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Stonehearth store hours

Phone: 563-382-4614


Head Office address: 811 Commerce Dr. Decorah, IA 52101

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Stonehearth Main Menu


Birthday Special 25% Discount

Wisconsin Cheese Curds – Price: $7.50

French Fries – Price: $2.85

Mozzarella Sticks – Price: $7.00

With Marinara Sauce

Hodge Podge – Price: $8.75

Cauliflower, Cheese Curds, Mushrooms, Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks

Potato Skins – Price: $7.00

Filled with seasoned ground beef, topped with cheese sauce, served with sour cream & salsa

Fried Pickles – Price: $6.00

Onion Rings – Price: $6.75

Mushrooms – Price: $6.75

Wings – Price: $9.75

8pc jumbo steamed and fried chicken wings served with carrots & celery. Buffalo sauce or garlic parmesan sauce

Pretzel & Mustard Dip – Price: $4.00

Tortilla Chips & Salsa – Price: $4.00

Mini Tacos – Price: $6.75

Nachos Supreme – Price: $9.00

Tortilla chips covered with seasoned meat, two cheeses, onions, peppers, lettuce and tomatoes. Served with salsa & sour cream
Grilled Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

5 Pc – Price: $12.99



Taco Salad – Price: $8.50

Onions, green peppers, tomatoes, lettuce and seasoned ground beef in a baked tortilla shell topped with cheddar cheese and taco dressing

Chef Salad – Price: $8.75

Ham, turkey, salami, green peppers and onions, eggs, tomatoes served on a bed of lettuce topped with cheddar and mozzarella cheese, served with dressing and crackers

Buffalo Chicken or Shrimp Salad

Crisp bed of lettuce topped with your choice of spicy buffalo chicken strips or buffalo shrimp with cheddar cheese, tomatoes and dressing

Chicken – Price: $8.75

Shrimp – Price: $9.25

Grilled Chicken Salad – Price: $8.25

Grilled 4 oz. chicken breast with onions, green peppers and tomatoes in a baked tortilla shell topped with cheddar cheese. Served with honey mustard dressing

Cajun Seafood – Price: $9.25

Salad shrimp and crab sauteed in vegetable oil, garlic and cajun seasoning. Served on a bed of lettuce, onions, green peppers and tomatoes. Served with vinegar and oil dressing

Chicken Caesar Salad – Price: $8.75

4 oz. grilled chicken with romaine lettuce, shredded parmesan cheese and roasted croutons. Served with a breadstick and Caesar dressing

Chicken Tenders – Price: $7.75

Served with the side of your choice and BBQ or honey mustard sauce

Cod Fish & Fries – Price: $8.75

Served with tartar sauce and cole slaw

Shrimp & Fries – Price: $8.25

Shrimp served with cocktail sauce

Homemade Soups

Cup – Price: $2.75
Bowl – Price: $3.75

French Onion Crock – Price: $3.99



Price: $5.95; Served with Smiley Fries and a small drink


Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Strips

Hot Dog

Mini Corn Dogs

Grilled Cheese Sandwich



5pm – Closing all dinners below include salad, vegetable, bread loaf and your choice of wild rice, potato or fettuccine. Extra charge for substitutions

Stone Hearth Prime Rib Dinner – Price: $12.00

6oz Prime Rib on Texas toast. Served with au jus, dinner salad and your choice of potato



