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Jolly Roger store hours

Phone: +1 252-441-6530


Head Office address: 1836 N Virginia Dare Trail, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948, USA

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Jolly Roger Main Menu


Cheese Bread Price – $3.99

Four slices of seasoned Italian bread topped with mozzarella cheese.
Add marinara Price – $.75

Fried Ravioli Price – $6.99

Lightly fried pockets of pasta filled with an assortment of cheeses. Served with marinara sauce.

Steamed 1/2 Pound of Crablegs

1/2 lb.: Price – $15.99
Served with butter.

Crab Dip Price – $8.99

Our creamy crab dip made with lump crab meat and served with Italian bread.

Buffalo Shrimp Price – $7.99

A half dozen fried shrimp rolled in spicy buffalo sauce and served with ranch dressing.

Calamari Price – $7.99

Tender pieces of squid, coated with herb flour and lightly fried. Served with marinara sauce.

Stuffed Mushrooms Price – $7.99

Fresh large mushroom caps filled with crabmeat stuffing. Baked with butter and wine.

Italian Sausage & Peppers Price – $5.99

Italian sausage with sauteed onions and bell peppers.

Jolly’s Delight Price – $8.99

Lump Crabcake over a Smoked Gouda Grit Cake with a Cajun Bacon Cream Sauce.


Price – $7.99 Add Lump Crabmeat : Price – $5.00
Fresh Mozzarella, Roma Tomatoes, Basil and Balsamic Vinegar.

Jolly’s Bloody Mary Mussels

1/2 doz.: Price – $7.99
1/2 Dozen Sautéed in our Famous Mix!


1/2 doz.: Price – $6.99 1 doz.: Price – $10.99
Asian, Buffalo,BBQ, or Plain

Steamer Combos

Combo #1-Pick 2 : Price – $19.95 Combo #2-Pick 3: Price – $29.95 Combo #3-Pick 4: Price – $39.95
Shrimp (1/2 lb.), Snow Crab Legs (1/2 lb.), Clams (1 dz.), Mussels (1 dz.)

Mozzarella Sticks Price – $7.99

Served with spicy marinara sauce.

Steamed Peel-n-Eat Shrimp

1/4 lb.: Price – $6.99 1/2 lb.: Price – $11.99 1 lb.: Price – $17.99
Served with butter.

Boboli Personal Pizza

Cheese: Price – $6.99 Cheese and Pepperoni: Price – $7.99 Loaded: Price – $8.99

Fresh Fried Mushrooms Price – $6.99

Fried crisp to order and served with ranch or bleu cheese


Desserts Menu

Fudge Brownie Sundae Price – $6.99

Gooey rich homemade fudge brownie topped with creamy hot fudge, ice cream, and whipped cream. It is a mountain of decadence. Perfect for two.

Key Lime Pie Price – $4.99

Tart and refreshing, this creamy pie in a delicious graham cracker crust is sure to delight your taste buds.

Strawberry Shortcake Price – $5.99

Fresh sugared strawberries sandwiched between two light pieces of shortcake and topped with whipped cream. A light delicious end to any meal.

Gourmet Carrot Cake Price – $5.99

Three moist layers of delicious cake are loaded with shredded carrots, pecan pieces and crushed pineapple, then filled and iced with cream cheese butter icing and garnished with pecans.

Bananas Foster Cheesecake Price – $5.99

Caramel flavored cheesecake swirled with banana puree, baked in a graham crust, topped with caramel and whipped cream.

Bread Pudding Price – $4.99

Our famous bread pudding served warm, drizzled with rich bourbon sauce, and topped with whipped cream. Just add fruit for Price – $1.00 extra.

Towering Peanut Butter Brownie Price – $6.99

Rich and gooey homemade fudge brownie topped with warm creamy peanut butter, hot fudge, whipped cream, and vanilla ice cream. Mouth watering good! Perfect for two.

