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KĀI Menu, Prices and Locations

KĀI Menu Dinner Menu Nigiri / Sashimi Nigiri – 2 Piece with rice | Sashimi – 3 Piece without riceTunaNigiri (2 Piece)$9.00Sashimi (3 Piece)$14.00 EscolarNigiri (2 Piece)$8.00Sashimi (3 Piece)$12.00 SalmonNigiri (2 Piece)$10.00Sashimi (3 Piece)$15.00 Salmon RoeNigiri (2 Piece)$9.00Sashimi (3 Piece)$14.00 Unagi EelNigiri (2 Piece)$10.00Sashimi (3 Piece)$15.00 Smoked SalmonNigiri (2 Piece)$9.00Sashimi (3 Piece)$14.00 HamachiNigiri (2 Piece)$10.00Sashimi

888 Pan Asian Menu, Prices and Locations

888 Pan Asian Menu Starters A7. Grilled Squid$6.95 A8. Thai Style Salad$9.25 A16. Fried & Steam Dumpling$6.95 A12. 888 Grilled Sugar Cane Flank Steak$7.50 A13. 888 Cheese Stick$5.95 A9. Papaya Salad with Shrimp$8.50 A15. Chicken Satay$8.75 A14. 888 Roast Duck Taco$8.75 A11. Chicken Lettuce Wrapped$8.95 A10. Royal Sampler$14.95 A6. Imperial Shrimps$6.95 A4. Bangkok Wings$6.95 Soups

Ta Ca Asian Fusion & Sushi Bar Menu, Prices and Locations

Ta Ca Asian Fusion & Sushi Bar Menu Beverages Coke$2.50 Diet Coke$2.50 Coke Zero$2.50 Pink Lemonade$2.50 Sprite$2.50 Ginger Ale$2.50 Pitt$2.50 Sushi Appetizer Seaweed Salad$8.50Japanese green seaweed salad. Spicy Kani Salad$9.50Crabmeat, cucumber, fish egg, spicy mayo and crunch flakes. Squid Salad$9.50Japanese style squid salad. Baby Octopus$9.506 piece baby octopus served with special sauce. Yellowtail Jalapeno$15.506 pieces

Asian Fusion Menu, Prices and Locations

Asian Fusion Menu SUSHI LUNCH SPECIAL Lunch Pick 2 Rolls12.95Served with Miso Soup and House Salad Lunch Pick 3 Rolls14.95Served with Miso Soup and House Salad SET LUNCH (CHINESE) L1. Prawn & Vegetable TempuraFrom 11.95 L2. General Tso’s ChickenFrom 10.95 L3. Basil Sauce withFrom 10.95 L4. Broccoli withFrom 10.95 L5. Asian Style CurryFrom 10.95(Choice of

Bamboo on 2nd Menu, Prices and Locations

Bamboo on 2nd Menu Small Plates Momos$9.00Steamed nepalese dumplings ground turkey, veggies, spices, tomato vinaigrette. Flash Fried Brussels$10.00Grilled pork, eel sauce over sushi rice. Grilled Edamame$5.00Himalayan sherpa pink salt. Whole Sizzling Farm Raised Catfish$18.00Fresh ginger, scallion, diced tomato, ponzu sauce. Fried Green Beans$6.00Togarashi sauce. Slow Roasted Babyback Ribs$13.00Hoisin, spicy coleslaw. Kfc$9.00Kathmandu fried chicken lollipop house

Musume Menu, Prices and Locations

Musume Menu Small Plates Appetizers Spicy Edamame$9.00wok seared, house spicy blend Thai Coconut Curry Soup$16.00lemongrass, cilantro, shiitake mushrooms Rock Shrimp Wrap (3)$19.00tempura rock shrimp, mango habanero sauce, butter lettuce Grilled Lamb Lollipops (3)$33.00shoyu gari sauce, thai basil reduction Seared George’s Bank King Scallops (2)$33.00two scallops, shiitake risotto, micro greens, champagne uni reduction Black Cod Misozuke$32.00marinated

Sunda Nashville Menu, Prices and Locations

Sunda Nashville Menu Dinner Menu Edamame$8.00 Spicy Edamame$10.00garlic butter, chili salt Wok Tossed Shishito Peppers$13.00tamari Miso Soup$5.00tofu, wakame, scallions Tsukemono$14.00seasonal japanese pickled vegetables Seaweed Salad$13.00wakame, local greens, tomatoes, cucumber, ponzu, sesame Papaya Salad$18.00green papaya, jicama, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, shallot crisps, peanuts, tamarind chili lime, mix herbs, rice cracker Crispy Brussels Sprouts$20.00brussels sprouts, red cabbage,

INDO Menu, Prices and Locations

INDO Menu Lunch Plates Served with a choice of jasmine, coconut, or brown rice Norwegian Salmon Panggang$15.00Kaffir lime chili sauce served with ginger greens instead of rice. Sambal Goreng Tofu$15.00Crispy organic wo Chong tofu, sambal sauce. Chicken Curry$15.00Braised chicken, potatoes, carrots, yellow curry. Chicken Rendang$15.00Chicken breast, galangal red curry. Sayur Lodeh$15.00Seasonal vegetables, tofu, spicy green

Le Bao Asian Eatery Menu, Prices and Locations

Le Bao Asian Eatery Menu Bao A Chinese steamed bread roll – shaped like a dumpling and filled with flavor. Kimchi & Pork Belly$5.50 Vegetable Curry$4.50Vegetarian. Chinese BBQ Pulled Pork$5.50 Items Worth Indulging On Customers can’t get enough of these dishes, we think you’ll love them too Edamame Hummus with Veggies$7.00 Vegan.Pork Ramen$12.00Charshu pork, soft-boiled