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Phone: +1 315-701-2840


Head Office address: 9655 Carousel Center, Syracuse, NY 13290, US

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Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Main Menu

Signature Creations Menu

Delicious Dirt

For the kid in all of us! No? Sorry, just for the kids.
I’ll admit it. When I was a kid I liked to eat dirt. I’m not proud of it. But there it is. This is waaay tastier. Plus, Mom and Dad approve of me eating it.


Sounds fun, tastes delicious!
What sounds better, doing homework or going out for ice cream? I hear ya. Homework right? Who doesn’t love it? Well, take a break, Einstein, and come get some ice cream.

Beary Beary Blue

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!
Who wants to go on an adventure with cute little bears made of chewy deliciousness?? I do! I do! Add in Cotton Candy Ice Cream and I might never come back!

Berry Berry Berry Good

I see what you did with the name there. Very clever.
Get your fill of fruit  and then some with this berry-licious indulgence! Combining strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, you’ll feel ‘berry good’ about eating it!

Apple Pie A La Cold Stone

Nobody puts ice cream ‘on the side’.
Just like Mama used to make! If Mama used to make french vanilla ice cream with cinnamon, graham cracker pie crust, apple pie filling and caramel, of course.

Cookie Mintster

For the little Mintster inside of us all…
It’s mint and chocolate. What more could you ask for?? Oh, wait, ask for OREO® Cookies. It comes with OREO® Cookies!

Banana Caramel Crunch

Ingredients: Mint Ice Cream with double the OREO® Cookies and FudgeThis Creation is nuts! And banana. And caramel.
Talk about a taste sensation! Crunchy almonds, firm, ripe banana, sweet caramel and chilly, delicious french vanilla ice cream. Are you ready to engage all your tastebuds? Go!

Mud Pie Mojo

It might sound like something from your childhood, but we assure you, this is one grown up dessert! If you’ve lost your mojo, or accidentally misplaced it, order this ice cream ASAP.

Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chip

The ice cream so nice we named it twice!
It might feel weird to say, but it’s great to eat! It’s double the fun and quadruple the yumminess. It’s octoble the– wait, that’s not even a word. Just trust me, it’s good!


Awkward name. Awesome ice cream.
I’ve never been to Germany, but if I had to guess, I would say the streets are paved with this Creation™. And if they’re not, I’m still going to pretend they are, ‘cause it’s awesome.

Cheesecake Fantasy

This is way better than my Tiramisu Nightmare…
I don’t know about you, but my fantasies don’t usually involve cheesecake. And honestly, I think my life is a little less awesome for it.

Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some

It’s like someone made a finger-licking good ice cream sandwich, drizzled it with fudge and caramel, and then put the whole thing in a cup! Or a waffle bowl, don’t be picky.

Our Strawberry Blonde

So good you’ll want to bring it home to Mama.
What do you get when you combine strawberries, pie crust, caramel and whipped topping? Usually a pie — which is why this ice cream is awesome!

Coffee Lovers Only

Seriously. If you don’t love coffee, just move along…
There’s just so much deliciousness in this ice cream, it’s hard to know where to start! Satisfy your coffee craving and indulge your inner chocolate fiend… it’s perfect!

Peanut Butter Cup Perfection

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Also, the outside.
Answers the age old question ‘Which came first, chocolate or peanut butter?’ Answer: I don’t care, I just want to eat it.

Almost Baked Banana Bread

Just In Time for Baking Season
Skip the oven and go right to lovin’ on this Almost Baked Banana Bread™ Creation™. Plus, the only cleanup you’ll have to worry about is the one on your mouth.

Milk & Cookie Comfort

Why Let Santa Have All The Fun?
Make sure you don’t get coal this year; remember the Milk & Cookie Comfort™ Creation™.

Dark Chocolate Merry-mint

The Perfect Holiday Combination!
A spin on two holiday classics, combining both dark chocolate and peppermint into a delicious holiday treat.

