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Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Menu, Prices And Locations

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Main Menu HOUSE SPECIALS MENU Pretty Lady pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon, beef, green peppers, olives & onions S Price: $17.95 M Price: $21.95 L Price: $25.95 Earth’s Harvest mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, olives & onions S Price: $17.95 M Price: $22.95 L Price: $26.95 Mr.universe pepperoni, salami, mushrooms, beef, bacon, onions, green

Thai Spice Menu, Prices And Locations

Thai Spice Main Menu APPETIZERS MENU Salay Price: $5.95 chicken strips marinated in coconut milk and served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad. Fried Tofu Price: $3.95 fresh pearllofu sliced to bite size pieces and deep fried. served with sweet sauce and ground peanuts Spring Roll Price: $3.95 crispy spring rolls, vegetarian egg ralls. served

Farmer Boys Menu, Price And Locations

Farmer Boys Main Menu Burgers Menu The Natural® Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger The Farmer’s Burger® The Market™ The Natural@ Cheeseburger The Bacon Boy® The Barn Burner® The Bell Ringer® The Big Cheese®   Farm Fresh Sides Harvest Fries w/Chili Cheese Bowl of Chili Crispy Zucchini 7pcs Side Salad Orchard Fresh Fruit Bowl Colossal Onion Rings 7pcs

Kopps Menu, Price And Locations

Kopps Main Menu From The Grill Menu Price: $4.30 Hamburger Price: $6.20 Double Hamburger Price: $4.95 Cheeseburger Price: $6.95 Double Cheeseburger Price: $7.25 KRK Burger Price: $5.25 Grilled Chicken Price: $5.80 Chicken LTM Price: $5.80 Chicken Caliente Price: $5.80 Chicken Buffalo Price: $4.75 Fish Price: $5.40 Fish with Cheese Price: $2.80 Grilled Cheese Price: $2.55