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Phone: 713-294-4549

Website: https://riceboxed.com/

Head Office address: 1111 Shepherd Dr, HTX 77019

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Rice Box Main Menu

Classic Dishes Menu


A perfect mix of sweet, savory and spicy, our General Tso chicken is served with steamed broccoli. It’s a crowd favorite. Legends were written about General Tso.

Sesame Chicken

Their Sesame Chicken has notes of toasted sweet sesame with a nutty, big body flavor. It is stir fried with bell peppers and onions and is fantastic spicy. Try over fried rice!

Sweet & Sour Chicken

With notes of sour plum, our Sweet and Sour is served with grilled red and green bell peppers, onion and pineapple. Because our sweet and sour chicken is made from plum pulp it taste like true sweet and sour!

Food Truck Classics, Classic Dishes Tofu, Cauliflower, Chicken


Their orange chicken is served with grilled bell peppers, onion and mandarin oranges, this sauce is made from orange pulp, tastes like real orange and is very citrus forward! It is topped with a fresh orange slice and dehydrated orange sprinkles. Good Spicy.

Classic Dishes, Food Truck Classics Chicken, Tofu, Cauliflower


Old school, our Kung Pao chicken is stir fried with red and green bell pepper, celery, peppers and peanuts. It is savory and spicy. Highly suggested to try extra spicy with noodles!

Food Truck Classics, Classic Dishes Chicken, Tofu, Cauliflower, Shrimp, Beef

Pepper Steak

Their Pepper Steak is seared then stir fried with bell pepper, onions and carrots and is topped with pepper. The sauce is sweet and savory with noted of toasted sesame and dark soy. Totally recommend trying spicy!

Classic Dishes Beef, Cauliflower, Tofu, Chicken, Shrimp


Their curry chicken is served with Japanese yams and carrots in a thick curry sauce with strong notes of coconut and fresh lemon grass. It is then topped with fresh cilantro and lime. One of the most popular items on the menu. It is amazing. Can be made with tofu and cauliflower as well, highly recommended. Please note however that the sauce itself is made with a chicken stock and cannot be made completely vegetarian/vegan.

Classic Dishes Chicken, Tofu, Cauliflower


Seared Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Tofu OR Cauliflower stir fried with snow peas, onions x green onions, carrots and loads of fresh garlic. A classic, versatile stir fry that comes in a variety of fashions including vegetarian and vegan style and can also be made very spicy!

Classic Dishes Beef, Chicken, Tofu, Cauliflower

Beef & Broccoli

Wok fired beef (niurou // 牛肉) stir fried with Chinese Broccoli (Gai Lan // 中国芥兰) and onions (yangcong // 洋葱) in a light savory stir fry with loads of fresh garlic (suan rong// 蒜蓉). This dish is the Bomb.com!

Classic Dishes Beef, Broccoli, Chicken, Tofu, Cauliflower


Made with 44 Farms beef, julienned onions and green onions our Cumin Beef is a light, aromatic dish packed with flavor! Incredibly delicious

House Specials, Classic Dishes Dry Fried, Beef

Garlic 4 Season Green Beans

Delicious. Classic Chinese style green beans stir fried in a light savory sauce with heaps of garlic and julienned cut onions! You can add any protein of your choice as well. All proteins are awesome with the green beans and can also be made vegetarian or vegan.

Classic Dishes, Vegetables Beef, Chicken, Tofu, Cauliflower, Shrimp

Orange Peeled Beef

Citrus Candied 44 Farms Beef with a hint of spice, need we say more? Game changing good!

Currently only available at their River Oaks location.

House Specials, Classic Dishes Beef, House Special


A Szechuan heavy hitter that is exclusively offered at our River Oaks location. Said to be one of the best beer dishes of all time!

Currently only available at our River Oaks location.

House Specials, Classic Dishes Chicken, House Special

Baby Bok Choy

Baby Bok Chow is a light, crisp savory classic vegetable that pairs amazing with any dish on the menu. If you are feeling vegetables today, then this dish is for you. So good!