Aquaman’s Blue Velvet Brownie

Feel Like A Superhero!
Discover the adventure this winter with our new, limited time only Signature Creation™, Aquaman’s Blue Velvet Brownie. See Aquaman in theaters December 21st.


Hot Stone Menu

Hot For CookieI’

ve got it bad, so bad, for this dessert…
I used to live in a world where the best thing in life was enjoying a delicious, warm, chocolate chip cookie. Then I ate this dessert. I now live in a bigger, better, tastier world.

Brownie A La Cold Stone

Warning: May cause spontaneous drooling.
It’s sugar and spice and everything nice! Okay, it’s actually none of those things. It’s brownies and ice cream and it tastes amazing!

Chocolate Lava Meltdown

Don’t panic, it’s not real lava.
Don’t let the name fool you, this ain’t your 8th grade Science Fair experiment. This is waaay cooler. Plus, you can eat it!

Who You Callin’ Shortcake

The world’s only ice cream with a Napoleon complex!
Despite its name, this scrumptious shortcake hits the spot, not people. It’s a wonderful reminder of yesteryear, and an indulgence to be enjoyed for decades to come!

Banana Split Decision

An American classic for good reason!
There was a time, long ago, when no one had ever heard of a Banana Split. We now refer to that time as the Dark Ages. Look it up. It was bad. This ice cream, however, is delightful!


Pre-Packed Menu

Peanut Butter Cup Perfection

It’s what’s on the inside that counts. Also, the outside.
Answers the age old question ‘Which came first, chocolate or peanut butter?’ Answer: I don’t care, I just want to eat it.

Cake Batter Batter Batter

Saaaaaweeet Cake Batter!
It might sound like we’re taunting, but I promise, we’re only tempting. And enticing. Okay, maybe there’s a little taunting happening, too, but only until you try this ice cream!

Founder’s Favorite

It’s exactly like the name suggests… delicious!
This classic’s a favorite of our Founders, Donald and Susan Sutherland. Make it your favorite, too!

Oreo® Overload

Seriously, you had me at OREO
It’s just like dipping an OREO® in milk. Except, you know, with chocolate chips. And fudge. Whatever — it’s amazing!


Cakes & More Main Menu

Signature Cakes Menu


This 8-Layer Cake puts your Nana’s 7-Layer Dip to shame!
You’ve never seen a cake like this. Seriously. Strawberry, Chocolate and Sweet Cream ice cream, combined with Yellow Cake, Devil’s Food Cake and Red Velvet Cake? They don’t make cakes like this! Well, I mean, other than this one. Available in 6″ square only; Serves 8.

Cake Batter Layers

This cake takes the cake!
What’s better than Cake Batter Ice Cream®? EIGHT LAYERS of Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake! Prepare your taste buds for a culinary adventure in cake, ice cream, cookie dough and more! Available in 6″ square only; Serves 8.

Peanut Butter Playground

Sorry, not an actual playground.
Just because you can’t play on this cake doesn’t mean you can’t play IN this cake! Mixing so many delicious flavors, you’ll have a blast exploring every inch of this ‘funpark’!

A Cheesecake Named Desire

If you think cheesecake is good, wait until you’ve had it made with ice cream! This triumph of a treat will make you forget you ever had boring, old, “regular” cheesecake.

Cake Batter Confetti

It’s like having a party inside your mouth!
I know what you’re thinking… this looks like a cleverly disguised Birthday Cake. But you’re wrong! It’s a cleverly disguised birthday, holiday, party, or anytime cake!

Strawberry Passion

Mama said there’d be cakes like this!
The dictionary describes ‘Passion’ as having a “strong and barely controllable emotion.” After having eaten this exquisite cake, you’ll say that’s exactly right.

Cookie Dough Delirium

There’s nothing crazy about this cake…
Don’t worry, this cake’s never actually made anyone delirious. Happy, full, and totally satisfied, yes, but never delirious.

Midnight Delight

Perfect, any time of the day!
Sometimes you just want chocolate. Chocolate upon chocolate. And fudge. And maybe some Devil’s Food Cake. Is that wrong? No. Is that awesome? Yes.

