Category: Burgers

Hob Menu, Prices and Location

Hob Main Menu BURGERS MENU All of our Burgers are made fresh daily! Our Regulars are 1/4 lb., Super – 1/3 lb. All Premium Angus Beef Hamburger – Prices: $3.05 Super Hamburger – Prices: $4.15 Cheeseburger – Prices: $3.45 Super Cheeseburger – Prices: $4.55 Double Cheeseburger – Prices: $5.75 Bacon Cheeseburger – Prices: $4.45 Super

Ippudo Lunch Menu, Prices And Locations

Ippudo Lunch Main Menu APPETIZERS MENU Edamame Price: $6.00 Steamed green soybeans with yuzu salt Tako Wasabi Price: $5.00 Raw baby octopus in fresh chopped wasabi sauce Shishito Price: $8.00 Flash-fried japanese peppers with yuzu salt Hirata Chicken Wings Price: $7.00 Three fried chicken wings glazed with ippudo’s special black-pepper sauce Yamitsuki Goma Kyuri Price:

Red Square Dinner Menu, Prices And Locations

Red Square Dinner Main Menu CAVIAR MENU Sold by the ounce; served with traditional condiments American Hackleback Price: $65.00 Medium bead, sweet buttery flavor Siberian Black Sturgeon Price: $98.00 Medium bead, dark brown to black, mild buttery Kaluga Price: $115.00 Firm egg, smooth, creamy Golden Ossetra Price: $155.00 Large bead, golden, nutty creamy flavor Kaluga

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