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Two Brothers Restaurant
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Two Brothers Restaurant store hours

Phone: +1 570-344-3701


Head Office address: 215 E Drinker St, Dunmore, PA 18512, USA

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Two Brothers Restaurant Main Menu

Pizza Menu

NY Style Hand Tossed Round Red Pizza Price: $12.95

Classic cheese or create your own pizza.

NY Style Hand Tossed Round White Pizza Price: $14.95

NY Style Hand Tossed Round White Pizza with Ricotta Price: $16.95

Deep Pan Cheese Pizza Price: $12.95

Eggplant Parm Round Pizza Price: $17.95

Chicken Parmigiana Pizza Price: $17.95

Italian Stuffed Pizza Price: $14+


Specialty Pizza Menu

Old Forge Style Pizza Price: $7.75+

Open Face White Pizza Price: $8.95+

Steak & Cheese Pizza Price: $11.75+

Supremo Pizza Price: $16.95+

Pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, black olives, anchovies, sausage, hot-sweet-green peppers, broccoli & meatballs.

Real Italian Pizza Price: $9.75+

Buffalo Pizza Price: $7.95+

Buffalo Pizza with Chicken Price: $995+

Shrimp Pizza Price: $12.00+

Anchovies Pizza Price: $9.45+

White Fresh Tomato Pizza Price: $9.50+

With Basil.


Specials Menu

Spaghetti with One Meatball Monday & Tuesday Special Price: $7.25

Linguini with One Meatball Monday & Tuesday Special Price: $7.25

Angel Hair with One Meatball Monday & Tuesday Special Price: $7.25

Rigatoni with One Meatball Monday & Tuesday Special Price: $7.25


Appetizers Menu

WingsPrice: $7.50

2 oz. blue cheese & celery for an additional charge. Variety of sauces available.

Buffalo Chicken Nacho PlatterPrice: $9.95
Buffalo Bites with FriesPrice: $10.25
Seafood BitesPrice: $6.00
CalamariPrice: $6.95
Deep Fried Ravioli’s Price: $5.95
Sweet Chicken Bites with Fries Price: $10.25
Chicken Fingers with FriesPrice: $10.25
Buffalo Fingers with FriesPrice: $10.25
Buffalo Shrimp with FriesPrice: $10.25
Portabella Mushroom ParmesanPrice: $8.95
Mozzarella SticksPrice: $6.75
Onion RingsPrice: $3.95
French FriesPrice: $3.75
CheesePrice: $0.75
GravyPrice: $0.75
Curly FriesPrice: $3.95
Apple SticksPrice: $4.95
Jalapeno PoppersPrice: $6.75
Shrimp JammersPrice: $7.95
Broccoli & Cheese PoppersPrice: $6.75
Bleu Cheese DressingPrice: $0.75+
Garlic BreadPrice: $3.00
Garlic Bread with CheesePrice: $4.25
Garlic Bread with Cheese & TomatoPrice: $4.95
Italian PlatterPrice: $16.95
Pepper ShootersPrice: $14.5
Pretzel LogsPrice: $4.95


Soups Menu

Bowl available only on to go orders.

Soup of the DayPrice: $3.50+

Please call the restaurant for today’s selection. Bowl is for pick up only.


Salads Menu

Ask about our large party antipastos for your next party.

Dinner SaladPrice: $3.50
Tossed SaladPrice: $4.95
Cheese SaladPrice: $5.95
Grilled Chicken SaladPrice: $9.95
Blackened Chicken SaladPrice: $9.95
Steak SaladPrice: $9.95
Tuna SaladPrice: $9.95
Chef’s SaladPrice: $9.95
Buffalo Chicken SaladPrice: $9.95
Buffalo Shrimp SaladPrice: $10.95
Gyro SaladPrice: $9.95
Antipasto SaladPrice: $10.95+
Caesar SaladPrice: $5.95
Chicken Caesar SaladPrice: $9.95
Cajun Shrimp SaladPrice: $11.25
Boneless Buffalo Bite SaladPrice: $10.25
Sweet Chicken Nugget SaladPrice: $10.25
Hummus SaladPrice: $9.95
Specialty Antipasto SaladPrice: $14.95+

Including all Imported meats and cheeses.


Side Orders Menu

All sauces available In take-home quantity.