Tiramisu Price – $5.99

A traditional Italian dessert consisting of mascarpone cheese filling, lady fingers that have been skillfully soaked in espresso with a touch of liqueur for added flavor. Finished with a dusting of cocoa powder.

Lemon Italian Cream Cake Price – $5.99

Refreshing lemon cream fills this delightful cake, topped with vanilla cake crumbs and a dusting of sugar.

A Great Ending

4 of our many Homemade Desserts with espresso or cappuccino: Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream & Hot Fudge Bread Pudding topped with Bourbon Sauce, Key Lime Pie, Tiramisu Also, try our 1.99 Parfait Desserts Ask to see the dessert tray



Children’s Menu (Lunch & Dinner) 12 and Under

Spessgitti Price – $3.99

Just plain noodles.

Spessgitti-n-cheese Price – $4.99

Just noodles with melted cheese. Served with salad or baked apples and garlic toast.

Spessgitti With Marinara

Marinara: Price – $5.99 ; With Meat Sauce: Price – $6.99; With Meatballs: Price – $7.99
Above served with salad or baked apples and garlic toast.

Fried Fish Price – $6.99

Served with garlic toast and hushpuppies.

Fried Shrimp Price – $8.99

Served with garlic toast and hushpuppies.

Chicken Fingers Price – $7.99

Hamburger Price – $5.99

Cheeseburger Price – $6.99

Child’s Boboli Price – $6.99

Cheese and marinara.

Child’s Corndog Price – $4.99

Popcorn Shrimp Price – $7.99

Served with fries

PB & J Price – $3.99

Served with chips.

Above served with french fries, cole slaw or baked apples

Kids! (Pirates in Training)

Virgin Strawberry, Raspberry, Mango, or Banana Daiquiris, Virgin Piña Coladas. Price – $4 Refills or take home in a Souvenir Light Up Yard for Price – $10!!



Chicken Piccata Price – $16.99

Sauteed with white wine, lemon, and capers. Served with spaghetti with meat sauce or marinara sauce or a vegetable.

Veal Marsala Price – $17.99

Veal sauteed with marsala wine and fresh herbs, and mushrooms, served with spaghetti with meat sauce or marinara sauce or a vegetable.

Sausage-n-Peppers Price – $14.99

Hot Italian sausage with sauteed bell peppers and onions over linguine and marinara sauce.

Seafood Marinara Price – $18.99

Shrimp, scallops, bell peppers and onion, served with a classic marinara sauce over linguine.

Shrimp Scampi Price – $18.99

Sauteed shrimp with garlic butter, served over linguine.

Seafood El Greco Price – $18.99

Sauteed peppers, onions, tomatoes, shrimp and scallops topped with feta cheese over fettuccine.

Steak Pizzaiola Price – $17.99

Grilled steak with bell peppers, onions, and mushrooms, toosed with a spicy tomato basil sauce over linguine.

Garlic Seafood (for 2)

Snowcrab clusters, shrimp, lobster tail, cooked with garlic olive oil. Saturday Nights Only

Above entrees are served with house salad, focaccia bread, and garlic toast.

Chef’s Pasta of the Day Price – $14.99

W/ Shrimp, Scallops or Crab: Price – $19.99 ; W/ Chicken: Price – $17.99
With PESTO SAUCE or PRIMAVERA with assorted seasonal vegetables & cream sauce or a PINK VODKA SAUCE with sauteed peppers & onions in a creamy tomato basil sauce flavored with a splash of Vodka.

Fettuccine Alfredo Price – $14.99

W/ Shrimp, Scallops or Crab: Price – $19.99; W/ Chicken: Price – $17.99
Fettuccine gently tossed with fresh cream & romano cheese.

Captain’s Platter Price – $17.99

More than you can eat… pasta served with meat sauce, topped with Italian sausage, homemade meatballs glazed with mozzarella cheese and green peppers.

