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Takashi Restaurant Menu, Prices and Locations

Takashi Restaurant Main Menu Bites Menu Takashi’s Peppery Edamame Price: $6.00 Spicy Japanese Cucumber Price: $7.00 Red Red Kimchi Price: $6.00 Testicargot Price: $12.00 cow balls escargot style with garlic shiso butter Beef Schmaltz Crostini Price: $12.00 with truffle oil Stewed Beef Tendon Casserole Price: $15.00 Mini Hotpot Soup Shabu Shabu Price: $16.00 Raw Menu NamagimoPrice: $14.00 ultra-fresh liver

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant Menu, Prices And Locations

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant Main Menu Kyoto Restaurant is happy to welcome and proud to announce Peggi Ince-Whiting’s addition to the sushi bar. Peggi’s love of Japanese cuisine and creative combinations of new flavors are an exciting new aspect for patrons of Kyoto. Kyoto Japanese Restaurant Dinner Menu Appetizers Menu   Kyoto Japanese Entrees Menu