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Sticky Rice store hours

Phone: (972) 424-0970


Head Office address: 223 E Farm to Market Rd 544 #808, Murphy, TX 75094, USA

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Sticky Rice Main Menu

Appetizers Menu

Crispy Rolls – Vegetarian (5) – Price: $5.50

(Taro, Glass noodles, Carrots. e onons, Cabbage)

Crispy Rolls – Pork (5) – Price: $6.50

(Pork, Green onons. Glass nood. Carrots, Yiiteonons, Cabbage’

Fresh Rolls (2) – Price: $5.50

Choice: Chicken, Pork. Tofu,Vegetman or Shnrr servedwith Thr Sweet & Sour Sauce &or Peart Sace

(Rce noodles, Lettze,Carrots, Cntro, Basi)

Crab Cream Cheese Rolls (5) – Price: $6.00

(Crabmeat, Cream cheese, Carrots, Yite otio.)

Shrimp Blankets (5) – Price: $6.50

ole marwiated shrrii, & green oriors ii a ctoy rap Served with Thvi Sweet & Sour Sace

Fried Calamari – Price: $6.00

Corn Patties (4) – Price: $6.00

Satay Chicken (5) – Price: $6.50

Curry rnannated chicken skewers served with Peenim Saiice & Cucurr Sauc

Edamame – Price: $5.00

Thai Dumplings (5) — Fried or Steamed – Price: $6.00

I4x of chicken, sh.rr, cartots& herbs

Wings (5) – Price: $7.50

Fried Quails (4) – Price: $7.50

Beef Jerky – Price: $6.50

Beef marinatedwth grg, gar & spices

Lao Style Sausage – Price: $6.50

(Pork, Lenonrass Kfirleaf,Gar. Spices)

Na,’i Kao (with cured pork or no pork) contavs peanuts – Price: $8.50

Crpy, coconut rce rap served h ciantro, lettuce, Wne & dried chá peppers

Chicken or Tofu Wrap – Price: $8.50

(Cashews, Waterchestnuts, Bel peppers, Gree’ionor’s. Whe orwr. Grger& GaroverCrpyontor)

Herb Chicken  – Price: $7.50

Chicken marwiated wh len’ongrs. sesane seec & spices, deep4ned. then topped w- Price: $i fried bas4

Vegetable Tempura – Price: $6.50

Salt&PepperSquid – Price: $7.50

Add shrimp – Price: $2

Strfned with garb, onons and alapeios

Soups Menu

Tom Yum – Price: $8.99

tGeen onions, s orri,Wiite onions, Tomoes Leriongra, (air eases, Gaang, Ciantio)

Tom Kha

(Coconutm. Green onions, tfushrvon, Wnrteonons. Tomabes. Lnorçmss Ka leaves. Gang. Cntro)

PoI – Price: $10.99

(Basd, Ché peppers, I4ishroon, Wiiteonors, Tommoes, LemonQras, Kafb leave;, Galarç, Cdantro)

Egg Drop – Price: $10.99

Eg Bantoo shoot, Per, Ca ,hfushrooms, Cntro,Gar)

Salads Menu

House Salad – Rach or PeA Sauce – Price: $6.50

1ettuce, Cuc ers,ToniatoesCar’ots& Cabbage)

Papaya Salad I Cucumber Salad – Lao or Th style (Add Crth $1.50) – Price: $7.50

Yum 3g $m – Price: $10.99

(Ground chcken Glass noodes, Green lRed 4e onuis, Tomatoes, Carrots, Celery. Cdantio)

Seafood Salad – Price: $13.99

(Shnn’, Scalops, Squd, F&’i baa, l14.jsse,Creb stick, Green/Red I #ite onions, Tomatoes, Carrots, Celery, Centro)

Yum Beef (sliced) – Price: $10.99

(Beef, Lernon’ass, Wt, Green onions, Red onions. Cönt,o. Rice po)

Lib Salad (minced) – Lao or Th style – Price: $10.99

Choice: Chicken. Beef or Pork

(l.errmngress. Lt. G,reem oniOns Red anon:, Cdanuo, Rice podor)

Noodles Menu

Kao Poon -Chicken (mixed with dak meat) – Price: $899

Cocnut&chápestevern’vceInoodesoservedwrth vegetables

Kao Pick Sen – Chicken (mixed with dak meat) – Price: $8.99

Chcken nce noodle soup

Pho—Beef – Price: $899

Rice noodle soup with eyeof rouridste—Add beef meatballs $.

Pho — Ctcken – Price: $8.99

Rice noodle soup with shoed chicken

Choice Chicken, Beef, Pork. Tofu, Vegetarian, Combo $1, Shrimp $2or Seafood $350 Lunch Dinner

Pad Thai – Price: $8.99 $10.99

(Rice noodles, Tofu, Egg, Green orns)

Pad See E – Price: $8.99 $10.99

(Flat noodles, Egg. Broccob, Yite peger)

PadKeMow(mincedmeat). – Price: $8.99 $10.99

(Flat noodles Egg.ite onons,Tometoes. BeIpeppe’s Basi, Brocc JalapeAos)

Pad Wg – Price: $8.99 $10.99

(Gass noodles. Egg. shrooms. Bthycorn,Canots. Napa, Celery.te onions, Torroes Bd peppers)

