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Phone: +1 212-274-8816


Head Office address: 16 Bowery, New York, NY 10013, United States

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Manna Bread Menu


Sunday Brunch

All entrees include house-made pastries and seasonal fresh fruit

Croque-Monsieur – $15.00
3 ham & provolone croissant sliders, served with jalapeno hash browns

Chicken & Avocado Crepes – $15.00
With mushroom marsala cream

Biscuits & Gravy – $15.00
Rosemary biscuits with black pepper & sausage cream gravy

Chorizo, Egg, Potato, & Cheese Burrito – $15.00
With house chips & salsa

Chicken & Waffles – $15.00
Hand-battered honey chicken atop a black pepper waffle

Home-Style French Toast – $15.00
Classic french toast with maple bourbon syrup

Bacon Pancakes – $15.00
Home-style pancakes, dotted with bacon bits, served with maple bourbon syrup, and eggs your way

Steak & Eggs – $21.00
Hand-carved steak with jalapeno hash browns, & eggs your way

Sides & Extras

Grapefruit Brulee – $3.50

Jalapeno Hash Browns – $3.50

Bacon$3.50Sausage – $3.50

Eggs Your Way – $3.50

Sauteed Spinach – $3.50




Hot Tea




Portabella Salad – $10.00
Mixed greens with croutons and bowtie pasta, covered with grilled portabella mushroom slices, asiago cheese, green onions and tomatoes

Caesar Salad – $8.00
Mixed greens tossed with asiago cheese, crostini, and avocadoes

Grilled Apple Crunch Salad – $8.00
Mixed greens, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions, and goat cheese, topped with grilled apples and pecans

Chicken – $4.00

Steak – $6.00

Shrimp – $6.00

Ahi Tuna Salad – $12.00
Grilled and sliced yellowfin tuna, served medium rare with chips, avocadoes, tomatoes, feta cheese and green onions

Texas Taco Salad – $11.00
Mixed greens, seasoned ground beef and black beans, monterrey jack cheese, avocadoes, and tomatoes, surrounded by tortilla chips and served with our salsa of the day


Nearly Naked Fettucini – $11.00
Seduced by a basil garlic cream sauce, topped with asiago cheese

Nearly Naked Fettucini – Chicken – $4.00

Nearly Naked Fettucini – Shrimp – $6.00

Nearly Naked Fettucini – Steak – $6.00

Pasta Primavera – $13.00
Sauteed fresh vegetables and linguine in a chardonnay lemon reduction, lightly topped with asiago cheese

Burgers & Sandwiches

Build your Own Manna Burger – $9.00
Served with mixed sweet potato and garlic fries. Signature burgers still. Choose your toppings: jack $1.00, provolone $1.00, asiago $1.00, bleu $1.00, avocadoes $1.00, crema $0.50, christmas $2.00, green chiles $1.00, red peppers $0.75, portabella $1.00, BBQ sauce $0.50, chimichurri $0.50, brie queso $2.00, wild west $1.50, bacon $2.00, pineapple $1.50, shrimp $4.00, fried egg $1.50, double $2.00, sub buffalo $5.00, kermit $2.00

Buffalo Sliders – $13.00
Choice of any of the toppings from above, served slider-style on 3 hawaiian mini bun

Portabella Burger – $11.00
Grilled cap of portabella mushroom with asiago cheese

Chicken Salad On A Bun – $10.00
House-made apricot, pecan, chicken salad on a toasted wheat bun

Monte Carlo – $11.00
Sliced honey ham, smoked turkey, and provolone cheese, vanilla-battered, fried, and dusted with powered sugar. Served with fruit jam

Meatloaf Sandwich – $12.00
A slice of our wild west grilled meatloaf on a bun, topped with fried onions


All wraps are served with chips and salsa of the day

Caesar Wrap – $8.00
Mixed greens, house-made caesar dressing, asiago cheese, tomatoes, & avocadoes

Caesar Wrap – Chicken – $4.00

Caesar Wrap – Steak – $6.00

Caesar Wrap – Shrimp – $6.00

Chicken Salad Wrap – $9.00
Mixed greens, house-made apricot-pecan chicken salad, and monterrey jack cheese

Tapas (Small Plates)

Green Chile Crab Cakes – $10.00
Blue snow crab meat, hand picked and mixed with our special blend of peppers and spices, pan fried and served with our house aioli

Shrimp, Avacado & Mango Nachos – $12.00
Gulf shrimp with diced tomatoes, fresh pineapple, and avocadoes on melted monterey jack cheese over house-made tortilla chips