Shrimp Parmesan Price – $18.99

Large shrimp breaded and fried, topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Served with house salad, garlic toast and spaghetti with meat or marinara sauce.

Veal Parmesan Price – $17.95

Center cut of veal breaded and topped with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Served with house salad, garlic toast and spaghetti with meat or marinara sauce.

Seafood Lasagna Price – $16.99

Layers of home-baked lasagna stuffed with scallops, shrimp, and crabmeat with our own crab bisque sauce. Served with house salad, garlic toast and spaghetti with meat or marinara sauce.

Shrimp & Scallops alla Vodka Price – $19.95

Jumbo shrimp & scallops sautéed with garlic and Roma tomatoes in a vodka cream sauce with crimini mushrooms & penne pasta

Seafood Spinach Gorgonzola Price – $19.99

Sautéed shrimp, scallops & spinach in a creamy gorgonzola sauce, over a three cheese tortellini.



Friday & Saturday (9 til Midnight)

Chicken Tenders Price – $9.99

Chili Cheese Nachos Price – $8.99

French Fries

Price – $2.99 Loaded w/cheese & bacon: Price – $4.97

Sausage & Peppers Price – $5.99

Cheese Bread Price – $3.99

Boboli Pizza w/cheese

Price – $6.99 w/pepperoni: Price – $7.99

Steamed Shrimp

1/2 lb: Price – $11.99 1 lb: Price – $17.99


(6): Price – $6.99 (12): Price – $9.99

Mozzarella Sticks Price – $7.99

Buddy Special Price – $8.99

(chicken sandwich)

Cheeseburger Price – $7.99

Hamburger Price – $6.99


Jolly Roger Beverages Menu

Cocktails Menu

Margaritas on the Rocks

Horni Margarita Price – $10.00

Sauza Hornitos Reposado, Cointreau, sours, and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Poma-Pinapple Margarita Price – $8.50

Sauza Blue Silver Tequila, pomegranate liqueur, and pineapple juice make this tart cocktail a fruity alternative to a traditional margarita.

Flagship Margarita Price – $14.00

Patron Silver Tequila with Cointreau, sours, fresh lime

Upgrade any of our margaritas to a keepsake signature light up shaker for Price – $6.00 more!



Dirty Goose Price – $12.00

A simple Grey Goose vodka martini with olive juice and olives.Shaken, not stirred. (Why mess with perfection?)

Rip Tide Martini Price – $9.00

Coconut rum, Blue Curacao, banana liqueur, and juices make up this island treat.

Sea Cucumber Price – $10.00

Muddled cucumber sweetened and paired with Bombay Sapphire Gin makes a refreshing break from the traditional.


Specialty Drinks

Blackbeard’s Delight Price – $8.00

Light rum, dark rum, pineapple juice and grenadine are going to take you to paradise. Take home a half carafe glass for just Price – $6 more. (And then Refills in your purchased glass for just Price – $6.)

OBX Sunrise Price – $9.00

Cruzan Banana and Mango, pineapple juice and grenadine. Just sit back and relax!

Mojito (seasonal) Price – $9.00

Try a traditional one with Cruzan Rum, or be adventurous with Mango, Pineapple, or Strawberry.

Shipwreck Price – $10.00

Full of Cruzan flavors, Cassis, and juices. Be careful, this one may sink your ship!

Herbie, The Love Bug Price – $12.00

Four vodkas, add some juices, a splash of grenadine, and you will fall in love with this one. (Watch out, another sneaky one.) Limit 2.

Starburst Price – $9.00

A fruity concoction of Cruzan Strawberry, strawberry puree, and fruit juices.

Adult Swim Price – $8.00

Not your Father’s Root Beer along side a scoop of ice cream in a frosted mug.

White Flag Price – $10.00

You’ll be waving your own white flag with this refreshing blend of Cruzan flavored rums. Limit 2.


