
Braised pork belly in house secret made sauce garnish with coriander

Shanghai Xiaolongbao
Traditional shanghainese chicken soup dumplings with pork, ginger, spring onion in wheat pastry, served with vinegar and ginger


Crispy Tofu
Deep fried breaded tofu topped with sweet bean sauce & chilli powder

Vegetable Spring Roll
Mixed mushroom & vegetables and beancurd roll

Duck Roll
Aromatic duck with cucumber and Hoisin sauce

Vietnamese Spring Roll
Contains pork, shrimp, mixed mushroom & vegetables and oyster sauce

Shrimp Dumpling
Shrimp, bamboo shoot, water chestnut, carrot and spring onion, with mixed fruit mayo dip

Pan Fried Beijing Style Pork Dumpling
Minced pork with shrimp, Chinese leaf, water chestnut and bamboo shoot

Sesame Wafer Prawn Roll
Deep fried wafer roll with prawns, bamboo shoot and water chestnut ​

Seabass and Fennel Roll
Contains shrimp, cuttlefish and bamboo shoot

Pan Fried Raddish Cakes
Contains shrimp, guangdong style sausage

Crispy Shrimp Dumpling (Fan Gor)
Contains ​bamboo shoot, carrot and custard powder

Crispy Chicken Dumpling (Fan Gor)
Contains shrimp, chilli sauce, bamboo shoot, carrot and custard powder


Aromatic Duck
Famous duck dish served with cucumber, spring onion, pancake and Hoisin sauce

Mango Chicken
Deep fried breaded chicken cutlet and topped with fresh spiced mango sweet chilli sauce

Diced Beef Filet with Asparagus In Black Pepper Sauce
with onions and peppers

Classic Salt & Pepper Squid
with chillies and spring onion

Special Fried Pork Ribs
Deep fried ribs with 5 spices seasoning, granished spring onion and chillies

Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab
With garlic, spring onion, chillies and salt & pepper. May contain trace of egg

Classic Salt & Pepper Prawns
with spring onions and chillies

Bak Choi
Stir fried Bak Choi with choice of garlic sauce, oyster sauce or plain

Stir fried broccoli with choice of garlic sauce, oyster sauce or plain

Poached Pork Dumpling In Chilli Sauce Soup
Minced pork and Chinese leaf dumpling in sour & spicy soup

Wonton Soup
3 pieces of wonton, made with prawns in hot chicken broth, garnished with leafy vegetables Service

Pan Fried Diced Raddish Cakes with Xo Sauce
Stir fried raddish cake with chinese chives, egg, dried shrimp, cantonese sausage in XO sauce

Rice & Noodles

Wonton Noodle Soup
Served in a hot chicken broth, garnished with leafy vegetables

Mix Vegetable Fried Rice
with peas and spring onions

Chicken Fried Rice
with peas, egg and spring onions

Beef Fried Rice
with peas, egg and spring onions

King Prawn Fried Rice
with peas, egg and spring onions

Seafood Fried Rice
with scallop, prawns, squid, peas, egg and spring onions

Mix Vegetable Fried Noodles
with onions and spring onions

Chicken Fried Noodles
with onions, egg, chinese leaf and spring onions

Beef Fried Noodles
with onions, egg, chinese leaf and spring onions

King Prawns Fried Noodles
with onions, egg, chinese leaf, and spring onions

Seafood Fried Noodles
with scallop, prawns, squid, onions, egg, chinese leaf and spring onions

Steamed Rice
Steamed jasmine rice

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Steam Hours

Monday 11:30 AM–3 PM, 4–11 PM
Tuesday 11:30 AM–3 PM, 4–11 PM
Wednesday 11:30 AM–3 PM, 4–11 PM
Thursday 11:30 AM–3 PM, 4–11 PM
Friday 11:30 AM–3 PM, 4–11 PM
Saturday 11:30 AM–3 PM, 4–11 PM
Sunday 11:30 AM–3 PM, 4–11 PM

About Steam

Steam is bringing American cuisine made with foods and products from the area to Wilmington. Dinner: CLOSED 5 to 10 p.m. for dinner

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