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 by Scott Burgess

Great place for dinner or drinks. Ton of draft beer choices and good food. Service was great.

 by Mary Washington

Good fries and food. Service was also good. Very nice atmosphere.

Hopcat store hours

Phone: +1 772-621-2823

Website: https://hopcat.com

Head Office address: 10553 SW Meeting St, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987, USA

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Hopcat Main Menu


Pretzel Nuggz Price: $9.50

Flash-fried & salted. Served with warm cheese sauce & spicy horsey mustard for dipping.
Make it Loaded – w/ hickory smoked bacon, red onion & pickled jalapeño
Price: $1.50

Spinach, Stout & Artichoke Dip Price: $10.50

Our house-made recipe for beer lovers. Topped with a drizzle of fire sauce & served with tortilla chips.

Meat Head Pizza Rolls Price: $11.00

Pepperoni, cherry smoked bacon, chorizo & mozzarella; deep-fried in a crispy wonton. Served with choice of house-made marinara sauce or ranch dressing.

Buffalo Rolls Price: $10.50

Grilled marinated chicken breast dressed with fire sauce & blue cheese crumbles; deep-fried in a crispy wonton. Served with blue cheese dressing.

Nacho Business Price: $13.00

Fresh tortilla chips, topped with choice of chipotle-lime marinated chicken or chorizo, pickled jalapeno peppers, fresh pico de gallo, chili con karma, shredded pepper jack cheese, chipotle black bean dip, & garnished with cilantro & sour cream.
side of house-made guacamole
Price: $2.00

Curd Your Enthusiasm Price: $9.00

Battered Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds with avocado-ranch dressing.

The Wings Price: $12.00

Basket of jumbo chicken wings tossed in choice of lava, fire or smoky BBQ sauce. Served with choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing & celery.

Double Dip Yer Chip Price: $11.00

Two unique house-made with fresh tortilla chips & a side of pico de gallo: BUFFALO GUACAMOLE – house guac topped with blue cheese crumbles & fire sauce. CHILI CON KARMA – pepper-jack queso & 5-pepper beef chili, topped with scallions & fire sauce.

Elotes Lollipops Price: $9.00

Street-style Mexican corn on the cob, crema, ancho chili flakes, grated parmesan, cilantro.



Top 10 French Fries in America – Food Network Magazine

Crack Fries Price: $6.00

Beer battered fries sprinkled with our signature cracked black pepper seasoning. Served with a side of warm cheese sauce for dipping.

Loaded Crack Fries Price: $9.00

Crack Fries topped with cherry smoked bacon, red onion & pickled jalapeño, smothered in warm cheese sauce.

Add chili

Price: $2.00

Sloppy Crack Fries Price: $9.00

Crack Fries with our well-loved Sloppy Joseph, cheese sauce & scallions.

Vladimir Poutine Price: $9.00

Crack Fries topped with potato & cheese pierogi, Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds, stout-caramelized onions & hickory smoked bacon smothered in spicy sausage gravy.



Have your soup in a signature pretzel bowl for Price: $2.50 extra. Add grilled chicken breast, hamburger, turkey burger, chipotle black bean veggie burger or blackened tilapia to any salad (ask server for prices).

Veggie Chili

Loaded with beans, jalapeño & bell peppers, onion & tomato. Served with sour cream & tortilla chips. Pairs well with beer!
Cup Price: $5.00
Bowl Price: $7.00

Five Pepper Beef Chili

Award-winning, really. Stocked with beef, pork, beans, jalapeño & chipotle peppers, bell peppers, onion & tomato. Served with sour cream & fresh tortilla chips.
Cup Price: $5.00
Bowl Price: $7.00

Cheese Ale Soup

Rich & creamy with garden fresh carrots, celery & onion. Garnished with crunchy pretzel croutons.
Cup Price: $5.00
Bowl Price: $7.00

Apple-Tomato Soup

Basically your mom’s tomato soup with an apple twist. Topped with blue cheese crumbles.
Cup Price: $5.00
Bowl Price: $7.00

Southwest Salad Price: $10.50

Chopped romaine, shredded pepper jack cheese, avocado, corn, black beans, Roma tomato, red onions, crispy tortilla strips & Southwestern dressing.

Spinach Salad Price: $10.50

Fresh spinach, blue cheese crumbles, apple, red onion, pecans, raisins, raspberry vinaigrette & crunchy pretzel croutons.

Cobb Salad Price: $10.50

Chopped romaine, shredded house blend cheese, hickory smoked bacon, turkey, hard boiled egg, Roma tomato, red onions & celery with house-made ranch.



