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Lee's Chicken
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Lee's Chicken store hours

Phone: (734) 453-6767

Website: https://www.leeschickenplymouth.com/

Head Office address: 1122 Ann Arbor Rd W, Plymouth, MI 48170

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Lee’s Chicken Main Menu



Chicken + Biscuit


Chicken, 2 Sides + Biscuit

1 pc. Snack 430-970cal - Price: $2.49

1 pc. Meal 490-1570cal - Price: $4.39

2 pc. Snack 620-1510cal - Price: $4.19

2 pc. Meal 680-2160cal - Price: $5.49

3 pc. Snack 800-1780cal - Price: $5.29

3 pc. Meal 870-2430cal - Price: $6.29

(On Wednesday – Price: $5.29)

4 pc. Snack 1010-2890cal - Price: $6.29

4 pc. Meal 1070-3540cal - Price: $7.3

5 pc. Snack 1190-3580cal - Price: $7.39

5 pc. Meal 1260-4220cal - Price: $8.39

5 Wing Meal 1340-2240cal - Price: $7.39

10 Wings Only 2090-2720cal - Price: $10.49

Liver / Gizzard Meal 600-1230cal - Price: $5.29

Includes a regular liver or gizzard, 2 sides and a biscuit


8 Piece Meal 2600-7160cal - Price: $21.49

Includes 8 pieces of chicken, 2 large sides and 4 biscuits

12 Piece Meal 3930-9440cal - Price: $25.89

Includes 12 pieces of chicken, 2 large sides and 6 biscuits

15 Piece Meal 5100-12,750cal - Price: $31.29

Includes 15 pieces of chicken, 3 large sides and 8 biscuits

20 Piece Meal 6640-16,610cal - Price: $37.79

Includes 20 pieces of chicken, 4 large sides, and 10 biscuits

25 Piece Meal 8180-20,880cal - Price: $44.09

Includes 25 pieces of chicken, 5 large sides, and 12 biscuits


8 Pieces 1490-3650cal - Price: $15.19

12 Pieces 2220-5480cal - Price: $17.99

15 pieces 2780-6620cal - Price: $23.59

20 pieces 3690-9140cal - Price: $28.39

25 Pieces 4780-11,650 - Price: $33.59

40 pieces 7670-18,280cal - Price: $52.49


Side Items

Regular – Price: $1.49 ~ Large – Price: $3.79

Mashed Potatoes/Gravy 70-90/330-410cal

Coleslaw 170/690cal

Macaroni & Cheese 250/1150cal

Green Beans 30/130

BBQ Baked Beans 120/560cal

Potato Wedges 330/760cal

Potato Salad 190/870cal

Macaroni Salad 260/1300cal

Applesauce 90/360cal

Chicken & Noodles 80/270cal

Corn on the Cob 220/650cal

Livers and/or Gizzards

Regular – Price: $3.09 ~ Large – Price: $6.29

Liver 610/1230cal

Gizzard 600/1200cal


Each 230cal - Price: $.79

Half Dozen 1360cal - Price: $4.29

Dozen 2720cal - Price: $8.39


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Lee’s Chicken Hours

Monday 8 am – 9 pm
Tuesday 8 am – 9 pm
Wednesday 8 am – 9 pm
Thursday 8 am – 9 pm
Friday 8 am – 9 pm
Saturday 8 am – 9 pm
Sunday 8 am – 9 pm


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About Lee’s Chicken

The Plymouth, Michigan Lee’s franchise is one of the oldest franchise locations in existence, has won multiple franchise awards for record sales-breaking success, and is solely a carry-out facility. It is custom to serve a meal for one customer or meals for hundreds at one time. Lee’s Chicken of Plymouth is owned by Brian Langkabel, succeeding his parents, Joe and Irene Langkabel, the previous owners.

Brian’s father, Joe, had owned the Plymouth Lee’s since 1977, when the business was once called Grandma’s Chicken, so it is fair to say Brian grew up in and around the business from a very young age. Starting at the age of 13 Brian inevitably became an employee where he remained working through high school, college, and early 20’s. As Brian Continued to work at the Plymouth Lee’s location his passion and respect for the business grew until eventually becoming the proud owner in 2015.

From 1977 to present, Brian, Joe, Irene, brothers, sisters, and cousins have worked diligently to build the business name. Taking pride in being a franchise owner, Brian and his staff, are dedicated to growing the Lee’s name and serving the Plymouth community and surrounding areas.


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Lee's Chicken
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