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Phone: +1 864-232-9091


Head Office address: 1 Augusta St #202, Greenville, SC 29601, USA

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Smoke On The Water Main Menu


Smoke N’ Jackets Price – $8.95

Potato skins stuffed with your choice of pulled pork, beef brisket, or smoked chicken, topped with BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese, then baked. Served with sour cream on the side. A Smoke favorite!

Fried Asparagus Price – $7.95

You will have an all new appreciation for this green veggie. Lightly breaded and fried, served with our homemade Bistro sauce. Mom would be so proud!

West End Nachos Price – $7.95

Not your typical Nacho. Smoked pork topped with mango chutney on a crispy wonton, then baked with cheddar and Monterey Jack. Muy bien!

BBQ Quesadilla Price – $8.95

Tony likes the brisket, but you can have your choice of smoked pork, brisket, or chicken topped with BBQ sauce, jalapenos, and cheese folded in toasted Lavash bread with sour cream and scallions

Ralphie’s Spicy Crab Dip Price – $9.95

This dip is even crabbier than Ralphie. Lump crab meat, red peppers, onions, and a touch of jalapenos in a creamy cheese sauce. Served with garlic crostini

Fried “Pearl” Oysters

Fresh oysters lightly battered, then crisp-fried until golden. Guaranteed to be the best shucking oysters you’ve ever tasted. Served with our own caper and cornichon tartar sauce

Half-Dozen Price – $7.95
Full Dozen Price – $14.95

Homemade Pimento Cheese Price – $5.95

Cheddar gets a kick from fire-roasted fresh red peppers. Chunky and spunky, served with toasted crostini

Grilled ‘Cue Shrimp Price – $9.50

Fresh shrimp marinated in our own BBQ sauce, skewered and grilled over hickory and mesquite ’til they’re sizzling

Smoked Chipotle Chicken Wings Price – $8.95

Marinated in ground chilies, herbs and vinegar, slow-smoked over low heat until they leave a vapor trail. Served with celery and our yummy bleu cheese dipping sauce

Chicken’s Deviled Eggs Price – $5.95

Hard-boiled but not hard-edged, just like their namesake. Three fresh eggs with a cool, creamy center. Aren’t you the lucky devil?

Bites O’ Beef* Price – $9.95

Beef tenderloin has never been this good. Marinated, grilled and served with our homemade horseradish dijon sauce

Fried Green Tomatoes Price – $7.50

Lightly dredged, fried up crisp and served with homemade horseradish-dijon sauce. Enough to make you stop and whistle



Brunswick Stew Price – $4.95

Traditional chicken, pork and beef stewed in a smoky whole-meat stock, thick with braised potatoes, onions, corn, limas and tomatoes. Rich and mellow

White Bean Chicken Chili Price – $4.95

A unique twist on an American classic: smoked chicken, northern white beans, jalapenos, and cumin, garnished with sour cream and green onions

Soup of the Day Price – $4.95

Depends entirely on the day, the weather and Danny’s mood. Just ask



Dressing Choices: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Bleu Cheese, Buttermilk Thyme, Caesar, Hot Bacon Honey Mustard

Iceberg Wedge Price – $4.95

Fashions change in salads, too, and the crunchy head lettuce is back in vogue. Served ice-cold with sliced red onion and tastefully dressed in Danish bleu

Caesar* Price – $4.95

All hail the emperor of salads. Hearts of romaine with traditional Caesar dressing, housemade croutons and sprinkled with shredded Parmesan cheese

Mixed Green Salad Price – $4.95

Tender young greens with vinaigrette dressing garnished with homemade croutons, Roma tomatoes and sliced red onion

Soup & Salad Price – $8.95

Choice of any soup and salad



Smoke Up any salad with your choice from the grill*

Salmon Price – $5.95

Shrimp Price – $6.95

Bites of Beef Price – $7.50

Crab Cakes Price – $6.95

BBQ Chicken Price – $3.95

Ahi Tuna Price – $6.95



West End Chicken Salad Price – $9.95

Homemade smoked chicken salad with toasted pecans and red grapes, served over a bed of mixed greens with “Chicken’s” deviled eggs

