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Table X Menu, Prices and Locations

Table X Main Menu SNACKS MENU Fingerling Potatoes Price: $9.00 house pickle relish, dijonaise, espelette pepper & chive Glazed Baby Beets Price: $10.00 five spiced peanut, house lebneh, sweet & sour beet top   Pickled Green Tomatoes Price: $9.00 rye crumb, hollandaise & house tasso ham Fennel Roasted Heirloom Carrots Price: $10.00 white bean puree,

One More Noodle House Menu, Prices And Locations

One More Noodle House Main Menu Noodles Menu Noodle Choices: Wheat Noodle, Udon, Ramen, Rice Noodle, Buckwheat, Glass Noodle Braised Beef Noodle Price – $8.98 Sichuan Beef Noodle Price – $8.98 Original Beef Noodle Price – $8.98 Numbing Spicy Beef Noodle Price – $8.98 North-Western Beef Noodle Price – $8.98 Dan-Dan Beef Noodle Price – $7.98 Tomato Beef Noodle Price –

Little World Menu, Prices And Locations

Little World Main Menu Appetizer Menu Egg Rolls (2) Price – $2.50 Fried Wonton (10)  Price – $3.50 Fantail Jumbo Shrimp (6) Price – $7.99 Paper Wrapped Chicken (5) Price – $3.99 Pot Stickers (6)  Price – $5.99 Shrimp Balls (4)  Price – $8.30 Cream Cheese Wonton (8) Price – $5.99 Soups Menu Egg Drop

Red Lantern Menu, Prices and Locations

Red Lantern Main Menu   Appetizers Menu Mai Tai Chicken Skewers Price: $14.00 Wood-grilled, a glaze of pineapple, lime, almond and dark rum Avocado Salad Price: $12.00 Avocado, cucumber, ponzu float, crabstick & crab crab Salmon Bomb Rice Bites Price: $17.00 Spicy salmon, sliced avocado, crunchy sushi rice, dynamite sauce Pan Fried Peking Ravioli Price:

Fried Rice Express Gourmet Menu, Prices and Locations

Fried Rice Express Gourmet Menu Appetizers Menu Egg Roll: Deep fried pancake rolls filled with shrimp, pork and vegetables Vegetable Egg Roll: Deep fried pancake rolls filled with vegetables Chicken Wings: Deep fried breaded chicken wings in Cantonese style Crab Rangoons: Deep fried dumplings filled with crabmeat and cream cheese Pot Stickers: Pork dumpling steamed