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Spaghetti Factory store hours

Phone: +1 636-536-9522


Head Office address: 17384 Chesterfield Airport Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63005, USA

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Spaghetti Factory Main Menu

Appetizers Menu

Shrimp, Spinach, Artichoke Dip

A hot cheesy blend of Bay Shrimp, spinach and artichoke hearts sautéed with brandy, cream, fresh herbs and Romano cheese. Served with toasted rustic bread. (590 cal)

Olive Tapenade

A delicious spread of ripe olives, capers, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice, mixed with the perfect seasonings. Served with toasted rustic bread. (780 cal)

Sicilian Garlic Cheese Bread

A generous portion of fresh bread topped with a tasty blend of garlic and three melted cheeses served toasted with a side of our homemade Marinara Sauce. (1220 cal)

Add Bacon (+230 cal) or Pepperoni (+190 cal)


Salads Menu

Chicken Caesar Salad

Lightly breaded chicken breast strips atop romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing, shredded Romano cheese, Roma tomatoes, and croutons. (1120 cal)

Without chicken (820 cal)

BLT Salad

Chopped hearts of romaine tossed with blue cheese dressing, croutons and crisp bacon, served with diced Roma tomatoes, avocados, and blue cheese crumbles. (990 cal)

With Chicken (1300)


Factory Favorites Menu

Famous Baked Lasagna

Layers of noodles, Marinara Sauce, ground beef and pork, and four delicious cheeses. (820 cal)

Chicken Parmigiana

A perfectly seasoned breast of tender chicken with melted cheese and Pomodoro Sauce. Served with spaghetti and Marinara Sauce. (750 cal)

Fettuccine Alfredo

Fettuccine noodles in a butter cream sauce with shredded Romano cheese. (1090 cal)

Spinach & Cheese Ravioli

Ravioli stuffed with spinach and two delicious cheeses, and topped with our savory Marinara Sauce. (470 cal)

Breast of Chicken Fettuccine

Fettuccine topped with tender, diced chicken breast, fresh broccoli, sautéed mushrooms, Alfredo Sauce, and shredded Romano cheese. (1260 cal)

Chicken Marsala

A freshly seasoned breast of tender chicken with a Mushroom and Marsala Wine Sauce. Served alongside spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter. (1000 cal)

Spinach Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce

Hat shaped pasta, stuffed with a blend of roasted chicken and Mortadella meats, and Romano cheese. (940 cal)


Pasta Classics Menu

Served over the finest 100% durum semolina spaghetti.

Marinara Sauce

Our from scratch recipe of fresh onions, carrots, tomatoes, and garlic sautéed in olive oil and Italian seasonings. (560 cal)

Rich Meat Sauce

Mamma Mia! Our 1969 original from scratch recipe of perfectly ripe tomatoes and ground beef sautéed with freshly chopped onions, celery, and garlic, all simmered slowly to perfection with savory Italian herbs and spices. Delizioso! (650 cal)

White Clam Sauce

Our from scratch recipe for clam lovers – with hints of wine, fresh garlic, green peppers, onions and parsley. (810 cal)

Mushroom Sauce

Our from scratch Marinara sauce topped with freshly sautéed seasoned mushrooms. (670 cal)

Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter

A toothsome treat for cheese lovers. (1190 cal)

The Manager’s Favorite

Pair any two of the above Classic Sauces to create our favorite combination. (600-1000 cal)

Pot Pourri

A sampler of Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter, Meat, Clam and Marinara Sauces. (880 cal)

Italian Sausage with Meat Sauce

Zesty sausage served with our from scratch Rich Meat Sauce. (980 cal)

Sicilian Meatballs

Two large handmade beef meatballs delicately seasoned with a blend of herbs and spices, then topped with our from scratch Marinara Sauce. (1040 cal)

Hearty Meal

We offer a larger serving of our Pasta Classic Entrees (930-1990 cal)


Factory Platters Menu

Taste of Italy

Our special recipe of Lasagna and Fettuccine Alfredo. (1540 cal)

Stuffed Pasta

Spinach Tortellini* with Alfredo Sauce and Spinach & Cheese Ravioli with Marinara Sauce (1310 cal)

*contains meat

Meat Lover’s Treat

Sicilian meatballs, Italian sausage and spaghetti with Rich Meat Sauce (1460 cal)


Sides Menu

Fresh Broccoli

Broccoli lightly flavored with Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter. A great compliment to any entrée!

Small serves 1-2 (240 cal)
Large serves 3-4 (480 cal)

*Broccoli may be substituted for pasta for an extra $1.99


4 oz – 2 pieces (290 cal)
6 oz – 3 pieces (430 cal)

Breast of Chicken Parmesan (430 cal)

Italian Sausage (340 cal)


1 – (240 cal)
2 – (480 cal)
3 – (720 cal)


Signature Selections Menu

Chicken Piccata

A tender breast of chicken topped with a medley of butter, lemon, capers, shallots, and tomatoes. Paired with our famous Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter on angel hair pasta. (1150 cal)

Tenderloin & Mizithra

Three medallions of beef tenderloin seasoned with oregano and lemon juice, sautéed in olive oil and paired with Spaghetti and Broccoli with Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter. (1260)

Spicy Spaghetti Vesuvius

A spicy blend of tender chicken, sausage, and diced meatballs with green peppers and onions. Seasoned with Tabasco™ and Sambal Chili Paste (860 cal)

Garlic Shrimp Fettuccine

Large shrimp on fettuccine with our homemade garlic and cream sauce, hints of shallots, lemon and white wine. Topped with shredded Romano cheese. (1000 cal)