Lad Na (Gravy Sauce) – Price: $11.99

Choice: Seared Flat noodles or Crispy Flat noodles

(Chrese broccob, Garb, iite pe)

Curries Menu

Green Curry 4.4. – Price: Lunch $8.99 Dinner $10.99

(Coconut rr, Green beans, Eggpars. B ooshos, Baid, Pe. Caots, Bel peppers)

Red Curry- – Price: Lunch $8.99 Dinner $10.99

(Coconut rr, Barroo shoots Bas1 Peas, Carrots, Bel peppers)

Yellow Curry – Price: Lunch $8.99 Dinner $10.99

(Coconutn, Potatoes, White o.rors, Carrots, Bel peppers)

Pineapple Curry – Price: Lunch $8.99 Dinner $10.99

(Coconutr, PrreapXs, Tornoes, Bd peppers)

M.assinin Curry 4.4. – Price: Lunch $8.99 Dinner $10.99

Coconut mik, Peerius. Grger, Potoes, White orron Carrots, Bd peprs)

jungle Curry 4.. – Price: Lunch $8.99 Dinner $10.99

(No coconut milk, clear herb soup base)

.4.jshroon. Brocco, Baby corn. Nape Young peppe’coin, Eggp. Galarçal, Gree’i bears, Bantoo shoos, Bas, Peas, Carrots, Bel peppers)

Fried Rice Menu

Crab Fried Rice – Price: $13.99

(Egg, Cmbmeat. White onions, Green on on, Tomato, Garc)— Extra crth $3

Herb Chicken Fried Rice 4. – Price: $11.99

(Egg, White onions, Green orns, Tomat & Garc topped with deep4red Herb Chckerr andf,ed basd)

Thai Fried Rice – Price: D $8.99 L $10.99

(Egg, White onions, Green onions. Tomato. Gark)

Curry Fried Rice 4..- Price: D $8.99 L $10.99

flndian yelowcurrypoeder, Egg, Wnae onions, Green onon, Tomato, Ga?.c)

Pineapple Fried Rice – Price: D $8.99 L $10.99

Cashews Pmes, Peas, Carvo, Whe onions Green onions, Torno, Garb)

Basil Fried Rice 4.. – Price: D $8.99 L $10.99

(Egg, Banoo shoot, Baby corn, hsIwoo, Bel peppers, White onas, Bas4 Garb)

Entrees Menu

Tamarind Shrwnp – Price: $13.99

Battered & deep4led shrer, steered broccoli & ca”oes ri Tamarind Sauce, topped with feed onions

Spicy Catfish4.. – Price: $14.99

Oatf4i’r fdlets, Coconut mik, Banoo shoots, JaIapeos, Eggarits, GaIarç, Young peppercorn. Carrots. Baa. kshroon, Bel peppers & Gar
rChá Sauce)

Panang Salmon – Price: $14.99

Choice: Chicken, Beef, Poik, Tofu, Vegetanan, Combo $1, Shrimp $2ot Seafood $350 Lunch Dinner

Thai Spicy Basil (minced meat) 4.- Price: $8.99 $10.99

(Bareoo soo, Jalapeños, Basi Lfushrooms, Bthy corn, White onos. Bel peppers, Gar)

Chili Paste 4.. – Price: $8.99 $10.99

(Carrots, Banoo shos, JaI, Baa, Mushroon, Baby corn, Whae onions, Bel peppers, Garbc)

Garlic – Price: $8.99 $10.99

(Broccoli, Gaic, Whe pepper)

Kids Menu

Chicken Nuggets with Fries (6) – Price: $5.99

Chicken Nuggets (8) – Price: $4.99 Fries – Price: $2.99

Desserts Menu

Fried Coconut Ice Cream – Price: 55.99

Fried Banana – Price: $7.99

Served with your clioce of ce c.’eain

Sticky Rice with Mango – Price: $6.99

Sticky Rice with Ice Cream – Price: $5.99

Ice Cream

Chocdate, Villa. Coconut Green Tea – Price: $3.99

Kao Tom (Steamed sticky nce, coconut milk with banana) – Price: $3.99

Side Dishes Menu

Sticky Rice – Price: $3.00

Brown Rice – Price: $3.00

Jasmine Rice – Price: $2.00

Steamed Vegetables $3.00

Fried Egg – Price: $1.00

Jcw $Qm – Price: $200

Peanut Sauce – Price: $1.00

Drinks Menu

Fountain drinks – Price: $2.00

Choice: Coke, Diet Coke Pepper, SweetTea Ler,adeorSpnte

Iced Tea (wtsweetened) – Price: $2.00

JeQW Bong – Price: $2.00 Hot Tea Choice: Jasrnvre, Green orGmge’ – Price: $3.00

Roasted chpeppe’sauce

Apple Juice I Orange Juice – Price: $2.50

Milk – Price: $1.50

Soy Bean Milk- Price: $2.50

Young Coconut Juice – Price: $3.50

Thai Iced Tea – Price: $3.50

Thai Iced Coffee – Price: $3.50

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Sticky Rice Hours

Monday 11 am – 6:00 pm
Tuesday 11 am – 6:00 pm
Wednesday 11 am – 6:00 pm
Thursday 11 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 11 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday 11 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6:00 pm


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