Side of MeatballsPrice: $3.25
Meatball PlatterPrice: $6.00
Meatballs with bread.
Sweet SausagePrice: $3.25
Hot SausagePrice: $3.25
ChickenPrice: $3.95
BroccoliPrice: $2.95
SpinachPrice: $2.95
ShrimpPrice: $5.95
ScallopsPrice: $6.95
Vodka SaucePrice: $3.50
Puttanesca SaucePrice: $3.75
Meat SaucePrice: $3.75
Pesto Cream SaucePrice: $3.50
Alfredo SaucePrice: $3.75
Boneless Sweet BitesPrice: $7.25+
Buffalo BitesPrice: $7.25+
Stingy Honey Garlic BitsPrice: $7.25+


Fresh Dough Items Menu

Please allow 30-40 minutes call to have ready.

Double Crust WhitePrice: $13.50+

TurnoverPrice: $13.95

Sausage, pepperoni, cheese, sauce.

Original StromboliPrice: $13.95+

Ham, pepperoni, salami, sausage, cheese and sauce.

Steak & Cheese StromboliPrice: $13.95+

Chopped sirloin steak with three cheeses.

Chicken & Cheese StromboliPrice: $13.95+

Chopped chicken stromboli with three cheeses.

Buffalo Chicken StromboliPrice: $13.95+

Calzone “Its Big”$12.95

Blend of cheeses and ricotta cheese.


Hoagies Menu

Italian HoagiePrice: $7.50
Italian Godfather HoagiePrice: $8.95
Grilled Italian Special HoagiePrice: $7.95
Tuna HoagiePrice: $7.50
Tuna Melt HoagiePrice: $7.95
Turkey HoagiePrice: $7.50
Hot Turkey with Melted Cheese HoagiePrice: $7.95
Ham & Cheese HoagiePrice: $7.50
Meatball HoagiePrice: $7.50
Meatball Parm HoagiePrice: $8.25
Veal Parm Cutlet HoagiePrice: $9.25
Chicken Parm HoagiePrice: $8.25
Sausage Parm HoagiePrice: $7.95
Sausage HoagiePrice: $7.25
Egg HoagiePrice: $5.95
Eggplant Parm HoagiePrice: $7.75
Prime Rib HoagiePrice: $8.95
Veggie HoagiePrice: $7.50
Steak & Cheese HoagiePrice: $7.75
Chicken Cheesesteak HoagiePrice: $7.75
Steak & Cheese Supremo HoagiePrice: $9.25
Chicken Cheesesteak Supremo HoagiePrice: $9.25
Hamburger HoagiePrice: $7.25
Cajun Chicken & Cheese HoagiePrice: $7.95
Chicken with Bacon, Swiss, & Ranch HoagiePrice: $7.95
Buffalo Chicken HoagiePrice: $7.50
Buffalo Chicken with Cheese HoagiePrice: $7.95
Chicken with Cheese & Vodka Sauce HoagiePrice: $8.25
Chicken with BBQ Sauce & Bacon HoagiePrice: $8.25
Grilled Cappicola with Melted Provolone HoagiePrice: $7.95
Chicken Italian HoagiePrice: $8.25
“The Sicilian” Prosciutto Fresh Mozzarella HoagiePrice: $7.95
Pesto mayo & roasted red peppers.
Chicken Caesar HoagiePrice: $7.25
Pepper Shooter HoagiePrice: $8.95
Buffalo Finger HoagiePrice: $7.95


Sandwiches Menu

Grilled Cheese SandwichPrice: $3.95
Grilled Cheese with Bacon SandwichPrice: $4.95
Grilled Cheese with Ham SandwichPrice: $4.95
Grilled Cheese with Tomato SandwichPrice: $4.95
BLT SandwichPrice: $5.95
Turkey Club SandwichPrice: $7.45
Ham Club SandwichPrice: $7.45
Chicken Club SandwichPrice: $7.45
Tuna Club SandwichPrice: $7.45
Gyro SandwichPrice: $6.50
Grilled Pita with Chicken SandwichPrice: $6.75
Shaved Prime Rib with Horseradish Cheese SandwichPrice: $6.95