Angel Hair Pomodoro

Diced tomatoes simmered with fresh onions, garlic, and basil. Served over angel hair pasta and garnished with shredded Romano cheese. (570 cal)

Gourmet Jumbo Crab Ravioli

Large ravioli stuffed with savory crab meat and ricotta cheese topped with a rich Pesto Alfredo Sauce. (810 cal)


Just For Kids Menu

Available for kids 12 and under

A delicious entrée, applesauce (40 cal) or salad (120-280 cal), milk, apple juice, or a soft drink, and spumoni or vanilla ice cream

Wally’s Favorites

Spinach Tortellini* with Alfredo Sauce (530 cal)

*contains meat

Fettuccine Alfredo (610 cal)
Spinach and Cheese Ravioli (310 cal)
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (600 cal)


Wally’s Classics

Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce (310 cal)
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (350 cal)
Spaghetti with Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter (620 cal)
Macaroni and Cheese (390 cal)
Meaty Mac and Cheesy (450 cal)


Wally’s Specialties

Italian Cream Soda (150 cal)

Vanilla – Raspberry – Cherry – Orange – Strawberry – Blackberry

Cotton Candy Limeade (150 cal)

Cotton candy syrup, Sprite and a hint of fresh lime served on ice. Garnished with real cotton candy!

Masterpiece Shake (710 cal)

Made with OREO™ cookie crumbles

Orange Cream Shake (490 cal)
Factory Classic Shakes (360-500)

Chocolate – Vanilla – Strawberry


Kid’s Sides Menu

Meatball (240 cal)
Diced Chicken (110 cal)
Broccoli with cheese sauce (60 cal)


Spaghetti Factory Gluten Friendly Menu

This menu was created with gluten allergies and gluten sensitivity in mind. Be sure to specify modifications when placing your order. Please be aware however that The Old Spaghetti Factory is not a gluten free establishment and therefor cross contamination or other errors may occur. Always request to speak with a manager when ordering from the Gluten Friendly Menu.

Salad Menu

A fresh house salad with Creamy Pesto or Balsamic Vinaigrette (190-210 cal)
*Request No Croutons

Pasta Classics

Choose from the following sauces with GF Pasta:
Marinara (490 cal), Rich Meat (580 cal), Sautéed Mushroom (600 cal), Clam (750 cal), Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter (1120 cal)

Alfredo Sauce

A butter cream sauce over GF pasta topped with shredded Romano cheese. (980 cal)


Side Orders

Add any of the following items to a GF entrée:
Whole Seasoned Chicken Breast (310 cal)
Italian Sausage (340 cal)
Diced Marinated Chicken (230 cal)



Italian Cream Soda (150 cal)
Soft Drinks (0-150 cal)
Coffee, Tea, Iced Tea, or Milk (0-180 cal)
Omission Pale Ale (175 cal)
Angry Orchard Rose (170 cal)
*Request Iced Tea Without Lemon



Ice Cream – Vanilla or Spumoni (170 cal)


Just For Kids

12 and under only please

Choose from the following sauces with GF Pasta:
Marinara (300 cal), Rich Meat (340 cal), Sautéed Mushroom (370 cal), Clam (420 cal), Macaroni & Cheese Style Sauce (380 cal), Mizithra Cheese & Browned Butter (610 cal), Meaty Mac & Cheesy (440 cal)


Desserts Menu

New York Cheesecake

A creamy cheesecake with a traditional graham cracker crust, garnished with a refreshing strawberry puree. (780 cal)

Mud Pie

A rich chocolate cookie crust filled with Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream, topped with almonds and chocolate syrup. (490 cal)

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Decadent chocolate cake filled and topped with silky dark chocolate mousse, bittersweet fudge, and finishing with fine chocolate curls. (850 cal)


Beverages Menu

Italian Cream Soda

Served in your own colorful keepsake glass. (150 cal)
Blackberry – Cherry – Orange – Vanilla – Raspberry – Strawberry

Cotton Candy Limeade

Cotton candy syrup, Sprite, and a hint of fresh lime served on ice for a refreshing treat. Garnished with real cotton candy! (220 cal)

Strawberry Lemonade (200 cal)


Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Dr Pepper, Lemonade, Raspberry Iced Tea (0-150 cal)

Other Beverages

Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Coffee, Milk (0-180 cal)


All shakes topped with whipped cream.

Masterpiece Shake

Featuring OREO™ cookie crumbles, sweet chocolate syrup and soft serve ice cream, all whipped together. (870 cal)

Orange Cream Shake

Featuring soft serve ice cream with orange and vanilla flavors all whipped together. (610 cal)

Factory Classic Shake

Chocolate (640 cal) – Vanilla (540 cal) – Strawberry (430 cal)


Spaghetti Factory Near Me Locations

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Spaghetti Factory Hours

Monday 11:30 a.m. – 02.00 p.m 05.00– 09.00:30 p.m.
Tuesday 11:30 a.m. – 02.00 p.m 05.00– 09.00:30 p.m.
Wednesday 11:30 a.m. – 02.00 p.m 05.00– 09.00:30 p.m.
Thursday 11:30 a.m. – 02.00 p.m 05.00– 09.00:30 p.m.
Friday 11:30 a.m. – 02.00 p.m 05.00– 09.00:30 p.m.
Saturday 11:30 a.m. – 10.00 p.m
Sunday 11:30 a.m. – 09.30 p.m


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About Spaghetti Factory

 The Old Spaghetti Factory is an Italian-style chain restaurant in the United States and Canada. The U.S. firm also operated an Old Spaghetti Factory in Hamburg, Germany, from 1983 to 1993, but that was its only European location.


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