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Liquid Ginger
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Liquid Ginger store hours

Phone: (352) 371-2323


Head Office address: 101 SE 2 Pl, Gainesville, FL 32601, USA

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Liquid Ginger Main Menu

Salads Menu

House Salad price – $3.00

A blend of lettuce & mixed field greens

Wakame Salad price – $4.00

Japanese seaweed salad

Soups Menu

Tom Yum Goong Price – $5.00

Thai spicy and sour soup with jumbo shrimp

Spinach and Tofu Soup Price – $3.00

Flavored with sichuan pickled radish

Miso Soup Price – $3.00

Soybean soup with mushrooms and tofu

Tastings Menu

Spicy Asian Calamari Price – $6.00

Breaded rings served with our sweet chili sauce

Satay Chicken (3) Price – $7.00

Grilled skewers of breast meat with our spicy thai peanut dipping sauce

Rib-eye Kew Price – $8.00

Sauteed steak tips with our sweet soy sauce

Crispy Soft Shell Crab Price – $7.00

Panko-crusted and served with our ginger aioli

Korean Potstickers (6) Price – $6.00

Vegetable or pork dumplings served with chili-oil and soy sauce

Deep-Fried Oysters Price – $10.00

Farm-raised pacific oysters from the sea of japan, with a panko crust and served with our ginger aioli

Saigon Spring Rolls (3) Price – $6.00

Vietnamese-style, fried and served with our asian citrus dipping sauce

Five Spiced Crispy Chicken Price – $6.00

Fried with a light batter and served with our asian citrus dipping sauce

Ginger Scallops Price – $9.00

Ocean scallops seared in lemon-butter and served with our asian citrus dipping sauce

Mussels with Coconut Cream Price – $9.00

New zealand green-shell mussels wok-stirred with garlic, jalapeno, and white wine, then tossed with fresh basil and coconut cream

Tastings – Vegetarian Menu

Tofu Squares Price – $5.00

Fried with a flour crust and drizzled with kabayaki sauce

Stir-Fry Spinach Price – $5.00

Wok-stirred with minced garlic

Buddha Rolls (4) Price – $6.00

Vegetarian spring rolls with a soy-rice vinegar sauce

Edamame Price – $5.00

Japanese-style soybean pods with salt

Crispy Sesame Croquettes Price – $5.00

Stuffed with red bean paste, encrusted with sesame seeds, and served with our peanut dipping sauce

Garlic Eggplant Price – $5.00

Japanese eggplant sauteed in garlic-soy

Tea Selections Menu

Hibiscus Spice Price – $3.00

A blend of black tea and dried hibiscus flowers

Black Price – $3.00

The world’s most popular tea, a fermented tea with a bold, strong flavor and full aroma

Plum Price – $3.00

A blend of black tea and plum, this tea has sweet overtones with a strong aroma

Ti kuan Yin Price – $3.00

Named after a chinese goddess, with a light red color, sweet mellow taste, and a delicate aroma

Tung Ting Oolong Price – $3.00

Grown on the tung ting mountains of taiwan, with a flowery fragrance and golden hue

Ten Wu Oolong Price – $3.00

A type of black tea from ten wu mountain, it has a strong flavor but has the appeal of its terroir

Pu-Erh Price – $3.00

Traditionally popular in southeast china, this tea is only partially fermented but has a strong flavor

Jasmine Oolong Price – $3.00

A blend of scented jasmine flower petals and select oolong tea leaves with a unique fragrance

Ginseng Oolong Price – $3.00

A balance of flavorful oolong tea with delicate ginseng root for a refreshing blend

Pouchong Price – $3.00

Similar to a green tea in oxidization, with a milder but rich taste

Ginger Price – $3.00

Made with black tea leaves and top quality ginger root for a refreshing taste

Peppermint Price – $3.00

Made with real peppermint for a pleasant aroma and texture

Ginseng Green Tea Price – $3.00

A blend of ginseng root and green tea, with a pleasantly bitter profile

Dragonwell Green Price – $3.00

A renowned varietal of green tea that is stronger in flavor profile

Green Tea Price – $3.00

Full of healthful anti-oxidants, with a pleasant bitter taste

Gen Mai Price – $3.00

A light, unique tasting green tea made with golden puffed rice

Jasmine Price – $3.00

A scented flower tea with a crisp taste, made with fresh jasmine petals and green tea leaves

Chrysanthemum Price – $3.00

Made with chrysanthemum flowers and black tea, with slightly sweet overtones

Chamomile Price – $3.00

A delicately flavored tea made with chamomile flowers

White Tea Price – $3.00

An unc-cured and un-oxidized tea with minimal processing for a very light-color and mild flavor

Tea Selections_A Menu

Hibiscus Flower Price – $3.00

Brewed from dried hibiscus flowers, features a slightly tart but sweet flavor

Raspberry Price – $3.00

A blend of raspberries, apples, orange zest, marigold flowers, and hibiscus

Ginger (Caffeine-Free) Price – $3.00

Made with ginger and chicory root, this is a great caffeine-free alternative

Relaxing Price – $3.00

A blend of chamomile flowers, peppermint, strawberry leaves, and hawthorne berries; caffeine-free

Lavender Flower Tea Price – $3.00

Brewed with dried lavender petals, with a mild taste and floral aroma, caffeine-free

Rose Flower Tea Price – $3.00

Made from dried rose buds, this is mild in taste with a strong floral aroma, caffeine-free

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Liquid Ginger Hours

Monday 5–10 p.m.
Tuesday 11:30 a.m.–3 p.m. / 5–10 p.m.
Wednesday 11:30 a.m.–3 p.m. / 5–10 p.m.
Thursday 11:30 a.m.–3 p.m. / 5–10 p.m.
Friday 11:30 a.m.–3 p.m. / 5–10 p.m.
Saturday 5–10:30 p.m.
Sunday 12–3 p.m. / 4–10 p.m.

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About Liquid Ginger

Liquid Ginger has been a part of Downtown Gainesville since opening in November of 2003. Liquid Ginger opened to critical acclaim and has been doing so ever since. We strive to use the best quality ingredients as part of our preparations without over-charging for our prices. We also strive to present our ingredients with novel approaches as we attempt to impart our interpretation of “Asian Fusion” cuisine.
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