Frozen Drinks

Chill out with these drinks for Price – $9.00

(Upgrade to a Souvenir Light-up Yard Glass for Price – $15.00 (includes drink)

Pina Colada

Margaritas or Daiquiris

Regular/Lime, Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Banana, Wild Berry


Bloody Drinks

Bloody Mary Price – $8.00

Made with our House blended spices and tomato juices to bring you back to life or take you away. This mix is available in our Gift Shop to take home and enjoy any day!

Shrimpy Mary Price – $12.00

Our famous Bloody with chilled shrimp… An appetizer and a cocktail in one glass!

Horni Maria Price – $10.00

With Sauza Hornitos Reposado Tequila.

Meaty Mary Price – $14.00

Our famous Bloody made with Bakon vodka and chilled shrimp.

Bakon Mary Price – $10.00

Our famous Bloody made with Bakon vodka… for a carnivorous start to the day!


Wine Menu

House Wine

Walnut Crest

Glass: Price – $5.00
Half Carafe: Price – $14.00
Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, White Zinfandel



Glass Mountain Chardonnay (CA)

Glass : Price – $6.00
Bottle: Price – $23.00
Green apple flavors, cream and vanilla notes from the crisp, yet lush mouthfeel. Lasting highlights of vanilla and pineapple round out this toasty, barrel-fermented wine.

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay (CA)

Bottle: Price – $30.00
Seamlessly showing lots of fruit, vibrant acidity, rich texture and layers of oaky spice

Gabbiano Pinot Grigio (Italy)

Bottle: Price – $24.00
Aromas of citrus and tropical fruit notes with a hint of floral leading to a long finish with lively acidity.

Sokol Blosser Evolution White (Oregon)

Bottle: Price – $30.00
Melon, lemongrass, lime zest and citrus flavors lead into a lush refreshing finish

Twisted Moscato (CA)

Bottle: Price – $22.00
A lively twist on an everyday white with a swirl of citrus, orange blossom, and floral aromas.

Beringer White Zinfandel (CA)

Bottle: Price – $18.00
Strawberry, brown spice and citrus flavors interplay with a refreshing acidity that carries everything into a long, delicious finish.

Cupcake Angel Food (New Zealand)

Bottle: Price – $30.00
Luscious blend based on Chardonnay grapes with flavors of baked Granny Smith Apples, vanilla and a creamy finish.

Zum Riesling (Germany)

Glass: Price – $6.00
Bottle: Price – $23.00
Notes of lime, apple, and honey. Good acidity balanced by a touch of sweetness

Massimo Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)
Bottle: Price – $26.00
Delicate flavors of guava, lemongrass, and grapefruit with a long refreshing finish.



Bell’Angio Chianti Straw Basket (Italy)

Bottle: Price – $26.00
Dry, smooth with zesty notes of cherry and berry fruit

Villa Pozzi Merlot (Italy)

Bottle: Price – $26.00
Wicked sensations of ripe chocolate and wild plums, intense and vibrant, with ripe, complex wild berry, blackberry and rasberry scents, finishing with a rich array of flavors.

LaCrema Pinot Noir (CA)

Bottle: Price – $40.00
Opens with engaging aromas of ripe, round cherry, floral notes, spicy clove and licorice. Rich plum, orange peel, tea leaves, and cherry follow with a long, lingering finish.

Robertson Natural Sweet Red (S. Africa)

Bottle: Price – $24.00
Fruity and soft with smooth sweet cherry and ripe berry flavors. Served Chilled.

Colores Del Sol Malbec (Argentina)

Price – $28.00
Intense aromas of ripe blackberry and hints of spice lead into a rich, fruit-driven palate.

HandCraft Cabernet Sauvignon (CA)

Price – $28.00
Full bodied with robust aromas of black cherry and a small amount of Sangioves grapes.

The Williamsburg Winery Two Shilling Red (VA)

Glass: Price – $7.00 Bottle: Price – $26.00
Lighter style, everyday red wine with a soft, easy finish.