The “Greens” Monster Price – $9.95

This salad is a homerun! Grilled chicken served over mixed greens with strawberries, sugar coated pecans, and blue cheese crumbles, served with our balsamic vinaigrette

Southern Fried Chicken Salad Price – $9.95

Fresh chicken breast lightly breaded and deep fried, served over a bed of iceberg and romaine lettuce, diced romas, shredded cheese, red onions, and chopped boiled eggs



Our Pit Master gets here before the paper to fire up the smoker with hardwoods and put on the meats to be sure the ‘smoke ring’ is just the right shade of pink. All items come with your choice of two sides items. Add a soup or salad for Price – $2.95

Pulled Pork Price – $11.95

Boston butt hand-rubbed in our secret seasonings and slow-cooked all night long until it’s melt-in-your-mouth tender. We’ll let you sauce your own

Beef Brisket Price – $13.95

Hand-rubbed with our special blend of herbs and spices, slow-smoked overnight, then thin sliced so its carmelized crust reveals the tender, succulent beef inside

Baby Back Ribs

Hefty slab of meaty baby back ribs slow-smoked to get ’em tender to the bone

Half Rack Price – $13.95
Full Rack Price – $19.95

Beer-Butt Chicken Price – $12.95

Half ‘a chicken, smoked in a most undignified position until it’s plump and moist. Intoxicating flavors

Combo Plates

Why fret over a decision when you can build your own combo? Choose two or three of our smoked specialties: pulled pork, beef brisket, baby back ribs or beer-butt chicken (plus 2 sides, of course)

Double Play Price – $15.95
Triple Play Price – $19.95

Prime Rib

Only available after 4PM. Nestled in a thick layer of coarse-ground seasonings and cooked so slowly, it’s available only after 4PM. It’s lightly charred, slightly salty crust gives way to a smoky sweetness that is sooooooooo satisfying

10 Ounce Price – $15.95
14 Ounce Price – $19.95



All entrees come with your choice of two sides items Add a soup or salad for Price – $2.95

BBQ Chicken Breast Price – $13.95

Boneless, skinless, ‘cued with special sauce you’re certain to find delicious

Brian’s Pork Chop Price – $17.95

You have asked for it long enough, so here it is. Bone-in 12 ounce chop grilled and served over homemade cornbread stuffing with our mango chutney. Thank Brian for this tasty addition!

Grilled Ahi Tuna Price – $16.95

Grilled sushi grade tuna topped with soy vinaigrette. No need to fish for compliments on this dish!

Fried Catfish Price – $13.95

Farm raised catfish means it’s available fresh all year round, same as everyday at Smoke. Lightly battered, quickly fried so that it’s crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. Served with our own tartar sauce

Ribeye Steak 12 Oz. Price – $19.95

Cut from the rib. Very tender and smooth-textured with a robust beefy taste. We’ll grill it to your liking

Filet Mignon Price – $20.95

Eight ounces of hand trimmed beef tenderloin grilled to perfection. They call it tenderloin for a reason

Grilled Salmon Price – $16.95

Skinless salmon fillet seared on the grill to sweet, smoky perfection. The moistest, meatiest salmon you’ve ever tasted

Crab Cakes Price – $18.95

Three crispy cakes made with fresh lump crab meat, roasted red peppers, and a touch of spice. Even the Marylanders love these!