Tall, Dark & Delicious

This Ice Cream Cake is easy on the eyes, with its charming good looks it tastes as exquisite as it looks!

Dazzling Fudge Velvet

The only thing that will be more dazzling than this scrumptious Ice Cream Cake at the holiday party is your dazzling personality. #HolidayPartyMVP

Rich & Dreamy

This Ice Cream Cake is one Mom won’t stop dreaming of – Rich, Dreamy and dripping in Chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Peppermint

This Holiday Cake Has Got You Covered All of your party hosting and toasting responsibilities will be covered with this delectable dessert!

Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake Wonderland

Stop wondering what to bring to your holiday party and start enjoying this wonderful Wonderland!

OREO Cookies & Cream Extreme

The Big Daddy of Oreo® Cookie Cakes This Oreo® Cookies Cake is an Oreo lover’s dream! Make Dad’s dreams come true this Father’s Day with our new Oreo® Cookies & Cream Extreme Ice Cream Cake.

Red Velvet Peppermint

This Holiday Cake Has Got You Covered
Our new Red Velvet Peppermint™ Ice Cream Cake is the perfect treat for all your holiday parties!


Ice Cream Cupcakes Menu

Sweet Cream

A sweet treat for your sweetheart!
This cupcake is SWEET! Filled with cake, fudge, ice cream and– wait, even the ‘cup’ is edible?? Just take my money now.

Double Chocolate Devotion

For the choco-holic in all of us…
What’s so great about double chocolate? Well, for starters, it’s double! I’m not even good at math and I know that’s a good thing. Also, it’s chocolate! So, you know, there’s that too.

Cake Batter™ Delux

Because ‘Cake Batter™ Awesome’ was already trademarked.
If you like our Cake Batter Ice Cream®, you’ll love this luscious treat! It’s ice cream that tastes like cake! What’s cooler than that? Well, maybe cake that tastes like ice cream.


Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches Menu

Kiss N’ Tell Chocolate

Pretty sure you’ll be doing more eating than kissing.
Chocolate ice cream? Check. Chocolate chip cookies? Check. Rolled in chocolate chips? Check. Is there any possible way we can fit more chocolate into this sandwich? No? Cool.

Cake Batter™ Sprinkle

Turn your lunch hour into a party for one!
What’s better than cake and ice cream? How about ice cream that TASTES like cake AND cookies! I know, right? Does life get any better than that? No, no it doesn’t.

Cookie Crumb Yum

Chocolate Chip Cookies AND OREO® Cookies? Mind=blown!
Although technically not a sandwich in my book, because, where’s the bacon, this delectable treat IS rolled in OREO® Cookies. Which, as everyone knows, is bacon’s arch-nemesis.

Perfect Duet

Ice Cream and Cookies make beautiful music!
In the tradition of great duos, like Simon and Garfunkel, Loggins and Messina, Snoop and Dr. Dre, comes this perfect pairing of ice cream and cookies!


Signature Pies Menu

Pumpkin Pie

Traditional Pumpkin Pie is so 1885.
Is it just me, or does this new twist on an old favorite sound delightful? Get ready though, this pie only comes around once a year, so you’d better get it while it lasts!

Caramel Apple Pie

It’s just like a caramel apple, only better.
Satisfy your sweet tooth and your pie tooth at the same time with this carnival-inspired treat! What’s that? You don’t have a pie tooth? How have you survived this long?!

Mintastic Chip Pie

Decadent. Delicious. Delightful!
This mint and OREO® pie adds a refreshing coolness to any get together! It’s perfect for ice cream lovers, chocolate lovers, OREO® lovers and– oh, wait. That’s the whole planet, huh?

S’more Some More Pie

I’ll take s’more, please!
Okay, full disclosure here… I don’t know how well this ice cream pie will hold up if you try to hold it over a fire and roast it. So let’s just keep this on the table, okay?

Caramel Turtle Treat Pie

No turtles were harmed in the making of this pie.
Imagine your favorite pie. What’s in it? Pecans, fudge, caramel? You’d like some ice cream on top, right? Wrong! I’m putting the ice cream INSIDE!! I know. You’re welcome.