Let’s not fight about it. Everyone has their favorite pizza. This 6-inch Detroit-style square (cut into 4 squares) is ours. Pick one of our favorites or pick any 2 toppings & we’ll get this pizza party started.

Meaty McMeaterson Price: $11.00

Pepperoni, chorizo & bacon.

It’s A Veg-A-Lution Price: $10.50

Porter mushrooms, spinach, marinated tomato, green pepper.

HepCat Price: $11.00

Chorizo, feta & red onion.

The Canadian Price: $11.00

Bacon, cheese curds & green olive.

Plain Ol’ Cheese Price: $10.00


Create Your Own:

Choose two: Pepperoni, Chorizo, Grilled Chicken, Pulled BBQ Pork, Bacon, Feta Cheese, Blue Cheese, Cheese Curds, Green Bell Pepper, Red Onion, Spinach, Garlic, Jalapeno Peppers, Green Olives, Basil, Porter Mushrooms, Marinated Tomato, Stout Caramelized Onion, House-made Hot Sauce

Price: $11.00

Add additional Pepperoni, Chorizo, Grilled Chicken, BBQ Pulled Pork, Bacon, Feta Cheese, Blue Cheese Price: $1.00

Add additional Green Bell Peppers, Red Onion, Spinach, Basil, Garlic, Jalapeno, Green Olive, shrooms Price: $0.50



The Flying Pig Price: $17.00

Half rack of pork ribs & 2 chicken wings, glazed in a smoky bbq sauce. Served with elotes & house baked beans.

Better Living Through Tacos

Served in flour or corn tortillas. Served two ways, you choose: BLACKENED TILAPIA with sesame-citrus slaw, or CHIPOTLE-LIME BEER CHICKEN with shredded pepper jack cheese & fresh pico de gallo. (Swap in a chipotle black-bean patty at no charge.)
(2) Price: $9.50
(3) Price: $12.50

Killer Mac & Cheese Price: $10.50

Shell noodles smothered in cheese sauce. Have it as is, create your own or try one of our favorite combos.

Add Protein: hickory-smoked bacon, grilled chicken, Sloppy Joseph, bbq pulled pork, fried egg salad, chorizo, 5 pepper beef chili
Price: $2.00
Add Veggie: porter mushrooms, basil, pickled jalapenos, veggie chili, marinated tomatoes, fresh spinach
Price: $1.00
CAPRESE: Marinated tomatoes & basil
Price: $12.00
RINGLEADER: Hickory-smoked bacon & pickled jalapeño
Price: $13.00
GRAY’S WAY: Grilled chicken, chorizo & fresh spinach
Price: $14.00
CHILI MAC: 5 pepper beef chili & porter mushrooms
Price: $13.00

Fish & Chips Price: $14.50

Hand-dipped, beer-battered Alaskan cod, served with sesame-citrus slaw, house-made tartar sauce, lemon wedge & Crack Fries.

Quesadilla Price: $10.50

Chipotle-lime beer chicken, chipotle black bean dip, shredded house blend cheese & spinach grilled in a cheddar-jalapeno tortilla. Drizzled with avocado ranch & served with salsa & sour cream.

The Grand Royale Price: $12.50

As seen on the Travel Channel! Sloppy Joseph topped with jalapeños, piled high with Crack Fries & smothered in cheese sauce on a local brioche bun. Fork & knife required!

The Kitchen Sink Price: $12.00

…Or everything but! A chipotle black bean patty topped with Spanish rice, corn, veggie chili, avocado, pico de gallo & haystack onions, drizzled with avocado ranch & toasted Italian sourdough on the side.



Our stuffed burgers are made with a half-pound of our signature beef blend stuffed with Wisconsin American cheese and served on a fresh brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle slices and Crack Fries. The stuffed burgers are seared medium/medium-well. (Sub onion rings for Price: $1)

Bar Zee Part Deux Price: $12.50

A signature stuffed burger topped with jalapenos, hickory smoked bacon, house-made bar cheese & an onion ring.

Stella Blue Price: $12.50

A signature stuffed burger topped with our house cheese sauce, blue cheese crumbles, hickory smoked bacon & an onion ring.

Cowboy Stuffed Burger Price: $12.50

Yippee ki-yay Mr. Falcon! A signature stuffed burger topped with spicy fried jalapeño peppers, pepper jack cheese, smoky BBQ sauce & hickory smoked bacon & an onion ring.

Mushroom & Swiss Stuffed Burger Price: $12.50

Definitely not your typical mushroom & Swiss. A signature stuffed burger topped with porter mushrooms, Swiss cheese, blue cheese-black pepper mayo & haystack onions.