Catch of the Day

We’ll let you know as soon as we find the freshest available of the season
Market Price



All burgers are 10 ounces and are ground in house. Served on a fresh baked Brioche bun with your choice of one side item. Add a soup or salad for Price – $2.95

Barefoot Burger Price – $8.95

A glorious hunk of meat accompanied by lettuce, tomato and onion

Pimento Cheese Burger Price – $9.95

The same gorgeous burger topped with our own homemade pimento cheese, with lettuce and tomato on the side

West End Burger Price – $9.95

A huge beef burger smothered with Applewood bacon, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce and tomato. You’d throw a game for this

Bleu Cheese Burger Price – $9.95

Chunks of creamy bleu cheese and sauteed onions make this one cool burger. Guaranteed to chase away your blues and put a smile on your face

Smokehouse Burger Price – $9.95

Our namesake – hickory smoked bacon, BBQ sauce, and cheddar cheese topped with fried onion rings with lettuce and beefsteak tomato



Sandwiches are served with your choice of one side item

Pulled Pork Price – $7.95

Our signature pulled pork, piled high on a fresh brioche bun. Served naked with sauce on the side

Beef Brisket Price – $8.95

Slow-smoked beef brisket chopped and served unadorned on a fresh brioche bun. Pure pleasure!!!

BBQ Chicken Sandwich Price – $8.95

Marinated and grilled chicken breast, topped with caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses

Fried Catfish Price – $8.95

A Southern favorite. Fresh, hand-breaded and deep fried, served on a Brioche bun with our delicious tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onion

West End Dip Price – $10.95

Thinly sliced smoked prime rib served au jus with Monterey Jack cheese, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, lettuce, tomato and our kickin’ horseradish sauce

Crab Cake Po’boy Price – $10.95

Nothing po’ about this sandwich. Our jumbo crab cake topped with homemade Bistro sauce, lettuce, beefsteak tomato, and red onion on a brioche bun

Pamela’s Portobello Price – $7.95

Marinated and smoked Portobello mushroom topped with roasted red peppers and Jack cheese, served on a Brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, and red onion

Filet O’ Chicken Price – $8.95

Southern fried, then topped with cheddar, applewood smoked bacon and bleu cheese dressing, served on a brioche bun

Triple Play Price – $11.95

Cover all your bases with this smoky sandwich sampler: pimento cheese burger, pulled pork and beef brisket, each served on a fresh mini brioche bun

Chicken Salad Sandwich Price – $7.95

Heaven on a bun. Our homemade smoked chicken salad with toasted pecans and red grapes, served on a brioche bun with lettuce and tomato



Homeplate: You asked for it. Choice of any three Smoke ‘n Sides (you may substitute deviled eggs for one side item) Price – $8.95

Baked Beans

Our own concoction, from scratch, slightly sweet and spicy at the same time


We make this BBQ essential fresh daily so the crispness of the cabbage contrasts with the tangy, creamy dressing

Smoke Stack

Fresh sweet onions sliced into thin rings and fried to light golden crispness

Fried Okra

It’s a Southern thing…lightly breaded and deep fried

Mac N’ Cheese

This creamy childhood favorite is all grown up and sporting a crunchy breadcrumb topping

Bowl of Greens

Fresh from the patch and cooked until tender – and the pot likker is good enough to drink

Vegetable of the Day

Changes with the day and the season but it will be as good as it gets

Squash Casserole

Danny’s own secret recipe seasoned and baked to perfection. It’s obviously a labor of love

Mashed Potatoes

A rich and elegant version of this fluffy and creamy favorite

Fresh Cut Fries

Hand-cut daily and fried to a deep golden brown

Spinach Casserole

Creamed spinach with a terrific blend of garlic and spice. Tastes great and good for you, too!

Potato Salad

Traditional Southern favorite made with red bliss potatoes

Loaded Potato Cake

Mashed potatoes loaded with bacon, green onions, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese, breaded with Japanese breadcrumbs and deep fried. A new twist on everyone’s favorite

Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snaps steamed with roasted red peppers

Cornbread Stuffing

It’s not just for Thanksgiving anymore. Find it here everyday. Cornbread, celery, onions, and a touch of sage. Better than Mom used to make! (Sorry, Mom)



Served until 4:00PM Daily. All lunch entrees are served with coleslaw and your choice of one side. Add a soup or salad for Price – $2.95

Beef Brisket Price – $8.95

Texans claim this like they are the only ones who know about it. We think they’re all hat and no cattle. You decide