Add Mushrooms and Onions for – Price: $1

Prime Rib

Tender and full of flavor, a true favorite. Larger cuts available

10-12oz – Price: $17.99
8-10oz – Price: $16.99
Flat Iron – Price: $17.00

8oz, Second most tender cut

Filet Mignon – Price: $20.50

A tender, 8oz beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon


A flavorful choice cut char-broiled to your taste

10-12oz – Price: $18.99

8-10oz – Price: $17.99

Ground Sirloin

Freshly Ground Steak 85% Lean

9oz – Price: $13.75



Canadian Walleye – Price: $17.50

Pan poached or deep fried

Catfish – Price: $15.50

Pan poached or deep fried

Shrimp Plate – Price: $18.99

Pan poached, deep fried, or grilled



Iowa Chop – Price: $13.75


Ham Steak – Price: $11.99




all white or dark, add – Price: $0.50

Half – Price: $11.00

4 pieces, Fried

Quarter – Price: $9.75

2 pieces, Fried



Hoof & Fin – Price: $18.25

6 oz. filet & 3 jumbo shrimp

Hoof & Feather – Price: $16.25

6 oz. filet & 2 pieces of chicken

Fin Combo Platter – Price: $17.25

3 jumbo shrimp, 4 scallops and 2 cod

Feather & Fin – Price: $16.25

2 pieces chicken & 3 jumbo shrimp

Chicken & Wild Rice – Price: $11.99

4 oz. grilled chicken breast topped with hollandaise, served on a bed of wild rice. Include a dinner salad and bread

Chicken Broccoli & Cheese – Price: $12.50

5 oz. chicken breast stuffed with Swiss and cheddar cheeses and broccoli topped with hollandaise, served on a bed of wild rice. Include a dinner salad and bread

Chicken Cordon Bleu – Price: $12.99

6 oz. grilled chicken breast stuffed with cheese sauce and ham, topped with hollandaise, served on a bed of wild rice. Include a dinner salad and bread



Pastas served with a homemade breadstick

Fettuccine Alfredo – Price: $11.99

Cajun Chicken Fettuccine – Price: $13.99

Beef Mushroom Fettuccine – Price: $14.99

Chicken Mushroom Fettuccine – Price: $13.99

Seafood Fettuccine – Price: $15.99

Veal Parmesan – Price: $11.99

Grilled veal steak served on a bed of fettuccine topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses

Chicken Parmesan – Price: $11.99

Grilled chicken breast served on a bed of fettuccine topped with marinara sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses



Served anytime, all sandwiches served with one of the following: fries, potato chips, lettuce salad, coleslaw, potato salad or cottage cheese

Tenderloin – Price: $8.00

Fresh hand breaded pork tenderloin on a roll

Tenderlite – Price: $7.50

Fresh grilled pork tenderloin on a roll

Chicken Delite – Price: $7.00

Grilled chicken breast on a roll with lettuce and mayo

Chicken Club – Price: $8.25

Grilled 4 oz chicken breast topped with swiss cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a croissant

Chicken Breast Filet – Price: $7.75

4oz filet with a crispy batter on a roll with lettuce, tomato and mayo

Straight Off The Hoof – Price: $7.25

1/3 lb. of ground beef on a roll

Straight Off The Hoof with a Touch Of Moo – Price: $7.75

1/3 lb. ground beef with Swiss, cheddar or American cheese on a roll

Strolling Through The Woods – Price: $7.99

1/3 lb. of ground beef with sauteed mushrooms, onions and green peppers on a roll

The Damned Cow Got Loose in the Vegetable Garden – Price: $8.25

1/3 lb. of ground beef with Swiss, cheddar or American cheese with lettuce, tomato, and onions on a roll

The Boots & Saddle – Price: $8.00

Prime Rib dipped in au jus on a hoagie bun

Stone Hearth Prime Sandwich – Price: $8.75

Prime rib sliced thin and topped with sauteed onions, green peppers & Mozzarella cheese on a hoagie bun served with Au Jus

The Cow Fooled with Mother Nature – Price: $8.75

Prime Rib topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions and green peppers on a hoagie bun

Grazing on the Hillside – Price: $8.75

Prime Rib Complimented by Swiss cheese, tomato, and lettuce on a hoagie bun

Turkey Club – Price: $8.00

Shaved turkey breast served on a croissant topped with bacon, lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and mayo

Turkey Swiss – Price: $7.50

Shaved turkey breast served on a roll topped with lettuce, swiss cheese, tomato & mayo