All burgers are served with Crack Fries & pickle slices. Add – A cup of chili/soup, a side salad, or a side of mac & cheese for Price: $3.25. Add – Bar cheese, cheese sauce or avocado for Price: $1.25, or bacon for Price: $2.25. Swap – A Vegetarian chipotle-black bean or turkey patty for any of our burgers at no charge! Swap – A gluten-free bun for Price: $1.50. HopCat’s burgers contain a half-pound of our custom blend of brisket, sirloin & ground chuck. Charbroiled & served on a toasted brioche bun, unless otherwise noted

Classic Price: $11.00

Plain or with a choice of cheese; cheddar, pepper jack, Swiss, dill Havarti, Muenster, smoked Gouda, feta or blue cheese crumbles or bar cheese. Served with lettuce, tomato & onion.

Original Bar Zee Price: $12.00

THE HopCat signature burger! Hickory-smoked bacon, pickled jalapenos, bar cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion.

Turkey Price: $11.00

Our house-made, herbed turkey burger patty is topped with chilled marinated tomatoes, basil, lemon, garlic & feta cheese crumbles with spinach, pesto aioli & a drizzle of balsamic glaze.

Muffin Top Price: $11.50

This chipotle black bean patty is served on a toasted jumbo English muffin with roasted red peppers, chilled marinated tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, spinach & stone-ground mustard.



Served with Crack Fries & pickle nuggz

BBQ Pulled Pork Price: $11.50

Slow-roasted pulled pork, smoky BBQ sauce. Served on Texas toast with Swiss cheese, sesame-citrus slaw and haystack onions.

Hopcat BLT Price: $10.00

A classic! Hickory smoked bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato & blue cheese-black pepper mayo on grilled rye.

The Supper Club Wrap Price: $11.50

Turkey, hickory-smoked bacon with Wisconsin Swiss & cheddar cheese with fried egg salad, avocado, tomato, spinach & garlic aioli in a cheddar-jalapeño wrap.

Nashville Hot Chicken Price: $11.50

Skin-on chicken thigh with our Nashville hot seasoning, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on a brioche bun.

Madtown Grilled Cheese Price: $11.00

A trio of Wisconsin dill Havarti, smoked Gouda & Muenster on grilled Italian sourdough with apple slices, garlic aioli & honey. Served with a cup of apple-tomato soup topped with blue cheese crumbles.
Add hickory smoked bacon
Price: $2.25

The Reubens

Deli-style corned beef or turkey on grilled light rye bread with Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing & your choice of sauerkraut or sesame-citrus slaw.

(Classic Corned Beef) Price: $11.00
(California Turkey) Price: $11.00
(Kincaid Veggie [V]) Price: $11.00

Damn Good Fish Sandwich Price: $11.50

Pan-fried, Doritos-crustsed tilapia filet on a toasted brioche bun with lettuce, tomato & onion. Served with house-made tartar sauce & a lemon wedge.

The Dip Price: $13.00

Porter-braised beef piled on a French roll topped with Swiss cheese, blue cheese-black pepper mayo & haystack onions served with a side of our signature Stout French Onion Au Jus & Crack Fries.



Peanut Butter Porter Pie Price: $5.50

Made with porter reduction, vanilla bean ice cream, and crushed peanut butter cups in a chocolate graham cracker crust & garnished with stout fudge sauce.

Creme Brulee Cheesecake Price: $8.00

Topped with fresh strawberries, pirouline cookie & bourbon caramel sauce


Lunch Specials



Lunch-sized version of some of our favorites

HopCat BLT

Hickory smoked bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato & blue cheese – black pepper mayonnaise on grilled light rye bread. (Half)

Madtown Grilled Cheese

A trio of Wisconsin dill Havarti, smoked Gouda & Muenster on grilled Italian sourdough with apple slices, garlic aioli & honey. (Half)

Corned beef reuben

Corned beef or turkey on grilled light rye bread with Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing & sauerkraut. (Half)

Turkey reuben

Turkey on grilled light rye bread with Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing & sauerkraut

Southwest salad

Chopped romaine, shredded pepper jack cheese, avocado, corn, black beans, Roma tomato, red onions, crispy tortilla strips.

Spinach salad

Go guilt-free with our light spinach salad. Topped with blue cheese crumbles, apple, red onion, pecans, raisins & crunchy pretzel croutons.



Lunch-sized versions of some of our favorite side items.

Cup of apple-tomato, stout French-onion or cheese ale soup

Cup of veggie or five-pepper beef chili

Cup of Killer Mac ‘N Cheese

Crack Fries

Small house salad

Sesame-citrus coleslaw


Brunch Special




Saturdays & Sundays until 3 p.m.

