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Yoshi Shabu Shabu Drink
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Yoshi Shabu Shabu store hours

Phone: +1 972-807-9057

Website: http://www.yoshishabushabu.com/

Head Office address: 1801 N Greenville Ave #400, Richardson, TX 75081, USA

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Yoshi Shabu Shabu Drink Main Menu


Soft Drinks

Coke Price: $3.00

Cherry Coke Price: $3.00

Diet Coke Price: $3.00

Sprite Price: $3.00

Dr. Pepper Price: $3.00

Lemonade Price: $3.00

Iced Tea Price: $3.00

Regular or Watermelon or Green

Hot Tea Price: $3.00

Green, chamomile, Ginger

Kids Organic Juice Price: $2.00

Ramune Price: $3.50

Original, Melon or Strawberry

Japanese Iced Coffee Price: $4.00

Fiji Water Price: $4.00

Topo Chico Sparkling Water Price: $4.00

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice


16oz Price: $4.00



Drafts, Sapporo, Kirin Ichiban

Glass (16oz) Price: $4.00

Glass Happy Hour Price: $3.00

Draft, Asahi Super Dry

Glass (16oz) Price: $5.00

HH Price: $4.00

Draft, Hitachino – White Ale

Glass (16oz) Price: $9.00

HH Price: $8.00

Draft Beer Flight

Sapporo, Asahi, Kirin Ichiban, Hitachino

Price: $14.00

HH Price: $12.00



Bud Light Price: $3.00

Shiner Bock Price: $3.00

Blue Moon Price: $3.00

Deep Ellum IPA Price: $4.00

Stella Price: $4.00

Dos Equis Lager Price: $4.00

Angry Orchard Apple Cider Price: $4.00

Banana Bread Beer Price: $4.00

Hitachino Red Rice Ale

Price: $8.00

Hitachino Espresso Stout

Price: $8.00

Kyoto Yuzu Ale Price: $8.00

Kyoto Yamadanishiki Price: $8.00

Kyoto Kuromame Ale Price: $8.00

Asahi Black Price: $6.00



House Sake

(Naturally Brewed) Hot or Cold
16oz cold Price: $7.00
8 oz hot Price: $4.00

Happy Hour Cold Price: $5.00
Happy Hour Hot Price: $2.00

House Flavored Sake

(Naturally Brewed) Watermelon, Pineapple, Mango, Lychee, Strawberry, Sour Apple
16oz Price: $7.00
Happy Hour Price: $5.00


Price: $6.00
Happy Hour Price: $5.00

Plum Sprite

Price: $6.00
Happy Hour Price: $5.00

Rei Junmai Ginjo Draft

Full ginjo aroma with fruity notes
300ml Price: $12.00
Happy Hour Price: $12.00

Nigori Silky Mild

Unfiltered, rich, bold and sweet
375ml Price: $14.00
750ml Price: $20.00
375ml Happy Hour Price: $12.00
750 ml Happy Hour Price: $18.00

Kubota Senjyu

Dry, Crisp and light
720ml Price: $44.00
Happy Hour Price: $40.00

Dassai 50 Price: $38.00

junmai daiginjo 300 ml
Born Gold Price: $80.00
junmai daiginjo 720 ml

Dassai Beyond Price: $600.00

junmai daiginjo 720 ml velvety, balanced, powerful. Yamada Nishiki rice is polished beyond 23%. Remarkable richness and depth. Yamaguchi Prefecture. Payment required before opening.




Price: $6.00

Happy Hour Price: $5.00

Pinot Grigio

Price: $6.00
Happy Hour Price: $5.00


Price: $6.00
Happy Hour Price: $5.00


Price: $6.00
Happy Hour Price: $5.00

Pinot Noir

Price: $6.00
Happy Hour Price: $5.00


Price: $4.00
Happy Hour Price: $3.00

Champagne Mimosa

Price: $4.00
Happy Hour Price: $3.00



Sonoma Cutre, Chardonnay, Sonoma County

Full bodies with balanced oak & butter notes
Price: $40.00
Happy Hour Price: $35.00

Kung Fu Girl, Riesling, Washington

Off – dry, medium bodied with crisp fruit
Price: $25.00
Happy Hour Price: $20.00



Hess Select, Cabernet, California

Medium bodied with soft black fruit & oak
Price: $40.00
Happy Hour Price: $35.00

Decoy by Duckhorn, Cabernet, Sonoma County

Medium bodied with well balanced tannins & a smooth finish
Price: $50.00
Happy Hour Price: $45.00

Caymus, Cabernet, Napa Valley Price: $90.00

Big & full bodied with bold tannins & a long finish

Meiomi, Pinot Noir, California Price: $35.00

Jammy & fruity with a smooth finish



Mumm Napa Brut Prestige, Sparkling, California Price: $40.00

Vibrant flavors balanced by fine acidity & a rich lingering finish

Mumm Napa Brut Rose, Sparkling, California Price: $40.00

Vivid aromas of black cherries with soft red fruit flavors & elegant character

Perrier Jouet Grand Brut, Champagne, France Price: $70.00

Bright acidity with lively citrus flavors



Mon – Tues Price: $4.00

Buy 1 get 1 free starters / apps

Wed – Thurs Price: $3.00

Kirin Ichiban


Mimosas– fresh squeezed orange juice. House Sake– Hot or Cold
Price: $5.00


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Yoshi Shabu Shabu Drink Hours

Monday 11:30am–2:30pm 5–10:30pm
Tuesday 11:30am–2:30pm 5–10:30pm
Wednesday 11:30am–2:30pm 5–10:30pm
Thursday 11:30am–2:30pm 5–10:30pm
Friday 11:30am–2:30pm 5–11pm
Saturday  11:30am–11pm
Sunday 12:30–10:30pm


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About Yoshi Shabu Shabu Drink

Yoshi Shabu Shabu is a restaurant and he provides Special fast&food and breakfast. He Located in 1801 N Greenville Ave #400, Richardson, TX 75081, USA.

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