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Deep Indian Kitchen Menu, Price and Locations

Deep Indian Kitchen Main Menu Most Popular Blood Orange Lemonade – $3.66 Picked For You Feast – $11.99 Kati Rolls – $9.97 Biryani – $9.97 Chicken Tikka Feast – $11.99 Chicken Tikka Biryani $9.97 Signature Meals Feast (Signature Meals) – $11.99 Biryani (Signature Meals) – $9.97 Salad – $9.97 Kati Rolls (Signature Meals) – $9.97

Skillman Wok Menu, Price and Locations

Skillman Wok Main Menu Appetizers Fried Won Ton (6) – $1.75Flour wrapper meat deep fried till crispy. Egg Roll (1) – $0.95Made beef and vegetables wrapped in crispy shell. Pot Stick (Dumpling) (6) – $2.95Pot stick stuffed with meat and vegetable. Chicken Stick (3) – $2.25Chicken on a skewer with skillman wok’s special sauce. Cho

Bubbakoos Burritos Menu, Price and Locations

Bubbakoos Burritos Main Menu Signature Creations JAMAICAN JERK QUESADILLA – $10.94+Try our classic quesadilla stuffed with your choice of protein tossed with our signature Jamaican Jerk flavor! BUFFALO BEEF CHIWAWA – $11.88+A Chiwawa creation that you do not want to pass on! Served with nacho cheese, buffalo ground beef, salsa, jalapeno, sour cream and cheese.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Menu, Price and Locations

Chipotle Mexican Grill Main Menu Burrito, Bowl, Tacos & Salad Burrito (Chicken) – $6.50 Burrito (Steak) – $7.50 Burrito (Carnitas) – $6.95 Burrito (Barbacoa) – $7.50 Burrito (Sofritas) – $6.50 Burrito (Vegetarian) – $6.50 Bowl (Chicken) – $6.50 Bowl (Steak) – $7.50 Bowl (Carnitas) – $6.95 Bowl (Barbacoa) – $7.50 Bowl (Sofritas) – $6.50 Bowl

Chachos Menu, Price and Locations

Chachos Main Menu Low Carb menu – Low Carb Tacos for followers of the atkins or other low-carb diets, low carb tacos are a delicious version of our regular meat tacos wrapped in lettuce or our special homemade low carb tortilla (add $0.10 ). low carb tortillas contain approximately 3 net carbs and 150 c

Sun Nong Dan Menu, Price and Locations

Sun Nong Dan Main Menu Popular Items Galbi Tang – $25.19+Beef short rib soup. Served with noodles. Koh Galbi Jjim Specialty – $101.99+Braised beef short ribs, back rib, and oxtail. Mo Deum Soo Yook – $77.99+Assorted cuts of beef. Fat removed beef, beef brisket, knee, oxtail, and cheek. Won Gi Soo Yook – $83.99+Vitality plate.

El Campesino Menu, Price and Locations

El Campesino Main Menu Vegetarian Vegetarian A – $12.50Bean burrito, 1 cheese enchilada, and 1 bean tostada. Vegetarian B – $12.50Bean tostada, 1 cheese enchilada, an order of refried beans, and Mexican rice. Vegetarian C – $12.50Bean burrito, 1 quesadilla, and 1 bean tostada. Vegetarian D – $12.50Bean tostada, cheese enchilada, and Mexican rice. Vegetarian