Classic Dishes, Vegetables Bok Choy, Shrimp

Chinese Eggplant With Green Beans

Their Chinese Eggplant dish is the bomb. Lightly stir fried with green beans and fresh garlic, this dish can be made regular or spicy! Pairs amazing with any dish on the menu, great for sharing!

Vegetables, Classic Dishes Eggplant, Green Beans, Tofu, Cauliflower, Chicken, Beef, Shrimp

Noodles & Rice Menu


A street food classic made with fried rice noodles from old Chinatown Houston. The noodles are then stir fried with egg, green onion, bean sprouts and a protein of your choice. It is one of the most popular items on our menu. We recommend with beef or shrimp and Chinese sausage. Straight O.G.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Unlike their housemade fried rice, Yang Chow fried rice has no soy and has a lighter, savory profile that is derived from the combination of Chinese sausage and shrimp. Easily one of most popular fried rice, its delicious (Egg, Beansprouts, green onion, Chinese sausage, shrimp)

Fried Rice, Noodles & Rice, Gluten Free

House Fried Rice

Egg, Bean Sprouts and Green Onion

Fried Rice, Noodles & Rice


During the cook process on the wok we infuse fried rice with our house made curry. Can be made straight or with protein, we recommend with shrimp and chicken! (Curry, egg, beansprouts, green onion)

Fried Rice, Noodles & Rice

Street Bites Menu


Their Dumplings are the bomb! TOTALLY made from scratch and can be made steamed or fried.

Pork & Nappa Cabbage, Vegetable

S&P Popcorn Chicken

Dry wokked Chicken! Dry fried with bellpepper and onion, our popcorn chicken is an amazing street bitre! Can be made spicy. Also comes with a side of our in-house made sweet thai chili sauce! Enjoy!

Chicken, Tofu, Cauliflower, Eggplant

Salt & Pepper Tofu

Dry fried tofu…super duuuper delish! Dry fried with bellpepper and onion, our salt n pepper tofu is an amazing vegetarian street bite! Can be made spicy. Also comes with a side of our in-house made sweet thai chili sauce! Enjoy!

Tofu, Eggplant, Cauliflower


As a vegetarian friendly dish the savory cauliflower mashup is super tasty. Stirfried with bell pepper, green and white onions, and placed on a bed of cabbage, Salt and Pepper cauliflower pears with just about anything on the menu exclamation nothing short of amazing!

Vegetarian, Tofu, Cauliflower, Eggplant

Salt & Pepper Eggplant

Dry fried eggplant…super duuuper delish! Dry fried with bellpepper and onion, our salt n pepper eggplant goes fantastic with everything! Can be made spice. Also comes with a s ide of our in-house made sweet thai chili sauce! Enjoy!

Vegetarian, Eggplant, Tofu, Cauliflower, Chicken

Wings & Rice

6 Jumbo Wings marinated in a dry rub and are served naked. You can choose to have them tossed in any of our in house made sauces, most popular being our herb based sweet chili. Gluten free option upon request.

Sweet Chili, General Tso, Sesame, Sweet & Sour, Curry, Orange, Kung Pao


…once it hits your lips…

Currently only available at our River Oaks location.


Lo Pan on Nitro

Tea, Drink Parlour Nitro Tea

Thai Tea on Nitro

Drink Parlour, Nitro Tea, Tea Nitro Tea

Jack Burton on Nitro

Drink Parlour, Nitro Tea, Tea Nitro Tea

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Rice Box Hours

Monday 11.00 a.m – 10.00 p.m
Tuesday 11.00 a.m – 10.00 p.m
Wednesday 11.00 a.m – 10.00 p.m
Thursday 11.00 a.m – 10.00 p.m
Friday 11.00 a.m – 12.00 a.m
Saturday 11.00 a.m – 12.00 a.m
Sunday 11.00 a.m – 12.00 a.m

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