Drinks Main Menu

Shakes Menu

Savory Strawberry

Seriously savory. Seriously scrumptious… seriously.
How can one shake contain so many strawberries?! I mean, they don’t grow on trees, people! (It’s true, I had to look it up. They grow on plants. Just, you know, FYI.)

Very Vanilla

A classic for good reason!
There’s nothing ‘vanilla’ about this shake! Well, you know, except for the actual Vanilla. There’s a lot of that. Sorry, I was trying to be clever and I… just… sorry.

Cake Batter™ ‘n Shake

Yes, it’s exactly as awesome as it sounds.
What, you’ve never wanted to take a piece of tasty yellow cake with some sweet and creamy ice cream and blend it all up until you can drink it? Really? Um, yeah, me neither.

Milk & OREO® Cookies

Are you ready for love at first bite?
Few things go together like milk and cookies. Seriously, you think Santa would be okay with PB & J? No, the big guy wants milk and cookies. You shouldn’t settle for less either.

Oh Fudge

Try it… we triple-dog-dare you!
Made with creamy chocolate ice cream and seriously rich fudge, even if you’ve never seen the movie this shake is named for, trust us, it’s way better than a Red Rider BB Gun.

Migo’s Marshmallow Medley Milkshake

This delicious shake will have you growling for more! Inspired by SMALLFOOT, only in theaters September 28th.

Aquaman’s Blue Velvet Shake

A Tide Is Coming.
Journey to the lost, underwater city of Atlantis with our new, limited time only Aquaman’s Blue Velvet Shake. See Aquaman in theaters December 21st.


Smoothies Menu

Strawberry Banana

This smoothie is bananas! (and strawberries)
Is there anything better than the combination of these two fruits? Honestly? They’re really good by themselves… but when you put the two together and blend them up? Dee-lish!

Mango Pineapple

Welcome to the jungle, people.
Okay, apparently I lived a sheltered life. I didn’t try either of these fruits until I was in my teens… now I can’t imagine living in a world without them! Thanks for nothing, Mom.

Strawberry Mango

t’s strawberries… with a twist!
Mangoes are all over the place these days! High in vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, we’ve paired this little super-fruit with delicious, ripe strawberries. Order. Blend. Enjoy!

Pineapple Blueberry

Direct to you from a pineapple under the sea!
And lo, there was finally peace between the warring nations of the Blueberry and Pineapple people. And they rejoiced. Then we made this smoothie. And drank it. And it was good.

Frappés Menu


This frappe will cara-melt your heart.
What’s better than a delicious frappé with whipped cream? How about a delicious frappé with whipped cream AND caramel?


Need a pick me up?
After your first sip you will be livin’ la vida mocha!


Let’s have a coffee date!
Do you like to stick to the classics? This coffee frappé will be perfect for your afternoon pick-me-up (or dessert)!

Fudge Truffle

Fudge Truffle Love
Dear Fudge Truffle Frappé, you have us drinking about you.

Sea Salt Fudge

Season’s Sippings
Wishing you and yours Frappé holidays!


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Cold Stone Creamery Hours

Monday 10 am – 9:30 pm
Tuesday 10 am – 9:30 pm
Wednesday 10 am – 9:30 pm
Thursday 10 am – 9:30 pm
Friday 10 am – 9:30 pm
Saturday 10 am – 9:30 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm


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About Cold Stone Creamery

How good is our ice cream? Well, let’s just say that on a scale of 1 to 10, we’re somewhere around an 11.5. But we’re about more than just serving up amazing ice cream. We like to think we’re really in the business of making people happy.

It’s all about what we call the 10-Minute Vacation®… that 10-minute getaway you deserve from the world outside our doors. Just head inside any Cold Stone Creamery, and that’s what you’ll get. From our enthusiastic, singing crew members, to the shared laughter of a family enjoying a treat together — if it’s making you, your friends, or your loved ones happy, then we’re doing our jobs right!


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