Peppers – $9.00
Fresh jalapeno halves the heat varies, filled with our bacon and brie queso and crowned with cajun-spiced shrimp

Ancho Shrimpsicles – $10.00
Five gulf shrimp sliced lengthwise, skewered and dipped in ancho cornmeal batter and fried, served with a sweet and spicy coconut mango dipping sauce

Artisan Cheeseboard – $12.00
Chef selected artisan cheeses, seasonal fresh fruit, and crackers

Chips & Salsa of the Day – $6.00
Warm house-made white corn tortilla chips with salsa

Fettunta with Bacon & Brie Queso – $10.00
Choice of house-made grilled bread or tortilla chips, surrounding a bubbling hot pot of our white queso made with bacon and aged brie

Sides & Extras

Bacon & Brie Mac N Cheese – $8.00

Cottage Cheese & Fresh Fruit – $6.00

Mixed Garlic Fries – $3.50

Sweet Potato Fries – $5.00

Soup – $4.00+

Cup of Soup & Side Salad – $7.00


S-Layered Coconut Cake

Homemade Banana Pudding

Chocolate Ganache Crepes


Sodas (Coca Cola)






Soup & Salad

Soup Du Jour – $7.00

Portabella Salad – $12.00
Mixed greens, croutons, bowtie pasta, grilled portabella mushroom, asiago cheese, green onions, tomatoes, orange cream vinaigrette

Portabella Salad – Chicken – $4.00

Portabella Salad – Shrimp – $6.00

Portabella Salad – Steak – $6.00

Ahi Tuna Salad – $17.00
Mixed greens, seared ahi tuna, tortilla chips, avocado, tomato, feta, green onions


Cup of Soup or Side Salad – $3.00

Nearly Naked Fettucini – $12.00
Fettucini, basil-garlic cream sauce, asiago cheese

Nearly Naked Fettucini – Chicken – $4.00

Nearly Naked Fettucini -Shrimp – $6.00

Nearly Naked Fettucini – Steak – $6.00

Bandito Chicken – $18.00
Tortilla-crusted chicken, green chile gravy, house potatoesDon Eduardo Chicken$17.00Lightly breaded chicken, linguini, pepperoni tequila sauce, asiago cheese

Copper River Salmon – $19.00
Garlic & vidalia encrusted salmon, red pepper aioli, coconut rice

Yellowfin Fandango – $19.00
Medium-rare pan-seared ahi tuna, spicy cilantro chimichurri, coconut rice

Flounder in White Wine & Dill Cream Sauce – $17.00
Pacific flounder, delicate angel hair, dill cream sauce

Pecan & Elk Stacked Pork Tenderloin – $26.00
Pork tenderloin, pecan & elk stuffing, black-cherry mustard sauce, house potatoesWild West Grilled Meatloaf$24.00Venison, buffalo & beef meatloaf, jim beam-laced BBQ sauce, house potatoes

Beef Tenderloin Medallions – $29.00
8oz premium aged beef, basil cream sauce, house potatoes


Green Chile Crab Cakes – $11.00
Blue snow crab, peppers & spices, pan-fried, house aioli

Shrimp-Avavado-Mango Nachos – $13.00
Gulf shrimp, diced tomato, fresh mango, avocado, monterey jack, house-made tortilla chips

Peppers – $9.00
Oven-roasted fresh jalapeno halves, bacon & brie queso, cajun-spiced shrimp

Ancho Shrimpsicles – $11.00
Gulf shrimp, ancho-cornmeal batter & fried, sweet & spicy coconut mango dipping sauce

Artisan Cheeseboard – $13.00
Chef-selected artisan cheeses, seasonal fresh fruit, crackers

Chips & Salsa of the Day – $7.00
House-made tortilla chips, today’s fresh salsa

Fettunta with Bacon & Brie Queso – $11.00
House-made grilled rosemary bread, bubbling bacon & aged brie queso

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Manna Breada Hours

Monday 6:30 am–4:30 pm
Tuesday 6:30 am–4:30 pm
Wednesday 6:30 am–4:30 pm
Thursday 6:30 am–4:30 pm
Friday 6:30 am–4:30 pm
Saturday 6:30 am–4:30 pm
Sunday 6:30 am–4:30 pm

About Manna Bread

It all began with the intention of providing a better life for their family and has been going on for 35 years. This small family-owned company is run by a husband and wife pair, with each partner taking on a particular responsibility in the management of the company. It has grown to include multiple storefronts in the Chinatown neighborhood of Manhattan.

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