BLT Benny $9.00

Poached eggs, cherry smoked bacon, spinach & tomato served open-faced on a brioche bun but with Angry Hollandaise

Mac & Chaz Sandwich $9.50

Gooey mac & cheese on Italian sourdough with hickory smoked bacon & jalapenos. Layered with more cheese, BBQ pulled pork, onion rings & scrambled egg on the top for good measure

Chim-Chiminey-Changa $9.00

Scrambled eggs, black beans & corn, pepper jack cheese, sour cream & chorizo in a cheddar tortilla. Deep fried & topped with pico de gallo & Angry Hollandaise

B.E.L.T. $9.00

HIckory smoked bacon, scrambled egg, leaf lettuce & tomato on toasted light rye with blue cheese-black pepper mayo

The Dude’s Waffle $9.00

Think of it as a White Russian as a waffle (or as the Dude calls ’em – A Caucasian). Chocolate chips, vanilla wafers, whipped cream & Black Velvet Toasted Caramel syrup. The Dude abides!


Canadian Toast Sticks $9.00

Italian sourdough dipped in our secret Canadian Toast batter, fried golden brown & served with a dusting of powdered sugar, a drizzle of Black Velvet Toasted Caramel syrup & maple-bacon cream cheese spread, eh?

Hangover Scramble $9.50

Scrambled eggs, cherry smoked bacon, red onions, jalapenos & Crack Fries smothered in our cheese sauce. There is nothing wrong with you from last night that this can’t cure!

Rancho De La Eggwich $9.50

Scrambled egg, cheddar cheese, fresh avocado, pico de gallo, avocado ranch & a chorizo sausage patty that’s served on a jumbo English muffin. What ifit also came with Crack Fries? Yup!


HopKittens Kids Menu



Junior Cheeseburger

4oz 100% Angus beef patty with a slice of cheddar cheese on grilled Texas toast.

Mac & Cheese

Shell noodles smothered in warm cheese sauce & topped with kettle chip crumbles.

Cheese Quesadilla

Flour tortilla stuffed with a shredded house-blend of cheese and grilled.

Crispy Chicken Tenders

HopCat house-made crispy chicken tenders served with buttermilk ranch

Choose a side

Crack Fries

Fresh Apple Slices

Celery and Carrot Sticks

served with buttermilk ranch

Choose a drink

2% White Milk

Fruit and Veggie Juice Box

Soda Pop & other drinks

Water, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Mist TWST, Mug Root Beer, Orange Crush, Lemonade & Mountain Dew



Skip the Mimosa Price: $8.00

Vanilla vodka, orange juice & a splash of hefeweizen & orange

Fashion – Beep! Beep! Price: $12.50

An Old Fashioned cosmic tribute to Bowie. Woodford Reserve Rye, ginger ale, St. Germain, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, vanilla & a Luxardo cherry skewer.

Kay Deez G&T Price: $9.00

Part Gin & Tonic, part Mojito. New Holland Barrel-Aged Knickerbocker gin, tonic, simple syrup, mint leaves and lime.

Breakfast All Day Price: $8.00

Toasted caramel whiskey, pineapple juice & a maple bacon skewer.

HopCat Dalmatian Price: $8.00

Finlandia grapefruit vodka, blood orange San Pelligrino, a slice of grapefruit with Crack Fries on the rim. Like a Greyhound with some new spots.

That’ll Do Donkey Price: $9.00

Our version of a whiskey mule: Old Forester bourbon, ginger beer, butterscotch schnapps, hard cider and lime.

Woot! Russian Price: $9.00

A White Russian plus root beer? Yes, please. Spiced rum, vanilla vodka, root beer & half-and-half.


Weekly & Happy Hour Specials Menu

Price: $3 well drinks, Tito’s, Jameson & house wines

Price: $1.50 off ALL full pour draft beers & Cat Tails

Price: $5 off burgers & pizza

1/2 off all Shareables & Crack Fries


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Hopcat Hours

Monday 11am–11pm
Tuesday 11am–11pm
Wednesday 11am–11pm
Thursday 11am–11pm
Friday 11am–12am
Saturday 11am–12am
Sunday 10am–10pm


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About Hopcat

HopCat is a restaurant and craft beer bar based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States, with several locations in Michigan and expanding rapidly to other states. Founded in 2008 in Grand Rapids by Mark Sellers, HopCat opened its second location in East Lansing, Michigan in 2013.

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Average rating:  
 2 reviews
 by Scott Burgess

Great place for dinner or drinks. Ton of draft beer choices and good food. Service was great.

 by Mary Washington

Good fries and food. Service was also good. Very nice atmosphere.