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CleanEats Food Truck store hours

Phone: (801) 653-3965


Head Office address: Lehi, UT 84043

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CleanEats Food Truck Main Menu

Protein Options Menu

Grilled Chicken

Chicken breast, grilled to be juicy and supremely flavorful.

Grilled Chicken180 Cal | 2g Fat | 36g Protein | 0g Carb

Premium Steak

Lean and tasty steak grilled with Clean Eats’ special blend of spices.

312 Cal | 6g Fat | 24g Protein | 0g Carb

Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic salmon cooked with our house seasoning to flaky perfection.

312 Cal | 18g Fat | 36g Protein | 0g Carb


Base Options Menu

Basmati Rice

A fluffier, better tasting version of white rice that helps bring out all the flavors of your meal.

Basmati Rice260 Cal | 0g Fat | 4g Protein | 56g Carb

Brown Rice

Brown rice is the healthier, older brother of processed white rice. Give your body some good whole grains!

162 Cal | 2g Fat | 4g Protein | 34g Carb


Known as one of the healthiest carb options, quinoa adds great flavor and high nutrients to any meal.

240 Cal | 2g Fat | 8g Protein | 42g Carb

Sweet Potatoes

Try sweet potatoes like you’ve never had them — cooked on the grill with a little spice to compliment the natural sweetness.

84 Cal | 0g Fat | 2g Protein | 18g Carb

Red Potatoes

An old classic. Not only do they taste great, but they are also loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

178 Cal | 0g Fat | 4g Protein | 38g Carb


Vegetable Options Menu


Fresh asparagus blanched, seasoned, and fired on the Clean Eats grill.

Asparagus22 Cal | 0g Fat | 2g Protein | 4g Carb

Vegetable Medley

A medley of zucchini, yellow squash, red onion, and bell pepper for a perfect blend.

125 Cal | 9.5g Fat | 1g Protein | 8g Carb


Amazingly fresh and green broccoli florets. Because who doesn’t love to eat little trees?

35 Cal | 0g Fat | 2g Protein | 7g Carb


Fire Roasted Sweet Corn. A favorite of many, with an added subtle hint of smoke.

80 Cal | 1g Fat | 4g Protein | 25g Carb


Crisp, sliced carrots. You’ll want to eat so many your skin turns orange.

41 Cal | 0g Fat | 1g Protein | 9g Carb



Wild Berry Blast

Whey protein, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, nonfat milk, and ice.

Wild Berry Blast200 Cal | 1g Fat | 27g Protein | 14g Carb

Tropical Pleasure

Whey protein, pineapple extract, coconut extract, frozen banana, and some ice.

360 Cal | 7g Fat | 30g Protein | 42g Carb

PB Chocolate

Whey protein, PB Fit, nonfat milk — cooled down with some ice.

190 Cal | 2g Fat | 32g Protein | 8g Carb

Orange Supreme

Freshly squeezed orange juice, whey protein, chilled with some ice.

220 Cal | 0g Fat | 27g Protein | 27g Carb

Cinnamon Roll

Whey protein, vanilla pudding, cinnamon, vanilla extract, low-fat milk, and some ice.

190 Cal | 1g Fat | 27g Protein | 13g Carb



Paleo Power

Grilled chicken seasoned with our special blend of spices, steamed broccoli, served over a healthy portion of quartered and sautéed sweet potatoes.

299 Cal | 2g Fat | 40g Protein | 25g Carb

The TokyoThe Tokyo

Lean, grilled steak cooked to perfection, paired with our vegetable medley, all over steaming basmati rice. Add the Clean Eats own teriyaki sauce!

817 Cal | 15.5g Fat | 31g Protein | 90g Carb

The Veg

Get your veggie on! An order of the vegetable medley and broccoli over basmati white rice. A favorite meal for those trying to eat their greens.

420 Cal | 9.5g Fat | 7g Protein | 71g Carb

Chicken Curry

Seasoned grilled chicken paired with crisp green asparagus, all on a bed of quinoa. Try adding a little kick with our green curry sauce.

562 Cal | 14g Fat | 48g Protein | 52g Carb

Big Mango SalmonBig Mango Salmon

Seasoned and flakey Atlantic salmon with asparagus over brown rice. Try this topped with our Mango Jalapeño Salsa.

526 Cal | 20g Fat | 42g Protein | 46g Carb

Steak and Potatoes

All the comfort of your mom’s cooking – with a twist. Lean steak, red potatoes, and carrots cooked on the grill.

531 Cal | 6g Fat | 29g Protein | 47g Carb


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CleanEats Food Truck Hours

Monday 10 am –  6 pm
Tuesday 10 am –  6 pm
Wednesday 10 am –  6 pm
Thursday 10 am –  6 pm
Friday 10 am –  6 pm
Saturday 10 am –  6 pm
Sunday Closed


About CleanEats Food Truck

At CleanEats, we have one clear mission: help you reach your fitness goals through healthy eating


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