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Thai Cottage store hours

Phone: (415) 566-5311


Head Office address: 4041 Judah St, San Francisco, CA 94122

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Thai Cottage Main Menu


Fish Cake – $11
served with sweet sauce, ground peanut and cucumber salad

Satay (chicken or tofu) – $10
served with traditional peanut sauce and cucumber salad

Prawns in a Blanket – $11
served with sweet chili sauce

Crispy Calamari – $11
golden fried Calamari, served with sweet chili sauce

Spicy Chicken Wing – $10
glazed with sweet & spicy garlic chili sauce and crispy basil

Crispy Spring Roll – $8
mixed vegetable rolls served with sweet chili sauce

Fried Tofu – $8
served with sweet & sour sauce and grounded peanuts


tofu/chicken/shrimps add$3

Tom Kha – $9 / $12 / $15
Ligth coconut soup with mushroom,onion,carrot, lemongrass, galangal&kaffir lime leaves.

Tom Yum – $9 / $12 / $15
Spicy sour soup with mushroom, onion, lemongrass, galangal,Kaffir lime leaves and tomato


Papaya Salad – $11
Shredded green papaya with tomato, green bean, carrot, peanut, and spicy lime dressing

Larb (Chicken or Duck) – $12 / $15
Minced chicken, mint, shallot, cilantro,green onion, chili and rice powder, and spicy lime dressing

Pla Goong (Grilled Shrimps Salad) – $19
Charbroiled shrimps, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, basil, cilantro, shallot, mint, and chili lime dressing

Crying Tiger Salad – $17
Grilled sliced beef,shallot, mint, chili, rice powder, basil and cilantro, and spicy lime dressing


choice of Chicken, Beef, Tofu Vegetable or Shrimp (add $2for beef, $3 for shrimps)

Spicy Green Curry – $15
Choice of meat with green bean,zucchini,bell pepper,bamboo shoot and basil.

Spicy Red Curry – $15
Choice of meat with green bean,zucchini,bell pepper,bamboo shoot and basil

Mild Yellow Curry – $15
Choice of meat with potato,carrot, sweet onion, green onion

Pa-Naeng Curry – $15
Choice of meat with,green been, bell pepper, and basil.

Pumpkin Curry – $15
Choice of meat, Kabucha pumpikin, bell pepper, and basil.

Duck Pineapple Curry – $19
Roasted duck with tomato, bell pepper,pineapple and basil


Pla Rad Prik (Spicy Catfish) – $17
Crispy fried catfish; onion,bell pepper, topped with spicy chili garlic sauce and crispy basil

Cottage Fried Rice – $16
Southern Thai style fried rice with shrimp and chicken, egg, onion, bell pepper, tomato, fresh chili, basil.

Garlic Noodle with BBQ Chicken – $15
Sautéed egg noodles with garlic and sesame sauce, topped with sliced BBQ Chicken

Duck Cottage – $19
Sliced roasted duck breast, steam napa cabbage, broccoli, carrot w/ soy-glaze sauce,crispy basil


add $1 brown rice / $3 a-la-carte / $2 beef/ $3 shrimps

Garlic Lover Prawns – $16 / $19
Sautéed Prawns, onion, broccoli, carrot, garlic sauce

Cashew Nut Chicken – $14 / $17
Sautéed chicken, cashew, onion, carrot, baby corn, bell pepper.

Pra Ram Chicken – $14 / $17
Sautéed chicken in peanut sauce on a bed of assorted steam vegetables

Ginger Chicken – $14 / $17
Sautéed chicken with fresh ginger, mushroom, bell peper, carrot, baby corn, onion, fresh chili

Spicy Basil Chicken – $14 / $17
Sautéed chicken with garlic, fresh chili, bell pepper, green bean, basil fresh chili.

Chicken Priaw Wharn – $14 / $17
Sautéed chicken, mushroom, pineapple, tomato, onion, bell pepper, cucumber, baby corn, sweet sour sauce.

Chicken Gra Prow Grob – $14 / $17
Crispy fried sliced chicken glazed with sweet and spicy chili sauce, bell pepper topped with crispy basil.


add $1 for brown rice / add $3 for a-la-carte

Spicy Eggplant Tofu – $15 / $18
Sautéed eggplant, tofu, bell pepper, onion, fresh chili and basil in garlic soy bean sauce

Pra Ram Tofu – $14 / $17
Sautéed Tofu with peanut sauce on a bed of steam assorted vegetables

Priaw Whan Tofu – $14 / $17
Sautéed Tofu with mixed vegetable, mushroom and pineapple in sweet sour sauce.

Mushroom Garlic – $15 / $18
Sautéed assorted mushroom tofu, onion and carrot in black bean garlic sauce.

Tofu Broccoli – $14 / $17
Sautéed tofu, broccoli, carrot and onion with garlic and black pepper sauce.

Tofu Gra Prow Grob – $14 / $17
Crispy fried tofu glazed with sweet and spicy chilli sauce and crispy basil.


Choice of Chicken, Beef, Tofu Vegetable, or Shrimp (Add $2 for beef/ $2 for shrimps)

Pad Thai – $15
Stir fried small rice noodles with egg, chive,bean sprout,grounded peanut

Pad See-Ew – $15
Stir fried flat rice noodles with garlic, egg, carrot and Broccoli

Pad Khi Mao – $15
Stir fried flat rice noodles , garlic, fresh chili, onion, green been, bell, tomato and basil.


Tom Yum Noodle Soup – $16
Rice noodle ,ground chicken, shrimps, spinach, bean sprout, grounded peanut in spicy sour soup.

Chicken Noodle Soup – $14
Rice noodle with sliced chicken, bean sprout, spinach, green onion, garlic oil in chicken broth.

Duck Noodle Soup – $17
Egg noodle, sliced roasted duck, bean sprout and spinach, green onion, garlic oil in duck broth.


Duck Fried Rice – $15
Stir fried rice with grounded duck meat(skin on), egg, sweet onion, tomato, green onion.

Pineapple Fried Rice – $16
Stir fried rice,shrimps, chicken, pineapple,tomato,sweet onion,green onion, cashew.

Crispy Chicken Fried Rice – $15
Stir fried rice with egg,onion,tomato,green onion topped with fried chicken breast.
$14 (add$2 beef / $3 shrimps)

Thai Fried Rice Chicken/Tofu Vegetable
Stir fried rice with your choice of meat; egg onion,sweet onion,green onion and tomato.

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Thai Cottage Hours

Monday 05:00 p.m to 09:00 p.m
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 05:00 p.m to 09:00 p.m
Thursday 05:00 p.m to 09:00 p.m
Friday 05:00 p.m to 09:00 p.m
Saturday 05:00 p.m to 09:00 p.m
Sunday 05:00 p.m to 09:00 p.m

About Thai Cottage

Without any certificate from culinary school, only his cooking talent, “Chai” the founder of Thai Cottage came from Bangkok, Thailand to California together with “Ting”, his wife, in 1987 to open a Thai restaurant. The reasons “Thai Cottage” was founded by only these two people are the love of cooking and their intention to introduce Thai food to the Americans.

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