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Bucket O Crawfish
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Bucket O Crawfish store hours

Phone: Bucket O Crawfish Menu

Website: https://bucketocrawfish.com/home

Head Office address: 1980 West 3500 South West Valley City, Utah, 84119

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Bucket O Crawfish Main Menu


STEP 1 Watcha havin

Shrimp – Price: $13.95 / lb

Clams – Price: $13.95 / lb

Mussels – Price: $13.95 / lb

Snow Crab – Price: $17.95 / lb

Dungeness Crab – Price: $15.95 / lb

Crawfish MKT / lb

Cooked West Coast style / *Corn added for 2lbs or more in the same crawfish bag


Choose Ya’ Flavor Menu


Our original Cajun style sauce

Garlic Butter

Key ingredients to seafood, garlic in melted butter and seasoning

Lemon Pepper

Give your seafood a little bit of sour freshness with our lemon pepper sauce

Crazy Mix

Want it all? Crazy mix has all of the above.


Some Like It Hot Menu


For those who would like a little tingle


For those who like just the right amount


For those who are adventurous

Crazy Hot

For those who don’t care about the aftermath


Bucket O Crawfish Basket Main Menu

If ya’ like it crispy Menu

Fried Shrimp Basket – Price: $10.95

Basket served w/ regular or Cajun fries

Fried Catfish Basket – Price: $10.95

Basket served w/ regular or Cajun fries

Fried Calamari Basket – Price: $9.95

Our battered calamari with jalapenos and onions

Cajun: $7.95 Wings – Price: $9.95

House wings with Cajun seasoning


Po’ Boys Shrimp, Chicken or Catfish Menu

Single Sandwich Basket – Price: $6.95

W/Cajun fries

Double Sandwich Basket – Price: $11.95

W/Cajun fries


Bucket O Crawfish Side Main Menu

Side-Kicks Menu

Corn – Price: $1.00

Potatoes – Price: $1.95

Sausages – Price: $3.95

Bread – Price: $1.45

Cajun Fries – Price: $4.95

Clam Chowder – Price: $4.9

Sweet Potato Fries $5.95

Steamed Rice – Price: $2.95

Sauces 4oz – Price: $2.95

Cajun, Garlic Butter, or Lemon Pepper

Extra Condiments – Price: $0.35

Butter, Tartar, Cocktail, Fry Sauce, Mayo or Ranch


Bucket O Crawfish Desserts Main Menu

Desserts Menu

Happy Ending – Price: $5.95

Dark & White chocolate mousse cake w/curls

Cheesecake (Seasonal Flavors) – Price: $5.95


Bucket O Crawfish Drinks Main Menu

Thirsty Menu

Coca-Cola Products – Price: $2.95

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Fanta & Pink Lemonade

Coke Glass Bottle – Price: $2.50 / bottle

Made with real sugar

Luzianne Sweet Iced-Tea – Price: $2.50

Comes with free refills

Hot Tea – Price: $1.50

Kids Juice – Price: $1.00


Gettin’ Wet and Wild Menu

Blue Moon – Price: $4.95

Cutthroat – Price: $4.95

Budlight – Price: $4.95

Corona Light – Price: $4.95

Any Pitcher – Price: $16.95


Bottled/Canned/Local Beer Menu

Corona Extra – Price: $3.95

Budlight – Price: $3.95

Budlight Platinum – Price: $3.95

Budweiser – Price: $3.95

Redd’s Apple Ale – Price: $3.95

Coors Light – Price: $3.95

Heineken – Price: $3.95

Modelo – Price: $3.95

Golden Spike Hefeweizen – Price: $3.95

Full Suspension Pale Ale – Price: $3.95

Evolution Amber Ale – Price: $3.95

Pabst – Price: $3.95

Tecate – Price: $3.95

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Bucket O Crawfish Hours

Monday 4 am – 9 pm
Tuesday 4 am – 9 pm
Wednesday 4 am – 9 pm
Thursday 4 am – 9 pm
Friday 4 am – 10 pm
Saturday 12 am – 10 pm
Sunday 12 am – 8:30 pm


About Bucket O Crawfish

Bucket O Crawfish brings together Louisiana inspired sauces with a West Coast Asian twist. The food isn’t new to Salt Lake. Mai Nguyen and her family have been catching crawfish at Strawberry Lake for over 20 years. With over 2 decades of fine-tuning the sauce, we decided to open Bucket of Crawfish in 2010.

Fast forward to present and you’ve got a City Weekly’s Best Mess restaurant. We combine fresh seafood, boiled in our secret broth, and doused with our extra special sauces for your unique dining experience.


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Bucket O Crawfish
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