Lindeman’s Shiraz (Australia)

Price – $22.00
Berry, plum and spice balanced by slightly sweet oak.

Caposaldo Chianti (Italy)

Glass: Price – $7.00
Glass: Price – $26.00



Cristalino (Spain)

Price – $22.00
Citrus, green apple and mineral flavors for a lively mouthfeel with a clean, crisp finish


Beer Menu


Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite, Rolling Rock, Michelob Ultra, Coors Light, Miller High Life, Bud Select 55, Michelob Light, Busch NA Can (non-alcoholic), Busch Can (2.00), PBR Can (2.00), O’Douls (non-alcoholic), Yuengling, Carolina Sky Blue Can (Local)

IMPORT BOTTLE Price – $4.50

Corona, Corona Light, Heineken, Amstel Light, Bass, Newcastle, Stella Artois, Featured Bottle, Smithwicks

Domestic Premium

Bud Light Lime Price – $4.00
Bud Light Platinum Price – $4.00
Fat Tire Price – $4.50
Harpoon IPA Price – $4.50
Johnny Appleseed Hard Cider Price – $4.50
Orchard Apple Ginger Cider Price – $4.50
Kona Castaway IPA Price – $4.50


Import Premium

Guinness Price – $5.00

Malt Beverages

Bacardi Mojito Price – $4.50

Draft Beer

Blue Moon

Glass : Price – $3.75
Pint: Price – $4.75
Pitcher: Price – $16.00

Weeping Radish OBX Kolsh

Glass : Price – $3.75
Pint: Price – $4.75
Pitcher: Price – $16.00

Busch Light

Glass: Price – $2.25
Pint: Price – $3.25
Pitcher: Price – $11.00

Samuel Adams Seasonal

Glass: Price – $3.75
Pint: Price – $4.75
Pitcher: Price – $16.00

Kona Big Wave Golden Ale

Glass: Price – $3.75
Pint: Price – $4.75
Pitcher: Price – $16.00

Larry’s Lemonade

Glass: Price – $3.75
Pint: Price – $4.75
Pitcher: Price – $16.00


Beverages Menu


Pepsi Price – $2.69
Diet Pepsi Price – $2.69
Dr. Pepper Price – $2.69
Sierra Mist Price – $2.69
Mountain Dew Price – $2.69
Mug Root Beer Price – $2.69
Sunkist Orange Price – $2.69
Pink Lemonade Price – $2.69
Herbal Tea Price – $2.79
Sweet & Unsweet Tea Price – $2.69
Hot Tea Price – $2.69



Wilkins Fresh Brewed Price – $2.59
French Vanilla Cappuccino Price – $3.99
Starbucks Frappuccino Price – $3.99



V8 Price – $2.99
Orange Price – $2.99
Cranberry Price – $2.99
Pineapple Price – $2.99
Grapefruit Price – $2.99
Apple Price – $2.99
Tomato Price – $2.99



Cow Juice (Milk)large Price – $2.99
Brown Cow Juice Price – $2.99


Kids! (Pirates in Training)

Virgin Strawberry, Rasberry, Mango, or Banana DaiquirisVirgin Piña Coladas, Refills Price – $4 or take home in a Souvenir Light Up Yard for Price – $10!!


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Jolly Roger Hours

Monday 06.30 a.m – 02.00 a.m.
Tuesday 06.30 a.m – 02.00 a.m.
Wednesday 06.30 a.m – 02.00 a.m.
Thursday 06.30 a.m – 02.00 a.m.
Friday 06.30 a.m – 02.00 a.m.
Saturday 06.30 a.m – 02.00 a.m.
Sunday 06.30 a.m – 02.00 a.m.


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About Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger Restaurant is the Outer Banks; Original Italian Restaurant
Offering a variety of fresh caught local seafood, steaks, prime rib, home cooked favorites, & the most famous breakfast on the beach.


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