BLT – Price: $7.50

Bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo on a croissant

The Mein-Herr – Price: $7.00

Smoki – brat on a brat bun

I Know This Will Cause Me Problems Later – Price: $7.75

Smoki-brat smothered in sauerkraut and Swiss cheese on a bun

Porky Resting In The Pen – Price: $7.00

Ham piled high on a bun

Porky Meets Bessie – Price: $7.75

Ham piled high with a slice of Swiss cheese

The Troll’s Delight – Price: $7.75

Three cold cuts piled high with Swiss, tomato, mayot, lettuce and onion on a croissant

Uff Da – Price: $8.75

Beef Brisket served with BBQ sauce on a roll

Stone Hearth Gyro – Price: $8.25

Veal strips topped with lettuce, tomato, onion on pita bread. Served with cucumber sauce

The One That Got away – Price: $7.00

4 oz. crispy cod loin on a roll with lettuce & tartar sauce

The Stone Reuben – Price: $8.50

Corned beef topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and thousand island dressing served on marble rye bread

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Price: $8.50

A 4oz. crispy chicken breast in our spicy buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato, ranch or bleu cheese dressing on the side

The Deano Burger – Price: $9.50

Hungry? This burger packs a punch, two layers of 1/3 lb. ground beef and a fried egg topped with American cheese



Chicken Caesar Rollup – Price: $8.25

Large flour tortilla with a grilled chicken breast, romaine lettuce, shredded parmesan cheese & roasted croutons, with a tangy Caesar dressing

Buffalo Chicken Rollup – Price: $8.25

Large flour tortilla with a crispy chicken breast in our spicy buffalo sauce, lettuce, tomato & cheddar cheese. Served with ranch or bleu cheese dressing

Chicken Parmesan Rollup – Price: $8.25

Large flour tortilla with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, parmesan cheese, tomato, ranch dressing and cheddar cheese



Dinner Salad – Price: $2.75

Sauteed Mushroom – Price: $0.75

Cottage Cheese – Price: $2.25

Cole Slaw – Price: $2.25

Cheddar or Swiss Cheese – Price: $0.50

Onion – Price: $0.25

Sour Cream – Price: $0.50

Dressing – Price: $0.50



Fresh Baked Pie – Price: $2.25

Baked to perfection

Cheesecake – Price: $2.99

Smooth and creamy melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake atop a graham cracker crumb crust

Homemade Brownie Delite – Price: $3.99

Sundaes – Price: $3.00

2 Scoops of Vanilla ice cream smothered in strawberries or chocolate syrup and crowned with whip topping

Specialty Pie – Price: $3.75

Unique, refreshing and luscious. Ask your server about the specialty of the day

Ice Cream Drinks – Price: $4.99

3 generous scoops of New York vanilla and liqueur blended for cool taste refreshing. Golden Cadillac, Brandy Alexander, Pink Squirrel, or Grasshopper



Tea Lemonade – Price: $2.00

Juice – Price: $2.25
Soda – Price: $2.00

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Lemon Sour, Mt. Dew, Diet Mt. Dew. 1 Complimentary Refill

Hot Apple Cider – Price: $2.25

Hot Chocolate – Price: $2.25


Large – Price: $2.00
Small – Price: $1.50
Coffee – Price: $1.50



Blue Moon


Dos Equis Lager

Dos Equis Dark




Killians Irish Red

Leinenkugels Beers

Shock Top





Golden Nugget & Tsunami

Seasonal Choice




Bud Light

Bud Select 55

Busch NA

Coor’s Light


Michelob Ultra

Michelob Golden Light

Miller Lite

Miller Highlife


Samuel Adams

Miller 64

Pabst Blue Ribbon



Full Bar Available

Smirnoff Ice

Wine Coolers

Mike’s Hard Lemonade



Riesling – Relax

Pinot Grigio – Flip Flop

Cabernet Sauvignon – Robert


Moscato – Barefoot

Merlot – Bogle

Lambrusco – Gionelli

Chardonnay – Bogle



Red Rose


White Zinfandel


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Stonehearth Hours

Monday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Sunday Closed

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About Stonehearth

Stone Hearth was established in 1978. We are family owned and operated.We pride ourselves on great food at great prices and great times.


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