Beer Butt Chicken Price – $8.50

Whether it’s the beer-can perch, the wood-fired flavor or the plucky name, this bird is kickin’ good

Fried Catfish Price – $8.95

Lightly battered, quickly fried to keep it crisp on the outside, moist on the inside. Served with our own caper and cornichon tartar sauce

Grilled Salmon Price – $9.95

Skinless salmon fillet seared on the grill to sweet, smoky perfection. The moistest, meatiest salmon you’ve ever tasted

Pulled Pork Price – $7.95

Our signature dish, straight from the smoker to your table, intensely fresh, flavorful and rustic

BBQ Chicken Breast Price – $8.95

Boneless, skinless, ‘cued in a sauce that’s a little sweet, a little spicy, and a whole lot delicious

Crab Cakes Price – $11.95

Two crispy cakes made with fresh lump crab meat, roasted red peppers, and a touch of spice. Even the Marylanders love these!

Grilled Ahi Tuna Price – $10.95

Grilled sushi grade tuna topped with soy vinaigrette. No need to fish for compliments on this dish!

Catch of the Day

It’s the chef’s call because he wants it seasonal and fresh
Market Price



All specials are made fresh daily, so when we’re out, we’re out. Add a soup or salad for Price – $2.95. All Lunch Specials Price – $8.95

Monday: Meatloaf

Start off the work week right. Homemade meatloaf topped with mushroom gravy and served with one side item. Mondays are sounding better!

Tuesday: Fried Chicken

Another Southern classic. Danny’s own recipe served with slaw and one side item. Watch out, Colonel!

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie

It might be old-fashioned, but you’ll never grow tired of this dish

Thursday: Shrimp & Grits

You are going to wish every day was Thursday! Sauteed shrimp, crispy bacon, leeks, and red peppers served over cheesy, stone-ground grits

Friday: Fried Boneless Pork Chops

Two chops, lightly breaded and deep fried. Served over mashed potatoes with our homemade mushroom gravy and one side item

Saturday: Frogmore Stew (Aka Low Country Boil)

This dish is our salute to the low country of South Carolina. Shrimp, sausage, red potatoes, and corn on the cob. Hear the waves yet?

Sunday: Turkey & Dressing

Sundays have always been about family, so don’t stop now. Sit down and enjoy our slow smoked turkey served over cornbread stuffing and topped with jalapeno-cranberry chutney, served with one side item



Jack Daniel’s Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie Price – $5.95

Our signature dessert – A unique twist on this Southern classic, served warm with vanilla ice cream. Enough said!

Fried Bourbon Bread Pudding Price – $5.95

Ovals of gourmet bread pudding rolled in graham cracker crumbs and deep fried. Served with vanilla ice cream and topped with a crisp bourbon sauce

Chocolate Mousse Pie Price – $4.95

Oreo cookie crust filled with fluffy chocolate mousse, topped with homemade whipped cream

Fried Bananas Foster Price – $5.50

Our version of the New Orleans’ classic. Bananas, rum, and brown sugar wrapped in phylo dough and deep fried, served with vanilla ice cream

Cobbler of the Day Price – $5.95

Seasonal fruit covered with a traditional cobbler crust and served with vanilla ice cream

Strawberry Beignet Price – $5.95

France meets the South. Deep fried dough layered with fresh strawberries, homemade whipped cream, and strawberry-Chambord sauce. Think of it as our version of strawberry shortcake


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Monday 11.30 a.m – 09.00 p.m.
Tuesday 11.30 a.m – 09.00 p.m.
Wednesday 11.30 a.m – 09.00 p.m.
Thursday 11.30 a.m – 09.00 p.m.
Friday 11.30 a.m – 10.00 p.m.
Saturday 11.30 a.m – 10.00 p.m.
Sunday 11.30 a.m – 09.00 p.m.


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Smoke on the Water – Serving comfort food in a warm inviting atmosphere. Specialties are smoked items – prime rib, beef brisket, baby back ribs, and pulled pork. And it doesn’t stop there. Chicken, seafood, burgers, and an amazing mix of sides.


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