Wraps Menu

Italian WrapPrice: $7.50
Italian Godfather WrapPrice: $8.95
Grilled Italian Special WrapPrice: $7.95
Tuna WrapPrice: $7.50
Tuna Melt WrapPrice: $7.95
Turkey WrapPrice: $7.50
Hot Turkey with Melted Cheese WrapPrice: $7.95
Ham & Cheese WrapPrice: $7.50
Meatball WrapPrice: $7.50
Meatball Parm WrapPrice: $8.25
Veal Parm Cutlet WrapPrice: $9.25
Chicken Parm WrapPrice: $8.25
Sausage Parm WrapPrice: $7.95
Sausage WrapPrice: $7.25
Egg WrapPrice: $5.95
Eggplant Parm WrapPrice: $7.75
Prime Rib WrapPrice: $8.95
Veggie WrapPrice: $7.50
Steak & Cheese WrapPrice: $7.75
Chicken Cheesesteak WrapPrice: $7.75
Chicken Cheesesteak Supremo WrapPrice: $9.25
Steak & Cheese Supremo WrapPrice: $9.25
Buffalo Chicken WrapPrice: $7.50
Buffalo Chicken with Cheese WrapPrice: $7.95
Chicken with Bacon, Swiss, & Ranch WrapPrice: $7.95
Chicken with Cheese & Vodka Sauce WrapPrice: $8.25
Chicken with BBQ Sauce & Bacon WrapPrice: $8.25
Grilled Cappicola with Melted Provolone WrapPrice: $7.95
Chicken Italian WrapPrice: $8.25
Prosciutto Fresh Mozzarella WrapPrice: $7.95
Chicken Caesar WrapPrice: $7.25
Pepper Shooter WrapPrice: $8.95


Burgers Menu

All burgers are 1/3 lb. and come with lettuce, tomatoes, & onions upon request.

HamburgerPrice: $5.00
CheeseburgerPrice: $5.75
Texas HamburgerPrice: $5.75
Texas CheeseburgerPrice: $6.25
BBQ Bacon BurgerPrice: $5.95
Texas WeinerPrice: $2.50
Bacon Cheddar BurgerPrice: $5.95
Cuban BurgerPrice: $7.25
Greek BurgerPrice: $5.75


Pasta Dinners Menu

Angel HairPrice: $8.95
RigatoniPrice: $8.95
SpaghettiPrice: $8.95
LinguinePrice: $8.95
GnocchiPrice: $11.95
CavatelliPrice: $11.95
Meat RavioliPrice: $11.95
Cheese RavioliPrice: $11.95
ManicottiPrice: $11.95
Baked RigatoniPrice: $11.95
Homemade PierogiesPrice: $9.75


Beef Dinners Menu

Liver & OnionsPrice: $10.25

With potato & vegetable.

Prime RibPrice: $18.95

Seasoned and cooked just the way you like it.


Vegetarian Dinners Menu

Vegetable PastaPrice: $12.95

Tomatoes, spinach, and black olives in a garlic butter over pasta.

Eggplant ParmigianaPrice: $13.95


Portabella Mushroom ParmigianaPrice: $12.95

Portabella Mushroom CalabresePrice: $12.95

Eggplant RollatiniPrice: $15.95

Stuffed with ricotta and mozzarella cheese.


Veal Dinners Menu

Veal ParmigianaPrice: $17.95

Veal MarsalaPrice: $17.95

Veal CalabresePrice: $17.95

Veal & PeppersPrice: $17.95

Sauteed veal with green peppers and onions in a tomato sauce served over rice.

Veal FrancesePrice: $18.95

Served over rice or pasta with spinach (with or without capers).

Veal SaltimboccaPrice: $18.95

Tuscan VealPrice: $18.95


Seafood Dinners Menu

Broiled HaddockPrice: $14.95

With potato & vegetable.

Crab CakesPrice: $15.95

With potato & vegetable.

Grilled SalmonPrice: $15.95

With potato & vegetable.

Breaded Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp AioliPrice: $14.95

Served over pasta or rice.

Sauteed Scallops AioliPrice: $16.95

Served over pasta or rice

Stuffed SolePrice: $14.95

Stuffed with crabmeat and scallops.

Seafood Fra DiavoloPrice: $19.50

Scallops, clams, crab, and shrimp (tell us how spicy you like it)

Shrimp ScampiPrice: $14.95

Served over pasta or rice

Shrimp ParmigianaPrice: $15.95

Over pasta.

Fish & Chips BasketPrice: $10.95

Linguine with Red Clam SaucePrice: $13.95

Linguine with White Clam SaucePrice: $13.95

Haddock FrancesePrice: $19.25

Served over rice or pasta with spinach (with or without capers).


Pork Dinners Menu

Pork Tenderloin CalabresePrice: $13.95

Sausage CalabresePrice: $12.95

Pork Loin SteakPrice: $15.95

Iron, flat pork loin steak.

Sausage ParmigianaPrice: $13.95

Our homemade sausage (hot, sweet or mixed).


Beverages Menu

SodaPrice: $1.50+


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Two Brothers Restaurant Hours

Monday 4–9:30pm
Tuesday 4–9:30pm
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 4–9:30pm
Friday 10:30am–11pm
Saturday 4–10:30pm
Sunday 4–9:30pm


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