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Tapioca Express
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Tapioca Express store hours

Phone: (888) 887-1616

Website: https://www.tapiocaexpress.com/

Head Office address: 1908 Central Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733

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Tapioca Express Main Menu

Tea Menu

Black Tea (110-150 cal)

Grapefruit Green (150-230 cal)

Green Apple B/G (140-200 cal)

Honey B/G (170-250 cal)

Jade Green Tea (130-200 cal)

Jasmine Green (110-150 cal)

Lemon B/G (120-200 cal)

Lychee B/G (120-160 cal)

Mango B/G (150-260 cal)

Oolong Green (100-150 cal)

Passion Fruit B/G (150-250 cal)

Peach B/G (150-250 cal)

Peach Jade Green (150-200 cal)

Strawberry B/G (150-250 cal)

Tropical (170-260 cal)

Milk Tea Menu

Almond (280-400 cal)

Chai Vanilla (320-470 cal)

Chocolate (300-400 cal)

Coconut (340-470 cal)

Coffee (300-390 cal)

Earl Grey (240-330 cal)

Honey B/G (320-360 cal)

Honeydew (210-350 cal)

Jasmine (190-270 cal)

Mango (290-330 cal)

Matcha (280-340 cal)

Milk Tea (180-260 cal)

Okinawa (200-260 cal)

Oolong Green (250-300 cal)

Strawberry (290-350 cal)

Tapioca Milk Tea (250-370 cal)

Taro (180-260 cal)

Thai Tea (120-200 cal)

Snow Bubble Menu

Almond (530-660 cal)

Avocado (740-1100 cal)

Cantaloupe (620-790 cal)

Cappuccino (600-820 cal)

Chocolate (670-800 cal)

Coconut (680-880 cal)

Hazelnut (520-730 cal)

Honeydew (550-820 cal)

Mango (540-710 cal)

Matcha (720-900 cal)

Mocha (590-800 cal)

Orange Cream (520-710 cal)

Passion Fruit (460-670 cal)

Peach (520-650 cal)

Peppermint Chocolate (560-730 cal)

Pina Colada (700-860 cal)

Strawberry (530-720 cal)

Strawberry Banana (450-590 cal)

Taro (760-880 cal)

Thai Tea (400-600 cal)

Vanilla Cookie (790-1040 cal)

Icy Menu

Cantaloupe (430-580 cal)

Green Apple (220-290 cal)

Honeydew (360-490 cal)

Lychee (290-360 cal)

Mango (310-410 cal)

Mangonada (550-600 cal)

Passion Fruit (300-410 cal)

Peach (290-300 cal)

Pineapple (310-410 cal)

Red Bean (170-200 cal)

Strawberry (310-410 cal)

Watermelon (160-240 cal)

Yogurt (360-450 cal)

Yogurt Frost Menu

Combination (510-680 cal)

Original (410-550 cal)

Kiwi (530-650 cal)

Mango (560-690 cal)

Strawberry (540-660 cal)

Frosti Milk Menu

Brown Sugar




Matcha Red Bean


Italian Soda Menu

Apple Apple Green Fruitea (160-250 cal)

Berry Berry Green Fruitea (200-260 cal)

Passion Peach Black Fruitea (190-290 cal)

Blueberry (170-240 cal)

Green Apple (120-200 cal)

Mango (170-280 cal)

Peach (160-270 cal)

Passion Fruit (170-280 cal)

Strawberry (170-290 cal)

Fruitea Lemonade Menu

Berry Green Tea (250-370 cal)

Melon Fruitea (220-300 cal)

Strawberry Lemonade (250-370

Coffee Menu Items

Americano (150-220 cal)

Cappuccino (340-650 cal)

Caramel Macchiato (390-610 cal)

Latte (320-360 cal)

Mocha (520-740 cal)

Peppermint Mocha (450-610 cal)

Vietnamese Coffee (350-490 cal)

White Chocolate Mocha (330-550 cal)

Combo Menu

Crispy Chicken Rice

Chicken Steak Rice

Chicken Wing Rice

Sausage Rice

Snack Menu

Crispy Chicken

Chicken Wings

Fried Tofu

French Fries

Fried Dumpling

Chi Chi Fries

Original Waffle

Crispy Chicken Waffle

Sausage Bacon Waffle

Spring Rolls

Mangonada Menu

Mangonada (550-600 cal)

Melonnada (450-550 cal)

Hot Drinks Menu

Black Tea (110-150 cal)

Honey B/G Tea (170-250 cal)

Jade Green Tea (130-200 cal)

Jasmine Green Tea (110-150 cal)

Lemon B/G Tea (120-200 cal)

Lychee B/G Tea (120-160 cal)

Mango B/G Tea (150-260 cal)

Oolong Green Tea (100-150 cal)

Passion Fruit B/G Tea (150-250 cal)

Peach B/G Tea (150-250 cal)

Peach Jade Green Tea (150-200 cal)

Strawberry B/G Tea (150-250 cal)

Tropical Tea (170-270 cal)

Almond Milk Tea (280-360 cal)

Chai Vanilla Milk Tea (320-470 cal)

Chocolate Milk Tea (300-420 cal)

Coconut Milk Tea (340-480 cal)

Earl Grey Milk Tea (240-330 cal)

Honey Milk Tea (170-260 cal)

Honeydew Milk Tea (210-350 cal)

Jasmine Milk Tea (200-270 cal)

Matcha Milk Tea (280-340 cal)

Okinawa Milk Tea (200-260 cal)

Oolong Green Milk Tea (250-300 cal)

Tapioca Milk Tea (250-370 cal)

Taro Milk Tea (180-260 cal)

Thai Tea (120-200 cal)

Flavored Milk Menu

Banana (350-440 cal)

Cantaloupe (300-380 cal)

Chocolate (260-390 cal)

Red Bean (340-400 cal)

Strawberry Banana (310-390 cal)

Juice Menu

Cantaloupe ( 180-260 cal)

Grapefruit (240-300 cal)

Honeydew (150-270 cal)

Kumquat & Lemon (240-390 cal)

Papaya (190-310 cal)

Watermelon (160-290 cal)

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Tapioca Express Hours

Monday 09:00 AM – 05:40 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM – 05:40 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM – 05:40 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM – 05:40 PM
Friday 09:00 AM – 05:40 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM – 05:40 PM
Sunday 09:00 AM – 05:40 PM

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About Tapioca Express

Tapioca Express is a Taiwanese-American fast food franchise chain specializing in bubble tea, coffee, a variety of fruit juices and slushes, and small meals and light snacks. The first store opened in Alhambra, California in 1999.

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Tapioca Express
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